Bare Rock + Morgan's Walk

Main Range National Park

Bare Rock is a minor peak North of Cunningham's Gap with great views towards the Mistake Mountains.

Maximum Elevation
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Getting there

From Brisbane follow the Cunningham Highway towards Cunningham's Gap. At the top of the gap turn right into a carpark adjoining the highway. Follow the Mt Cordeaux track which leaves from the edge of the carpark.


The track is clearly marked so no map is required, however the Sunmap Cunninghams Gap sheet covers the area.

Route/Trail notes

The Bare Rocktrack turns off just before the Mt Cordeaux lookout. Follow the track as it passes through a saddle and into the rainforest. Morgan's Walk leaves the main track 680m short of Bare Rock and visits a grove of Montane Heath

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Bit slippery after all the rain

Jeffrey Nuttall on 17 Feb, 2020

Linked it in with caudeaux nice and pleseant

Deon Krahe on Sep, 2019

We did these two trails as an extension to our Mt Cordeux walk. We walked to Bare rock first and stopped for lunch overlooking the Mistake Mountains. Just stunning even on a hazy day with several bush fires and dust storms in the valleys below. The highlight was listening to a Lyre bird mimic an incredible repertoire of bird calls and even the sound of leaves crunching underfoot of hikers.
Morgan's Walk was less impressive but only a short detour to a lookout point and worth seeing if you're already enroute. Lastly we stopped at the Mt Cordeux lookout on our way back down. It provides beautiful views out to Moogerah dam and surrounding mountains. The family enjoyed pointing out various peaks in the distance we'd hiked previously.
The majority of the walk is in rainforest. Making it ideal for a summer hike. Some nice downhill slopes on the way back to pick the pace up to a jog for a bit of fun with the kids.

Monstar on 24 Aug, 2019

Very pretty Rainforest, more lush and tropical then the other side of the road (the track up to Mt Mitchell).
Lots of beautiful moss covering the trees.
Great views east and west

Simon Hutchen on 17 Jul, 2019

I did this hike including Mt Cordeaux and found it to be an easy, well marked and signed walk with little need of navigation skills. The day was clear so the views were superb at Mt Cordeaux and Bare Rock. A highlight was seeing an Alberts Lyrebird scratching the ground less than 3 metres from us and seemingly oblivious to us. We also heard a Wompoo Fruit Dove right above us but unable to see it but did see a Spinebill close up just near the lookout. I found it an easy but enjoyable walk.

jgmansell on 12 Jun, 2019

Absolutely fabulous. It’s a great lookout and the walk is just so pretty. Well worth doing if you do the Mt Cordeaux walk. The only part of the walk that is a bit rough is just before Bare Rock.

Ian and Sue on 6 May, 2019

Clearly marked. Felt safe doing this walk solo and I wasn't the only person doing so. Breathtaking views from Bare Rock. Lots of wallabies and birdlife. I started walking at 07:30-ish and was the only person on Bare Rock when I got up there so got to enjoy the views undisturbed. When I was descending the mountain HEAPS of people were coming up and I got warned about a 'massive' snake (didn't see it). The car park was overflowing when I left at 11:30 and people were waiting for my parking spot. Take plenty of water because this isn't a flat stroll.

BalticAussie on 27 Apr, 2019

So worth it to do this hike after Mount Cordeaux. Beautiful views from Bare rock and easy track to follow.

Ronald and Ramona Jonkergouw on 17 Feb, 2019

Did 'Bare Rock' walk after Mt Cordeaux. Was totally worth it. A bit more exercise is involved compared to the relatively easy Cordeaux bit, but it is well worth the view. Saw a lot of wildlife on this path.

Dwaino on 13 Jan, 2019

Wowsers! This was an amazing walk! I did this by myself. The walk itself was not particularly hard though steep in a few parts to get to Bare Rock. The weather was perfect and I was super lucky to have a big cloud cover which just made the views stunning. On the way back down the cloud had cleared so I got the best of both worlds. I went to Mt Cordeaux first and doing the extra walk to Bare Rock and Morgan’s Walk is well worth it! I met probably about 20 odd walkers on the whole trek on a Sunday morning. I started at 7.30 and made it back to my car by 11.30 and that’s with heaps of stops. Honestly would do this walk again!

Belindak77 on 29 Jul, 2018

A friend and i took the hike up to Bare Rock via Mt Cordeaux. Very similar in intensity to the adjacent Mt Mitchell i.e. very cruisy hike, barely know you're climbing a mountain. Was a little outlook NEAR the summit of Mt Cordeaux, was disappointed to find you can't actually reach the actual top short of scrambling up lose steep cliffs. Bare Rock was worth the extra walk, expansive views, really awe inspiring. If I had to chose I'd probably do the Mt Mitchell walk again over the Bare Rock hike just because the view at the top is that little bit better.

Vonsnrub on 16 Jul, 2018

Great track, well signed. We saw plenty of bird life. It took 4 1/2 hours with a 9 and 7 yr old. There was a cold breeze so I’m glad we took jumpers. Absolutely beautiful views!

Cara on 13 Jul, 2018

Spectacular views looking up the ridge line of Main Range National Park. If you're going to hike Mt. Cordeaux, you may as well spend the extra 90 mins (return) and visit Bald Rock.

Andy Seward on 8 Jul, 2018

Combined hike with Mt Mitchell and Mt Cordeaux as both hike start cross the road :) Beautiful rainforest and stunning view.

Mark Aryal on 9 Jun, 2018

Great add on to Mt Cordeaux Walk

JosephineC on Jun, 2018

Hi, it's Harry the hiker and I'm 8 years old.I did this extension hike and Mount Corndeaux in 4.2 hours and this is my 7th hike. I spent less than an hour getting to the lookout and spent most of my time in the bare rock section. Spectacular views at the top of bare rock!

Harry the Hiker on 6 May, 2018

This was my first proper bush walk to get back on the wagon and it certainly reignited a long simmering passion.

It was a great walk to get back into the swing of things also as despite being fairly long, it was not especially difficult and is filled with SPECTACULAR views at a number of locations, particularly to the aptly named bare rock at the end which emerges from a clump of trees and allows a view on both sides of the range, worth the effort purely for this view.

I was able to complete it in dunlop volleys and a good portion of the walk is covered by beautiful rain forest so it is a good walk for anytime of the year. However, having done this in April it was a bit nippy to begin. You may want to start early as the car park is small and can get clogged up very quickly on weekends and public holidays etc. The suggested time is pretty accurate for anyone walking at a decent pace. You will want to allow approximately 5 hours to soak in the views etc.

In summary, long walk, good for your cardio, beautiful views and forest, highly recommend.

Matty Vee on Apr, 2018

Bare Rock has a great view of the main ranges.

HR on 30 Mar, 2018

My fav walk of all so far! It rained the entire time and there was no view at all, but the bush is spectacular!

Sally on 3 Feb, 2018

Easy to follow track up to the Mt Cordeaux lookout. Definitely worth the extra trek up over to Bare Rock. Gives fantastic views over Lake Moogerah and the surrounding country side.

Cyn on 14 Oct, 2017


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