Toolona Creek Circuit

Lamington National Park

A beautiful walk along Toolona Creek and an endless number of waterfalls! Many creek crossings and beautiful, lush areas deep in the valley.

Bird Watching
Scrambling or Climbing
No Dogs Permitted
Camping Permitted
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there

From the Canungra township take Lamington National Park Rd. Follow until arriving at O'Reilly's where there is plenty of public parking. The trailhead is 100m up the road from here.


Route/Trail notes

Descends from the border track to Picnic Rock, with a short detour Elabana and Box Log Falls can be reached. The track then meets Toolona Creek and follows it up until meeting the Border Track. Wanungara (with a short detour) and Toolona lookout can be reached while completing the circuit and returning via the Border Track.


Free, camping at mount Bithongabel remote bush camp is subject to standard NP camping fees.

Other References

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Second time doing this walk and was glad that i didnt encounter a single leech, last time i went it was ridiculous how many there were. Super nice walk with plenty of waterfalls, i lost count halfway through but i think saw somewhere just above 10! really easy to also include a small detour to box log falls if you want to add another 30 minutes or so to your trip.

Itonist584 on 21 Mar, 2020

Good timing with the big rains we just had. This walk is my favourite of all the marked trails in Lamington NP.

Wanderlust on 27 Jan, 2020

Good day walk. Waterfalls galore, great views at the top, creek crossings, damp tracks in some places on the Tooloona track and then quite dry on the return Border track. We had a group of 9 people from the age of 12 to 79, it took about 7 hours with photo and food stops.

Rock Wallaby on 18 Aug, 2019

I started out down Toolona creek way, not long after sunrise. Just before reaching Picnic rock I had my 1st wild dogs encounter, I saw 2. Being by myself I freaked, thought of turning back, then figured if they wanted to attack me they'd get me regardless. They jumped back up into the bush, I picked up and carried a rock for while (not that it really could of helped anyways) I'm not a wildlife expert, so I have no idea what to do if they actually did approach me. The bush and waterfalls were beautiful, track a bit wet, muddy, slippery and narrow in some parts but no leeches today. Took just over 4hrs and that was stopping often to take many pics and soak up the Nature. This track is not hard, however definitely has a few sections which require caution and care.

rainbowshlee on 28 May, 2019

Best walk ove done so far!!

Kcdixon on 12 May, 2019

A very beautiful walk after recent rain through lush wet forests. It was my first experience of large crayfish walking along the trail and I had never seen so many in one place as I did at Chalahn falls.
I would say this walk is at the lower end of the Hard spectrum, if you have done some medium walks of similar distance don't be afraid to give this one a go.
Heard but did not see a Lyre bird quite close to the trail and saw my first Land Mullet beside the board walk on the way back to O'reilly's.

Allan on 24 Mar, 2019

We walked the Toolona Creek side first and then the border attack on the way back. I would say that this walk isn’t hard as such but it was long and you do walk up hill on switchbacks for about half of the walk. I don’t know if it would be any better walking it the otherway. The walk itself was stunning. All the waterfalls were amazing and just one after the other on the Toolona side. We stopped a few times to just take in the view and the majesty of it all. We came across a very cranky blue so grateful to have finally seen one in real life! He was not at all pleased to see us. We waited for him to back away slowly before we tried to pass. Maybe he was camera shy haha!
There was cloud cover down so we had no visibility from the lookouts The bush looked so foggy as we walked through between the two lookouts which I thought Made it so pretty. The track coming out was easier as it was down hill. The whole trek was great. A nice challenge as it was quite rocky in parts and the creek crossings were challenging. Need to keep your eyes peeled for the best way across to the other side in some sections. A very pretty walk and would have been even more spectacular if the cloud wasn’t about. We started out very early at 6am and I don’t think we would try this later as it would get too hot. The trek took us 5 hours to complete and we clocked 18 km on the dot.

Belindak77 on 3 Jan, 2019

Lots of water, great walk

drewmac on 31 Mar, 2018

Beautiful walk. Thought the grading of the walk was probably more Medium than Hard.

Leith on 10 Dec, 2017

Wow what a beautiful walk, so many gorgeous waterfalls and creeks, and not many people. Rained most of time unfortunately so the track was very muddy. I would of pulled off about 30 leeches in total so take any sort of insect repellent and spray your legs and shoes well. Highly recommend doing this walk. We took our time and finished in about 6 hours because it was very slippery. Could do it in 5 hours on a dry day.

The Bush Bandits on 11 Nov, 2017

Having been a dry winter the track was very easy to walk with no sign of leeches, though we did have 80% DEET repellant on. The falls were all flowing which made for a pleasant hike, especially with the cool temperature of early spring. A quick pace and 20 minutes for lunch saw the hike done in 4.5 hours. Highly recommended.

DAVO240 on 11 Sep, 2017

Great walk. Antarctic Beech tree grove is amazing!

Mackamcb on 31 May, 2017

Challenging walk that took the whole day to complete in wet weather. Definitely worth it though the waterfalls were spectacular as were the crayfish which seemed to be everywhere. Parts of the track can be hard to spot and leeches were a huge problem during the wet which definitely slowed us down. (I was pulling off 10+ leeches every 10-15 mins). You also need to ford the creek several times which can be quite treacherous in the wet.

Troy on Mar, 2017

Considering this is summer, it was very towards the end of the day as we started at 7, in total the track ended up being 7 hours long with frequent breaks and a 30 minute lunch stop at the bithongabel, very nice spot for camping and lunch. Quite alot of leaches towards the middle of the hike however not as bad as the box forest circuit

Matt on 2 Jan, 2017

A fantastic walk, full of waterfalls, cascades, thick rainforest and a couple of viewpoints. The walk is fairly long as you tend to take your time going past each waterfall.

Did the walk the morning after a large thunderstorm. A million leeches is an understatement. Every 2 minutes we had to stop and flick 3 or 4 leeches off our boots.

Do this walk!!

dalehikes on 13 Nov, 2016

fantastic hike through creeks and rain forest. Lots of fallen trees and branches due to recent storms. One large branch cracked and fell meters from us. Feels a bit draggy by the end of it but can think of much worse things to drag along to than canopies in the rain forest :) Took about 6.5 hours with stops (mostly due to the track condition) but it warranted some yummy wedges and pizza at the end

agms on 3 Sep, 2016

Very impressive waterfalls. Conditions are bad on this track at present - 100km/hr winds last week felled huge trees across tracks and damaged tracks, have to climb up or down cliff to go around them. Added at least an hour and a half to hike time. Ranger said many tracks damaged by these winds, and it will be 'after September' before they get to this one to clean this track up

AH on 9 Aug, 2016

Great walk, really enjoyed it. Pretty damp, so the right clothing and footwear is essential. Only took a little over 4hrs, but I was walking solo without any long stops. Unlike others, I was lucky enough not to get any leeches. Well worth it!

B_razzle on 6 Aug, 2016

This circuit is a photographers dream! You'll almost be sick of waterfalls by the end of the circuit! If you do plan to take lots of photographs, take a spare battery! Beautiful walk and a definite must!

CamronDixon on Mar, 2016

Long walk. Lots of waterfall.

Philos on 25 Jan, 2014


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