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Toolona Creek Circuit (Lamington National Park)
3 Jan, 2019
19.8km return
7 hrs
We walked the Toolona Creek side first and then the border attack on the way back. I would say that this walk isn’t hard as such but it was long and you do walk up hill on switchbacks for about half of the walk. I don’t know if it would be any better walking it the otherway. The walk itself was stunning. All the waterfalls were amazing and just one after the other on the Toolona side. We stopped a few times to just take in the view and the majesty of it all. We came across a very cranky blue so grateful to have finally seen one in real life! He was not at all pleased to see us. We waited for him to back away slowly before we tried to pass. Maybe he was camera shy haha!
There was cloud cover down so we had no visibility from the lookouts The bush looked so foggy as we walked through between the two lookouts which I thought Made it so pretty. The track coming out was easier as it was down hill. The whole trek was great. A nice challenge as it was quite rocky in parts and the creek crossings were challenging. Need to keep your eyes peeled for the best way across to the other side in some sections. A very pretty walk and would have been even more spectacular if the cloud wasn’t about. We started out very early at 6am and I don’t think we would try this later as it would get too hot. The trek took us 5 hours to complete and we clocked 18 km on the dot.
Thylogale Track (D'Aguilar National Park)
30 Dec, 2018
9km return
2 hrs
Coomera Circuit (Lamington National Park)
10 Nov, 2018
6 hrs
This track was amazing! Probably my favourite from Binna Burra! The views from the Coomera Falls look our are just breaktaking! We really want to make the trek into the gorge as from up top it looks like a stunning paradise down below. The trek was relatively easy but it’s long. We did the Coomera falls section first and then back out along the border track. The view from Joalah was amazing and we saw a blue tounge lizard just chillaxing.
This is going to be a favourite I feel!
Warrie Circuit (Springbrook National Park)
1 Sep, 2018
17km return
5 hrs
First day of Spring and we decided to tackle Warrie Circuit! Going down down down into the forest was amazing and the scenery along the way was just stunning. We saw a little paddy melon along the way but lucky for us still didn’t see any snakes!
The meeting of the waters was a little dry from lack of rain. I can imagine this would be amazing after some heavy rain.
Loved the water falls along the way and of course once you hike yourself up up up again you end up finishing up on twin falls circuit. We went right and ended up at the lookout and the views there and all along there are just bloody amazing! Breathtaking!
Took us 4 hours with stops!
Mt Mitchell (Main Range National Park)
18 Aug, 2018
3.5 hrs
Beautiful walk again. Main Range is becoming a favourite! It was a bit more exposed than Mt Cordeaux. I think there has been either a fire or clearing done but it was quite warm even when I started out at 6.30am. Great walk and I was the only one on the track the whole way up. The top part is just amazing! Absolutely stunning views and beautiful scenery at the top! I’m totally doing this one again! There are quite a few stairs which I think would make it a little difficult for anyone with knee problems so keep that in mind.
Bare Rock track and Morgan's Walk (Main Range National Park)
29 Jul, 2018
4.5 hrs
Wowsers! This was an amazing walk! I did this by myself. The walk itself was not particularly hard though steep in a few parts to get to Bare Rock. The weather was perfect and I was super lucky to have a big cloud cover which just made the views stunning. On the way back down the cloud had cleared so I got the best of both worlds. I went to Mt Cordeaux first and doing the extra walk to Bare Rock and Morgan’s Walk is well worth it! I met probably about 20 odd walkers on the whole trek on a Sunday morning. I started at 7.30 and made it back to my car by 11.30 and that’s with heaps of stops. Honestly would do this walk again!
Albert River Circuit (Lamington National Park)
7 Jul, 2018
21.8km return
7 hrs
Took us about 6 hours and we clocked it at 22km. Lots of leeches today but honestly that was the only negative. We normally start our walks early like 6.30am I highly recommend that you be careful driving up the mountain at this time during winter. It was pitch black and foggy and nearly impossible to see. The walk itself was honestly amazing and my favourite so far. We got on the trail about 6.50am and started walking. Once we hit Albert River circuit we saw about 20 people the whole way around. We did the hike anticlockwise but most others were doing it the other way. It wasn’t a particularly hard walk and no uphill battles. There were cool creek crossings and lots of challenging obstacles on the way which we thought added to the charm. This is one we will do again. A really great walk
Ships Stern Circuit (Lamington National Park)
15 Jun, 2018
7 hrs
This was such a beautiful walk though the track has some damage and we lost if for a minute in one part but quickly found it again after backtracking slightly. A bunch of trees are down but it added to the charm and the challenge of the track. We did it anticlockwise (starting from the top carpark) mainly because it was our second big walk and we wanted to go the distance. So glad we did because the last 4.8 km felt really long!!!! We have reasonable fitness and made it from start to finish including the 1.2 km trip to the lower falls (which should not be missed) in 5.5 hours which we were surprised about but impressed with our efforts. We didn’t stop all the much, just to take a few snaps and have a snack at the waterfall. I highly recommend this walk but would start out early to keep cool because even starting at 6.30am we were quite exposed in some parts so can imagine in summer this would be really tough. I also echo other comments that in the wet this track would be very challenging so be cautious. This was a really beautiful walk! Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!
Mt Nebo - Honey Track (D'Aguilar National Park)
3 Jun, 2018
13km return
3 hrs
Nice enough walk. We actually parked at Jolly's outlook and took one of the first tracks down the hill which then joined up to the Honey Track. The small 2km in and back was through rainforest and was the most enjoyable part. The Honey Track itself was nice and mostly shaded but it was on a road mostly which in parts was overgrown. The track kind of just you can have a little picnic and a rest and then hike back. For me with my medium fitness levels, the hills were challenging but not hard just long.
A nice walk to get the steps up! Enjoyed some of the views through the trees.
The Cream Track (Springbrook National Park)
27 May, 2018
11.5km return
4.5 hrs
This was a really challenging walk. The first walk for both of us in a long while so can’t believe we chose this one! We started at the bottom. You drive right to the end of the road until you find a little car park a creek and a house and then there is a gate you enter. Don’t forget a permit which is free just in case. There are heaps of areas where you can easily veer off track so keep a watchful eye out for the surveyors tape. This track is so steep in some parts that I felt like it just wouldn’t end but once you get to the farm and turn around and sit on the benches there you realise why you just sweated and struggled up the mountain! The view is super amazing and honestly it’s worth the hike up...we didn’t bother finishing at the top and stayed just at the chairs and then made our way back down through the cow pats to the track again. The hike back down was just as hard and we slipped a lot on the way down especially at the end in the mud where there was no where to hold on to.
All in all this track was good and we will do again as a challenge.