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Goolman Lookout

This hike was suprisingly easy besides the heat, recommended for anyone who wants to go on an easy lookout hike however ensure they day is clear so you can see out to sea

Matt on 17 Jan, 2017

Mt Greville

Completed in dead hot summer weather and an instant regret. Needed lots of water and even a towell for all the water we were losing through sweat. Started this hike going up Waterfall Gorge finding many snakes, leaches, spiders (too many to count), centipedes and ants. These creatures left us sketchy the whole way up. Once we got out of the gorge we made it to the first lookout point which had a stunning view of the dam. We then went to hike along to the top soon to realise the track dissapeared into nothing, this left us walking through spider webs, knocking down dead trees and crawling through bushes just to make it to the other side where the track met up to the summit, this was not enjoyable and definitely not reccomended. Views at the summit were also very nice and then there was an enjoyabl walk down through the Ridge walk. This hike in total took us 10 hours!! (no jokes) We were shocked at the other comments which labelled 3-4 hours walking.

Matt on 12 Jan, 2017

Flinders Peak

This hike was quite enjoyable besides the storching heat, however this is definitely not the time of year to head out rock climbing. The entire way up had beautiful lookouts on either side of the ridge and kept on getting better the higher you got. Definitely worth the hike however ensure you take plenty of water and take frequent breaks

Matt on 11 Jan, 2017

Box Forest

Went on this hike in the middle of pouring down rain, not the best experience however the track was amazing, beautiful waterfalls and nice rest spots along the way.
However every few metres we were flicking leaches off of our boots and legs, they were everywhere and some were big and painful.
Even with long thick pants they will climb all over you trying to get some blood however they cannot penetrate through the pants so be prepared.

Matt on 3 Jan, 2017

Toolona Creek Circuit

Considering this is summer, it was very towards the end of the day as we started at 7, in total the track ended up being 7 hours long with frequent breaks and a 30 minute lunch stop at the bithongabel, very nice spot for camping and lunch. Quite alot of leaches towards the middle of the hike however not as bad as the box forest circuit

Matt on 2 Jan, 2017
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