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Council Areas:

  1. Bulloo Shire
  2. Quilpie Shire
  3. Paroo Shire
  4. Murweh Shire
  5. Balonne Shire
  6. Maranoa Regional
  7. Goondiwindi Gegional
  8. Western Downs Regional
  9. Toowoomba Regional
  10. Souther Downs Regional

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See QLD National Parks

1 km return
30 mins

Mt Basalt

This unique geological and environmental area features rare volcanic formations and a few walking tracks and lookouts with spectacular views

5.3 km return
2 hrs

Riverbank Walkway

Car weary legs will appreciate this stretch of shady riverbank walkway flanking the town. A star feature, the Riverbank Walkway includes the Jack Taylor Weir and Andrew Nixon Bridge at the far end, with its commemorative stone to mark Sir Thomas Mitchell’s crossing of the Balonne River on St George’s Day back in 1846. Along the riverbank walkway, markers showcases the flood heights and history of the swollen Balonne River from years gone by.

1.3 km return
30 mins

Roma Bush Gardens

Encompassing the picturesque Railway Dam, this leisurely walk is a must for enthusiast of the Australian bush. The 14 hectare gardens showcase eleven vegetation communities local to the Roma region, including Brigalow, Coolibah and Mulga. The walk offers a great variety of different vistas of the dam, which is also regarded as a first-rate place for bird-watching. Read about the native plants through the interpretive panels as you navigate the loop.

3.7 km return
90 mins

Surat Riverwalk

There is a park on the banks of the Balonne River which is a pleasant spot for a picnic. It is part of a walk along the Balonne River which includes footbridges, viewing platforms, Memorial Garden and a weir. There is an Aboriginal interpretative shelter which tells the story of local Aboriginal families and with any river bank environment out west, it is home to some impressive birdlife.

Very Easy
2 km return
45 mins

The Gully Walk

This is a stroll along the Moonie River right opposite the Nindigully Pub. It features a nice path with plenty signs in relation to local history and wildlife.

4 km return
1 hr

Tumble Downs Desert Walks and Gallery

The Yelarbon Desert is a magnificent desert wilderness made from elevated, eroded level silty plains, these landforms are isolated to areas around Yelarbon near the State border. Grassland is scattered with shrubs and trees of Bull Oak, Tea tree, Belah Mallee Box and Poplar Box.

Much of the land type in this region consists of eroded soil, salinity scald, bleached sandy loam and light clay with intermittent Pitted Bluegrass, spinifex and Windmill (Inquisitive) grass and Roly Poly.

Our guided walk will take you into some of the most Eastern Desert in Australia at Yelarbon in South West Queensland. We do not rush... but take our time to experience the country’s beauty.

Enjoy a chat and a relaxing cup of Billy Tea & Anzac biscuits with your guide Julie Boyce on your return.

Very Easy
1.2 km return
30 mins

Wallam Creek

Located in the small town of Bollon between St George and Cunnamulla. Follow a concrete path ( suitable for wheelchairs) along the creek and spot some koalas and echidnas

3.4 km return
1 hr

Warrego River Walk

The Warrego River, a northern tributary of the Darling River, flows through Charleville, where this short walk follows its northern bank.

4.5 km return
2 hrs

Crows Nest Falls Circuit

Crows Nest Falls via Kauyoo Loop (including The Cascades, Kauyoo Pool and Bottlebrush Pool)
Bottkebrush Pool is the ideal place to enjoy a swim and relax. The river she-oaks and bottlebrush trees here provide shade and habitat for a variety of wildlife. Keep an eye out for brush-tailed rock wallabies, as they move quiety around the surounding granite hills and boudlers. Take care on the steps leading down to the creek, as they can be slippery when wet.

A sandy beach allows easy access to the normally shallow water at Kauyoo Pool.

Steep crevices and slippery rocks lead to the Cascades, where you can hear the ‘tock tock’ calls of striped marsh frogs echoing around the boulders in summer. Watch your step, especially if the creek is flowing. This is another good spot to sit quietly and watch for rock-wallabies.

12 km return
7 hrs

Crows Nest NP to Perserverance Dam

First 1/4 easy then 1/2 moderate then 1/4 hard. Try to get started early to avoid the heat. We took 7 hours to complete which had us doing the hardest part in the heat of the day.
At this date the creek portions were heavily overgrown and the rock hopping was hard since the floods of previous hears have washed out sand and small rocks leaving the entire Valley of Diamonds a hard slog criss-crossing the creek to find a navigable route. The bush has been badly degraded in recent years by drought and fires.