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Council Areas:

  1. Bulloo Shire
  2. Quilpie Shire
  3. Paroo Shire
  4. Murweh Shire
  5. Balonne Shire
  6. Maranoa Regional
  7. Goondiwindi Gegional
  8. Western Downs Regional
  9. Toowoomba Regional
  10. Souther Downs Regional

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See QLD National Parks

1 km return
30 mins

Adjinbilly: Cascades

Adjinbilly Cascades are reached by a short 2 minute walk from the Ruby campfire area. It is a beautiful place, deserving to be called the ‘heart’ of Adjinbilly. It is a ‘must’ to visit early in your stay, with the small cascading waterfalls and enveloping rainforest creating a unique, secluded setting. You can walk up to the falls (beware of slippery rocks), get wet or sit and enjoy the special feeling of just being there.

There is a table and chairs where you can share a meal (perhaps a candlelight dinner for a special occasion).

4.2 km return
90 mins

Adungadoo Pathway

Follow the peaceful waters of Bungil Creek. Ancient River red Gums are a beautiful feature of this walk, while the watercourse is a must for bird watchers. Take a small detour on route to see the largest Queensland Bottle Tree.

1 km return
30 mins

Baldy Top Quilpie

Located 7.4 kilometres from Quilpie on the Toompine Road rests a red rocky formation, aptly named Baldy Top Lookout. Part of the Grey Range, Baldy Top is one of the most elevated points in South West Queensland.

Explore caves and crevices, untouched by civilisation whilst traversing this magnificent boulder formation which was created naturally over millions of years.

A climb to the summit of Baldy Top is a relatively easy ten minute scramble. Although Baldy Top appears quite small in its surroundings, once atop this hill, one is amazed by the breathtaking panoramic landscapes that stretch as far as your imagination.

As ancient as time itself, Baldy Top offers visitors stunning sunsets whilst experiencing the serenity and solitude of the Outback.

9.2 km return
3 hrs

Bindegolly National Park

This is only a good walk when there's actually water in the Lake. The lake does dry up making for a sandy experience. When full with water it should be an amazing experience as it attracts various wildlife. Ideal for birdwatching with a bird viewing site 4.5 km from car park

2 km return
40 mins

Bulloo River Quilpie

Easy stroll along the Bulloo river just before entering Quilpie.Great for birdwatchers and even fishing ( when river flowing).

3 km return
45 mins

Bulloo River Walk

In Dowling Street head to caravan park and follow track to the river. This is a nice walk along the river ( where some of the locals may swim ) that ends back to the other side of Downling Street past the old Cobb & Co Crossing.

4.42 km one-way
90 mins

Coobby Dam Wall walk

A walk from Loveday Cove to the Dam wall at Cooby Dam, approx 35 km North from Toowoomba.

500 m return
20 mins

Donnelly’s Castle

A nice little walk around the rock formation features of Donnelly’s Castle Loins Park with the lookout above and the caves below

4.4 km return
90 mins

Lake Broadwater

This track joins the two campgrounds. It starts just west of the campground and the lake and make its way around the lake before heading towards Wilga Bush Camp. There are lots of birds in the area. The track is mostly sandy but easy to follow. It passes the old dingo fence. There is also a lot of signage identifying trees.

7.2 km return
2 hrs

Lake Broadwater The Hide

This track along the lake's shore joins the two camping areas and down to the Hide. It passes the remains of a dingo fence built in the 1860s for St Ruth Station and promises you an abundance of bird and waterbird life.