Ravensbourne National Park


Discover towering trees, palm groves, trickling streams and amazing birdlife in the best remaining example of the rainforest that originally covered this part of the Great Dividing Range.

Local Aboriginal people and those travelling to the bunya feasts in the Bunya Mountains used the area extensively. Rainforest hardwoods, red cedar Toona ciliata and other timbers were felled from about the 1860s.

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6.2 km return
2 hrs

Buaraba Creek Track

This walk travels down hill to Bauraba Creek, Ravensbourne National Park. Bauraba Creek is a small stream with Piccabeen Palms over the other side. It is spring fed, so there really isn't much water.

4.8 km return
2.5 hrs

Buaraba Falls/Ravensbourne Falls

There are two decent sized waterfalls along Buaraba creek plus a pretty cascade.

500 m return
20 mins

Cedar Block Circuit

A short walk in Ravensbourne National Park through rainforest with information boards about Indigenous culture and also timber.

3.6 km return
75 mins

Palm Creek Circuit

A walk in Ravensbourne National Park through Piccabeen Palms. From the main track you look down on them, and then when you take the side track you walk through them. You can also take a short side track to the sandstone overhang.

1.7 km return
40 mins

Rainforest Circuit

As the name suggests, a walk through the rainforest in Ravensbourne National Park. As well as the standard rainforest vegetation there are blue gums in this section.

4.8 km return
2 hrs

Sandstone Overhang

Very well signed track that follows the Rainforst and Palm Creek circuits and ends at some sandy overhangs that people refer to as "caves"