Buaraba Falls/Ravensbourne Falls

Ravensbourne National Park

There are two decent sized waterfalls along Buaraba creek plus a pretty cascade.

Bird Watching
4WD Required
Navigation Required
Eucalypt Forest
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there

Whether you come from the north (via National Park Road, then Walsh Rd) or south (Seventeen Mile Road {Dirt Road}, then from Walsh Road) turn down onto Weller Road, this is a Dry Weather Road Only. The bottom of Weller Road is not looked after so an AWD or FWD is recommnded for this section of the road.


Which maps cover the area?

Route/Trail notes

Weller road is a dry weather road so if there has been a lot of rain I recommend starting at the top of Wellersrd which will add 2.5km to the total hike bringing it to a total of 7.5km return.  

In dry weather you can drive down to the locked gate, park then follow the road/track (right side of the Gate). There are a few signs attempting to stop you, however ig nore them as the road is public. A ranger suspects a local has put them up themselves). Follow the road/track until you come across a trail on the left heading down to the creek, turn right at the creek follow it down stream, almost immediately you'll arrive at the first waterfall, continue down stream until you reach the cascades at the bottom you'll reach the top of the large waterfall. 

Update: This trail is not graded or maintained by rangers and the trail is not easily found. You will need a good sense of direction and a GPS. The trail is also really overgrown and rough going so definietly recommend hardy clothing and be prepared to bush bash in sections.



Other References

How can I find more info? Any guide books?

GPS Tracks

  • No GPS available for this walk yet.


Note: We haven't completed this walk but we tried to yesterday (30MAY21). The original Route/Trail Notes were quite vague and difficult to understand especially when you get there so i provided a new description above. See below for more detail.

When you reach what feels like the bottom/end of Weller road (which is when you see the large metal locked gate in the middle), I would suggest parking and walking the rest of the way. There are several new signs attempting to stop you from continuing the journey such as a STOP and STOP DO NOT ENTER Signs, a little further beyond those sign there was a private property sign. This was off putting so we stopped and headed back. We by chance found a ranger and he informed us that Weller road is not private that is it a public road/fire trail so you are free to walk on it to the creek/cascades etc. He did warn us that the trail is not graded or looked after in any way and the track is not easily found anymore. There is lots of overgrown sections and lots of lantana so he warns to wear sturdy clothes and to be prepared for a full days bush bash and you need to have a goods sense of direction and a GPS. Given the advice we received we decided to come back another time better prepared. He also called the falls Ravensbourne Falls and thinks there could be an old map located in a Toowoomba walking guide out there somewhere. Good Luck.

BeckNWood on 30 May, 2021


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