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Rainforest Rail Trail (New South Wales)
6 Oct, 2019
6.2km return
2.5 hrs
I cannot confirm or deny that I have done this walk but if I had, it is longer than specified, more like 3kms each way to the tunnel. Be really careful of snakes as it 'could' be really overgrown in place where lots of brown snakes live. Definitely advise hiking shoes and gators.
Bushrangers Cave (Lamington National Park)
Aug, 2019
4.2km return
2 hrs
Valley is gorgeous and you can admire it the whole way to the top where the overhang/cave is. The walk is quite tight to the barbed wire fence with thick head height long grass on the other side of the narrow path. Watch out for snakes! Plenty of bird life to hear and see too.
The Mountain overhang and 'caves' underneath are really beautiful and worth the trek up but if you're expecting caves that enter under the mountain you will be disappointed. It's more of a large overhang that makes it feel almost cave like but they're not caves. If you get a little confused and lost like we did and head left and down rather than right and up - there are no caves on this side either. It is a beautiful hike and wander and if you're really energetic and have the legs and (sugar packed) for it - you can ascend up the steep back end of the mountain.
Minyon Grass to Base of Minyon Falls (Nightcap National Park)
Jul, 2019
4km return
2 hrs
The drive on the dirt track to the carpark is tricky in a sedan non 4WD as some of the old run off ditches are deep, however we made it.
The walking track itself is great - an excellent hike. If you wish to cross the rocky river to get to the base of the falls, and the water level is quite high - I would recommend hiking shoes that grip well and aren't too heavy. Lots of leeches, one got me good on my shin. Scenery and views are stunning!
Mt Mitchell (Main Range National Park)
10 Mar, 2019
3.5 hrs
Great Hike! It was similar to Mt Cordeaux in difficulty but perhaps a touch more difficult in the second quarter. And that's mostly because this section was a little steep and there's not much shade coverage. You are in bush for this section not rainforest. But is eases back in rainforest again when you are on the southern side of the mountain. Definitely take lots of water at least 3L on a hot say. Great views at the top. It was a really nice hike with the surrounds and scenery changing regularly.
Mt Cordeaux (Main Range National Park)
6 Jan, 2019
2.5 hrs
Nice easy hike through lush rainforest which keeps it nice and cool. Only the upper section of the walk was exposed to the full sun. Quite an easy hike up and back. Done in 2.5hours but we weren't rushing and took our time enjoying the splendid views at the top.
Mt Warning Summit Trail (Mt Warning National Park)
31 Dec, 2018
8.3km return
5 hrs
Pretty tough hike up mostly because every single step is a step up all the way up and a step down all the way down. So if you're not young or super fit it will be a challenge for the calves! It's a fairly cool walk up though so that helps. I would recommend taking an electrolyte drink if you are prone to build up in the legs like I am, as my legs were like jelly the whole way down slowing me down. My favorite part was the rock chain climb at the top. A disappointingly amount of rubbish up the top underneath the platforms with fruit scraps scattered around. So many banana peels, apple cores and watermelon husks everywhere. It's really disgraceful. The drawback to this hike is the amount of people doing it. We saw at least 100 people. We did Mt Cordeux 7 days later and we saw 8 people - much better!
Mt Greville (Moogerah Peaks National Park)
1 Jul, 2017
6km return
3 hrs
This was a great climb/hike. Went up waterfall Gorge and came down via the SE Ridge Track. It was 9.1km return and took us 4Hrs (with a few rests). Waterfall Gorge was amazing and we would love to scramble up this again but try going down Palm Tree Gorge next time.
Lower Portals (Mt Barney National Park)
23 Apr, 2017
7.4km return
3 hrs
This was a tough hike - the first half was fine but coming back was quite tough. the path is well worn but perhaps all the rain from the floods recently washed away some of the tracks and there are lots of exposed roots and loose rocks so be careful, slips were common for us yesterday. But it was fine otherwise - the Lower Portals are stunning and worth the 3-4hour return walk. It was a lovely hike and the rock pools are the nicest I've seen - surpassing Hells Hole in the Mt Jerusalem National Park. Next time we would like to walk over the ridge line that goes above the portals. A must walk!
Hell Hole Falls (Mt Jerusalem National Park)
3 Jan, 2017
5.1km return
105 mins
No FWD required to get to the track. The sign for the track is posted off the road. you will probably see other cars parked before you see the sign. The walk is easy and even and it's a wide track. It can be confusing when you come to the Crossroads, take the track to the left all the way to the end until you come to a crumbling in desperate need of repair walking bridge - it has giant holes in it so use extreme caution when crossing it. If there's no water in the creek I'd cross there to save yourself a broken ankle. Immediately after the broken head right the track continues for another 200m or so until you reach the Holes. the track is narrow but well worn and you should be able to find the holes with no trouble. Just a side note - if you decide to head right rather than left - this track is much longer and seems to take forever to get to the end - the rock pools at the end aren't that impressive. They are nice - but there are lots of lovely rock pools in the region and this one isn't the best. They are also not 'the' Hells Hole.
Mt Boogarem Lookout (Mt Jerusalem National Park)
Oct, 2016
10.8km return
3.5 hrs
Great walk with spectacular views