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Lake Manchester loop (Brisbane Forest park D'Aguilar National Park)
22 Apr, 2019
6 hrs
Nice hike
Dead Horse Track (Kosciuszko National Park)
28 Jan, 2019
5 hrs
Loved this hike beautiful flowers lovely water cascading down onto rocks. Perfect walk not too hard at all.
Kosciuszko Summit (Winter) (New South Wales)
27 Jan, 2019
9 hrs
Would have been a great hike instead it was torrential rain and 100 klms wind. We did this hike in summer you just never know what your going to get on the mountain. Will have to try again one day.
Mt Greville (Moogerah Peaks National Park)
13 Jan, 2019
6km return
3 hrs
I found this a hard hike. But the view was amazing looking out to Moogerah dam
The Northbrook River Trail (Northbrook Gorges) (Brisbane Forest park D'Aguilar National Park)
25 Nov, 2018
3 hrs
This hike should be done a little later in the morning around 10am as the water shouldn’t be too freezing. Great hike though just be sure to keep all your belongings in a ziplock dry bay as you will be in water up to and over your waistline.
Stinson Crash Site from Christmas Creek (Queensland)
22 Sep, 2018
15km return
8 hrs
This has been the hardest hike I've done and the most exhilarating.
Loved every minute of it. So much history and so sad.
It has a great swimming hole near a waterfall. If you do hike this make sure you have plenty of water. Be careful to check for ticks as well.
Warrie Circuit (Springbrook National Park)
20 Jul, 2018
17km return
5.5 hrs
This hike was a long hike but worth every step there was so many waterfalls I wish we had done it after some rain but that only brings in leaches so I'm happy to have done it but may do it again after some rain. We stopped and had something to eat at The meeting of the waters. lovely day.
Mount Edwards (Moogerah Peaks National Park)
10 Jun, 2018
6.5km return
3 hrs
This was a lovely walk with friends not too hard a little steep for our newbies but no problem with anyone took a couple of little ones with us and they loved it we finished with a bbq for lunch. All in all a great day out.
Yuddamun Trail (Ipswich)
11 Apr, 2018
22km return
6 hrs
Did this hike it wasn't what I thought it would be but continued because needed the training for a longer hike. Not much to see.
Mt Mitchell (Main Range National Park)
1 Apr, 2018
3.5 hrs
Its an ok hike more open bush had some steps and not a bad view.