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Warrie Circuit (Springbrook National Park)
20 Jul, 2018
17km return
5.5 hrs
This hike was a long hike but worth every step there was so many waterfalls I wish we had done it after some rain but that only brings in leaches so I'm happy to have done it but may do it again after some rain. We stopped and had something to eat at The meeting of the waters. lovely day.
Mount Edwards (Moogerah Peaks National Park)
10 Jun, 2018
6.5km return
3 hrs
This was a lovely walk with friends not too hard a little steep for our newbies but no problem with anyone took a couple of little ones with us and they loved it we finished with a bbq for lunch. All in all a great day out.
Yuddamun Trail (Ipswich)
11 Apr, 2018
10 hrs
Did this hike it wasn't what I thought it would be but continued because needed the training for a longer hike. Not much to see.
Mt Mitchell (Main Range National Park)
1 Apr, 2018
3.5 hrs
Its an ok hike more open bush had some steps and not a bad view.
Mt Cordeaux (Main Range National Park)
30 Mar, 2018
2.5 hrs
We loved this hike it had lots of rain Forrest, beautiful scenery its magical with early morning mist views are gorgeous. My kind of hike. Oh and we were happy that there were no leaches that day.
Bare Rock + Morgan's Walk (Main Range National Park)
30 Mar, 2018
4.5 hrs
Bare Rock has a great view of the main ranges.
White Rock Multi-User Trail (Ipswich)
14 Mar, 2018
2 hrs
Nice hike had some good views
Dove Lake Circuit (Tasmania)
9 Feb, 2018
5.7km return
2 hrs
Cradle mountain hike. We took the bus out to the lake for a small fee. Lovely day for a hike around Dove Lake. Beautiful scenery great track.
Cape Hauy (Tasmania)
6 Feb, 2018
4 hrs
This hike has over 3000 steps which made me breathless. The views were sensational which made me more breathless. The only thing that put me off was I had to take the stairs to get back. Would recommend this hike.
Fortescue Bay hike (Tasmania)
5 Feb, 2018
17km one-way
7 hrs
A long hike for day two of the three capes hike but worth every step.