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Mt Mitchell, one of two peaks on either side of Cunningham's Gap, is a good track walk which provides great views of Main Range, the Moogerah Peaks and through to Mt Barney.

Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there

From Brisbane follow the Cunningham Highway towards Cunningham's Gap. At the top of the gap turn right into 'crest' carpark adjoining the highway. The Mt Mitchell track leaves on the opposite side of the road, so take care when crossing!


The track is clearly marked so no map is required, however the Sunmap Cunninghams Gap sheet covers the area.


Stunning scenery. Not a difficult walk.

JFoss on 25 Sep, 2020

One of my favourite south Queensland walks. Pretty gentle incline makes it a fairly easy hike, but a pretty decent length - the best part is there are views the whole way up, and the summit is stunning and makes an amazing picnic spot. Great to see the recovery after the bush fires too. Took 4 hours including an hours stop at the peak.

Lydia on 9 Sep, 2020

Uphill right from the start. Warm up if you are going for exercise pace. Or start slow and build up to a comfortable pace. Narrow path bordered by weeds all the way. Wear long pants if you are sensitive. If you wear shorts, know that plants and weed will brush up against you all the time. It is a great walk. Fantastic views at summit.

Hadi Nahvi on 5 Sep, 2020

Second time we have done this walk; first time after the bushfires. Arrived around 1030, still a few parking places in the carpark. A more open feel after the fires, but also lots of weeds growing. We passed a few others going up and down, but had the summit to ourselves for the 30 minutes or so that we enjoyed our picnic lunch. Overall a great walk on a lovely sunny day with almost no wind.

Kaylene&Mal on 26 Aug, 2020

Did this walk at 4:30am in the rain, track was slippery and took about 2 hours and 20 mins to the top and 1 he 45 mins back down at a safe pace. Amazing views but the track will trick you several times thinking you are nearing the top.

Michael on 15 Aug, 2020

Fairly easy walk just like Mt Cordeaux. Much more dry at the start and some fire damage. View was magnificent. 3 hr return.

Chesspeople on 13 Aug, 2020

Did this walk today at a leisurely pace whilst observing a lot of beautiful birds. It took us 4 hours with a 10 minute break at the summit. Plenty of overgrown weeds for the first couple of kilometres but it’s a great trail, not too demanding in any spot. Once you think you’re nearing the top, there are a handful of rock staircases that seem to just keep on giving 🤣 The views are amazing from the summit. I wouldn’t say it’s better or worse than Mt Cordeaux/Bare Rock... they’re all wonderful and you just need to get out and do them all!

S K on 2 Aug, 2020

Lovely walk with fantastic views. Tracks can be narrow and if it is busy you need to stop and step off the track to allow people through. Best to do it early in the morning as it does become busy. It is nice though that walkers were quiet - no loud people - which shows me they are true trail walkers appreciating what surrounds them. I would do it again.

Anoogle on 2 Aug, 2020

Very easy walk, i barely even noticed i was climbing until i got a view of the road below. It has a fantastic view on the way up and at the end. There isn't a great deal of room at the summit so don't go in a big group or it will get crowded and there are sheer cliffs all around. If you are going in the wet, walking poles would certainly help as the mud is super slippery and i stacked it a couple of times on the way down today. Unfortunately at this time there are a lot of weeds on the way up. Hopefully they will get taken care of soon. But still a very nice hike.

Nittus on 26 Jul, 2020

Amazing! Easy! Beautiful!

Jemma on 21 Jul, 2020

Good track easy to find & follow. Awesome views from the top. Very cold in winter especially when its very windy. Get there early as the car park is small.

ian parker on 4 Jul, 2020

Mount Mitchell is a pretty breezy hike, very well tracked however there is a lot of vegetation. It gets very busy throughout the day, so I recommend going early in the morning.

It's a very nice hike, 10/10 would recommend, and it's perfect for those who are learning to hike, there is no scramble either, just steps towards the top. The views are beautiful

Ashley Scott on 27 Jun, 2020

Easy walk, path slowly climbs well defined track. Nothing difficult about the climb. Went when it was raining the whole time, cold and windy and saw absolute nothing but LOVED it! The 2 10yr olds had the time of their lives. Will climb again in good weather and do My Cordeaux on the same day. This walk is very achievable and takes around an hour to go up, faster on the way back.

Curry Bunch on 14 Jun, 2020

Mt Mitchell is one of two peaks on either side of Cunningham's Gap ⛰⛰

It is a volcanic mountain and sits 1174m above sea level.

From Ipswich, it is a little over an hour to reach as you head towards Warwick 🚗

It is not a strenuous hike but in saying that, I did have to stop a few times on my way up and would suggest a moderate level of fitness is needed 👟

This hike will give you some stunning views of Main Range, the Moogerah Peaks through to Mt Barney 🌄

It is so wonderful to see it flourishing after the fire's!

Enjoy 💕🙏

Instagram:- misslissy79


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Mel on 9 Jun, 2020

Nice easy walk with fantastic views.
youtube video

Grunter on 18 May, 2020

Relatively easy ascent. 3 hours return with half an hour break at the top. Beautiful views. Very brambly and thorny on the way up - lots of reveg and cobblers pegs after summer fires. Saw brown snake on trail.

ct__ on 18 Apr, 2020

Great to see the bush recovering, flowers out everywhere and swarms of butterflies. Very enjoyable casual walk.

Brian on 16 Mar, 2020

If you like weedforests this is a hike for you. The summit has stunning views and really showcases just how precarious Cunningham's Gap truly is...

The weeds are shocking. The southern side of the mountain is very rainforested and the atmosphere here is fresh and rejuvinating whilst the weeds just make you feel sickly, itchy, and are just generally unsightly.

basalamant on 2020

Fantastic walk. Totally loved it and would highly recommend. It has a slight incline most of the way until you get close to the top where there are steps. We saw heaps of birds, particularly close to the top, and that was at midday.

Ian and Sue on 26 Jul, 2019

Quite an easy and rather non-strenuous trail to get to the top. Amazing views from the top. Highly recommend!

Karshing on 22 Jul, 2019


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