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Remote bush camping on a high ridge overlooking Kipper Creek in wet sclerophyll forest. Northbrook Mountain summit is approximately a 15-minutes walk from the campsite. The summit affords extensive views looking south across the England Creek catchments and is covered in mountain heath, where wildflowers bloom between winter and spring.

Getting there

From Mount Glorious Road, this campsite is accessed via Lawton Road. Along the 4.7km walk, take in the beautiful subtropical rainforest and wet sclerophyll scenery. A wide variety of birds can also be seen along this track that winds around the base of Northbrook Mountain.

It can be used as a stopover on the longer walk to England Creek bush camp.

Route/Trail notes

Once again an old logging road.

At approx 1.2km mark look for an old timber loader. It is of heritage note.

Still in a good condition for a 4WD track. The track is up and down all the way to the campsite. A new water tank and roof have been made. But as always use the water there as a last resort and boil before drinking.



Picked this one thinking it would be quieter than other more popular tracks for the first day of easing restrictions. Lucky we got there early as by the time we left people were parking all over the road. The hike is a little longer if you walk to the summit (and who wouldn't?). The lack of signage at the water tank is pretty bad, go left at that fork! Then go left again, happy that the bush camp sign is there. Wouldn't mind camping there once we're allowed to again! Although not really looking forward to the hike back uphill!

sarasvati on 2 May, 2020

Really nice walk, took us about 2 hours return. We walked along the fire roads to the camp site, up to the top of Northbrook Mountain, then down the faintly marked track to the next mountain which links back with the fire road. Would be keen to go back and stay the night at the camp site, would be fantastic waking up to that view!

Vonsnrub on 12 Jan, 2020

Check out sunrise on the lookout it’s worth it!!

Sasha Walker on 23 Mar, 2019

The trail is in good condition with few obstacles, if any. This walk is not hard, but often has a long, consistent gradient that some may find somewhat taxing. The abundance of birds of different sorts is quite pleasant, and it makes the relatively uninteresting bulk of the walk enjoyable. The bush camp is adorable and quaint, and my favourite part of this whole walk was finding the visitors' book and the visitors' drawing book. Some people have written lovely little stories and accounts and drawn great pictures. Truly, browsing these was a highlight of my Australian bush experience. Someone even drew the Guru, the buff alpha male who can climb Mount Beerwah in 20 minutes. Northbrook Mountain Bush Camp is undoubtedly one of my favourite spots to crack open a cold one with the boys.

meadharry on 17 Feb, 2019

My wife and I decided to continue on from the Northbrook Mountain lookout as it appeared on there was a track that loops back to Lawnton Road and we thought that would be more interesting than simply retracing our steps. Well it was definitely more interesting. If you decide to take this route be prepared for anything other than a defined, well-marked trail. We ended up doing quite some bush bashing through lantana and over and around and down some significant boulders. At times the track was obvious. At other times it was very hit and miss requiring further investigation to pick up for want of a better word, the trail. Without I doubt we’d have found our way and being late in the afternoon on a winter’s day, it isn’t a place you want to be when running out of light. The last section heads downhill before rejoining Lawnton Road is quite steep and slippery. But it’s eminently doable and certainly makes the hike more interesting. Just be prepared and it will add a little adventure to what is otherwise a straight forward walk.

Marko63 on 29 Jul, 2018

Nice walk on a winters day

drewmac on 17 Jun, 2018

First hike and camp with an overloaded backpack. Quite a steep walk in and out. Saw a juvenile brown snake (eek). The camp grounds were in excellent condition with log seating around a fire pit. The views from the peak were lovely. We had drinks and nibblies up there in the late arvo and then ran up early in the morning to see the sunrise. Magical. This is a beautiful spot.

Jess on 5 May, 2018

Not the most interesting of hikes on the way to/from the mountain/campsite, but the destination itself more than makes up for that. As described, the walk is along a fire trail maintained for vehicular access so very easy to follow etc. Prepare to feel the burn walking up the hill on the second half of the walk, in both directions. Northbrook Mountain and the campsite nearby are stunning, with particularly beautiful views available on the summit. Will definitely be visiting again!

walkingwithtim on 20 Jan, 2018

Approx 2hr walk each way to the campsite from Lawnton Road along well used fire trail. Downhill for half of the trail & uphill for the rest - moderately steep road so reasonable fitness required if carrying packs and if hot & humid. Old logging platform can be seen along the way but not much left of it. Really nice shady campsite located on top of a hill away from the fire trail with some views through the trees. A short 15 minute walk along a rough track from the campsite takes you to a lookout with sweeping southerly views. Beautiful & quiet. Well worth the trip.

dortwilder on 10 Dec, 2017

BRILLIANT: thoroughly enjoyed. Ive done a very detailed description of it on my you tube channel Gizmos' Adventures. worth watching if you plan to visit here.
Such a beautiful place. you will need plenty of water you will have to carry. don't rely on tank water.

gizmobazz on 19 Nov, 2017

Great walk, we extended it to England Creek Bush Camp and back, 21km all up.
Northbrook Summit is beautiful, great landscape views if you perch yourself on top of the big rock up there.
Birdlife is fantastic, although the bell miners do have control of an alarming amount of space. Saw a small lace monitor too cashing in on the first heat of Spring creeping through.

Muzbags on 23 Aug, 2017

Straightforward walk along the management road on a beautiful (if warm) day. Great views through the trees along the track and from the campsite at the summit, lots of birdlife, couple of wallabies and a goanna. Only downside is the amount of toilet paper and unburied at the campsite. What sort of idiot craps 5m from the firepit and leaves it there?

Grae on 20 Apr, 2016

Simple walk along a 4WD track, half of is it down hill then the second half is all up hill.
Only took 1.5 hours.
Turn left at the water tank to get to the campsite.

Guy on 9 Aug, 2015

Took my brother and I 1.30 hrs from the Lawton Rd entry on Mt Glorious with 3 days worth of camping gear and food.
Meet 2 rangers who warned us there had been two major washouts up ahead, and that no body goes to the camp site any more so may be hard to find. We got to the water tank, and and went right at the split, but could not find a path to the campsite, after looking for approx 2hrs, we camped at the water tank. Wonderful walk.

Jack Baird on 5 Apr, 2012

Went from white cedar up to the summit.

Laurence Hallam on 28 Sep, 2011

Hot humid and wet. Got my first leech ever on this particular walk.

Laurence Hallam on 15 Feb, 2011

A hot day to walk and hunid. Had to go up the hill at the second apiary,

Laurence Hallam on 8 Feb, 2011

It is wet and very slippery and the wash outs are very hazardous. Be Careful!

Laurence Hallam on 14 Jan, 2011

The road is Washed OUT!The water has cut the road to atleast 10m! Be careful!

Laurence Hallam on 13 Jan, 2011

Another nice walk in the clouds was a bit humid with no wind.

Laurence Hallam on 19 Dec, 2010


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