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North Kobble bush camp walk (D'Aguilar National Park)
21 Apr, 2018
20km return
8 hrs
Hiked in from Lepidozamia Road for an overnighter at the bush camp. The track is a wide 4wd track all the way to the campsite. Navigation is easy although track junctions can be hidden as the pathway was very overgrown in sections due to recent rain. Elevation drops from about 700m at the start of the track to 150m at the creek so it is a tough uphill climb with a backpack on the return journey. There are numerous easy creek crossings along the way after you drop down the side of the hill to the creek. The campsite is situated close to the creek and has plenty of grassy areas to pitch the tent. Water was plentiful when we went but I would not rely on water being in the creek during dry spells. All in all a nice overnight hike.
Middle Kobble bush camp walk (D'Aguilar National Park)
24 Mar, 2018
5 hrs
Decided to overnight solo at Middle Kobble Bush Camp in March 2018. Walked in via the southern loop and out via the northern loop. Recent wet weather had caused the track to become quite overgrown in sections so had to take care in case of snakes - none were spotted except for a large dead python in the middle of the track. The entire walk is along a wide 4wd track so is quite easy to navigate however the trail is very steep in sections and requires a reasonable level of fitness especially on the way out. The recent rain had filled the creek which was a good source of extra water. Campsite is a semi open area with a fire pit and log seats. The waterfall is located 5 minutes North-East of the campsite and with plenty of water flowing was quite spectacular. Be very careful whist navigating the waterfall area as it is a steep drop to the bottom. It took 1.5hrs to hike in from Lepidozamia Road gate and just over 2hrs out with overnight pack. One of the better campsites in the National Park - well worth visiting.
Upper Portals (Mt Barney National Park)
10 Feb, 2018
3.5 hrs
Drove up the 4WD road from Waterfall Creek Reserve to the Cleared Ridge carpark area. The 4WD track is steep and quite rough in sections. A 4WD with low range and high clearance is recommended. There is an information shelter at the start of the track.
The walk from Cleared Ridge carpark to the Upper Portals is predominantly downhill all the way and takes about 1.5 to 2 hrs (4.2km). The track is wide but has some steep sections at the start. The elevation drops from about 750m to 500m fairly quickly but once you reach the creek it is an easy walk with a few creek crossings along the way.
We camped overnight at Yamhara Creek Campsite. Yamhara Creek Campsite is a grassy open bush site alongside the creek. No facilities are provided nor are campfires permitted. Plenty of water was available in the creek.
Follow the creek further down from the campsite and turn left following the creek down to the start of the upper portals.
South Kobble bush camp walk (D'Aguilar National Park)
3 Jan, 2018
Very Hard
6 hrs
Completed this on 2&3 January 2018 with an overnight camp at the creek. Very hot, humid & we experienced thunderstorms & rain. I agree with Moocattle's post on 11-6-16 expanding with the following. The walk from the start of the Lepidozamia track to the turn off to knoll 560 is about 4km and is along a wide 4wd/fire trail & is mostly down hill to this point. A small rock cairn has been placed at the side of the fire trail which indicates the location of the path uphill to Knoll 560. From the knoll head North-East along a fairly well marked track. Approximately 300m from the knoll the track divides - one continuing north-east and another south east down the hill towards the creek. We took the south branch (but possibly a better route would be to continue North east??) and followed the top of the spur in a South Easterly direction down to the creek. The terrain is very steep but the vegetation fairly easy to navigate most of the way until approx 30m from the creek where it is very thick and hard to get through. We arrived at the creek at what we thought were the correct GPS coordinates however were unable to locate the campsite. I believe that were about 100m West of the actual campsite (where Moocattle sat by waterhole) but were unable to reach it due to the flooded creek and thick vegetation. We decided to camp at this location. The creek was flowing and a good source of extra water. The hike back up the steep hill was extremely tough & slow going carrying overnight packs . It took us 4hrs to get there & 6hrs return. Will attach our GPS data but would recommend arriving at the creek a bit further East to properly locate the campsite.
Northbrook Mtn bush camp walk (D'Aguilar National Park)
10 Dec, 2017
4.5 hrs
Approx 2hr walk each way to the campsite from Lawnton Road along well used fire trail. Downhill for half of the trail & uphill for the rest - moderately steep road so reasonable fitness required if carrying packs and if hot & humid. Old logging platform can be seen along the way but not much left of it. Really nice shady campsite located on top of a hill away from the fire trail with some views through the trees. A short 15 minute walk along a rough track from the campsite takes you to a lookout with sweeping southerly views. Beautiful & quiet. Well worth the trip.
Dundas Road bush camp walk (D'Aguilar National Park)
19 Aug, 2017
1 hr
Easy walk along graded fire trail to the bush camp. Approx 20-25 minutes from Mt Nebo refuse tip.
The camping area is located right next to the fire trail & a new shelter has been constructed with twin water tanks. The water coming from the tanks looked quite clean and drinkable (after boiling of course).
The general camping area is quite dry and dusty. Camp sites are levelled areas in the dirt.
A designated fire pit with log seating surrounding it has been constructed.
Would be ok for an overnight stop or to test out some equipment.