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Box Forest

Beautiful walk along easy graded tracks.

ShavenWalrus on 28 May, 2017

England Creek bush camp walk

12 year old son and I did the loop anti-clockwise which seems to be easier looking at the profile.

Stayed overnight at the bush camp. Drifted off to the sound of the creek bubbling away.

ShavenWalrus on 6 May, 2017

Mt Cordeaux

Beautiful walk on a clear, crisp and sunny day. Views are spectacular.

Easy, well-maintained track.

ShavenWalrus on 1 May, 2017

Lower Portals

Hot, hot, hot. Lovely walk and the waterhole is stunning but coming back it was 43 degrees! We were well-prepared (me, wife and 2 kids ages 12 and 10) but we met a couple as we were walking out who were on the way in wearing thongs with just 2 bottles of water!

ShavenWalrus on 12 Feb, 2017

Scrub Road bush camp walk

Walked in and camped overnight with my 11 year old son. Fairly steep on the walk back to the car but an easy walk nonetheless.

ShavenWalrus on 17 Sep, 2016

Somerset Trail - Mt Mee

Done a few times with the kids while camping at Neurum Creek. Easy walk with good views at the Lakes Lookout.

ShavenWalrus on 2016

Gheerulla Valley circuit

For a novice like me this was about all I would attempt at once. Some lovely spots along the way but the climb up the buff was a killer!

Take plenty of water, especially in the warmer months. I filled up from the creek opposite the trail bike camping area before the climb.

ShavenWalrus on 26 Jul, 2015

Mt Mitchell

Great walk up with the kids (10 and 8). Cold and very windy but we had a hot drink at the top and admired the fantastic views.

ShavenWalrus on 13 Jul, 2015
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