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Mt Barney - East Peak - Up South-East - Down South (Mt Barney National Park)
12 Aug, 2018
Very Hard
15km return
10 hrs
As last commenter noted, the trailhead has been moved. It is now just at the bottom of the hill on the gravel road after passing the Yellowpinch lookout turnoff / pedestrian gate. Well signed, you won't miss it. Added a picture showing this and also updated the description.

Difficult but rewarding climb as usual. Got really lucky and had amazing weather the entire weekend so had both a gorgeous sunset and an amazing sunrise from the summit, camped down in Rum Jungle.

It has also been noted that there has been trail markers added to the SE Ridge and Peasants/South Ridge routes. IMO these are oddly placed in some cases, almost to the point that they can cause confusion. Seem to be focused on helping ascending hikers, without any markers for those descending. Just keep an eye out coming down; there are plenty of opportunities to go down semi-trodden alternate tracks which aren't as safe or easy to follow.
Northbrook Mtn bush camp walk (D'Aguilar National Park)
20 Jan, 2018
4.5 hrs
Not the most interesting of hikes on the way to/from the mountain/campsite, but the destination itself more than makes up for that. As described, the walk is along a fire trail maintained for vehicular access so very easy to follow etc. Prepare to feel the burn walking up the hill on the second half of the walk, in both directions. Northbrook Mountain and the campsite nearby are stunning, with particularly beautiful views available on the summit. Will definitely be visiting again!
Cascades Circuit (Main Range National Park)
31 Dec, 2017
9km return
4 hrs
Completed this while camping in Goomburra for NYE. Pleasant track with enough inclines to get the heart pumping. Forgot to start my GPS and began to worry when a storm rolled in but the nature of the trails in this section means it's almost impossible to take a wrong turn to get lost. Saw a few blind snakes and what may've been an eastern brown, so keep your eyes peeled. Couple of mint swimming spots if it's warm, which we made good use of!
Warrie Circuit (Springbrook National Park)
30 Dec, 2017
17km return
5 hrs
Really nice walk. Followed suggestion of others and walked it counter-clockwise, starting from Tallanbana Picnic Area at around 8am. Completed the walk in 4.5 hours with a group of inexperienced hikers, taking plenty of pitstops along the way. Strangely ViewRanger has it recorded as 13.5km (??). Lovely, lovely waterfalls and some very enticing looking swimming holes after passing "The Meeting of the Waters" at around half way so I'll be going back in to check those out another time. Saw several snakes; a large red-belly black and a couple of smaller browns. Definitely keep your eyes open - I resorted to carrying a stick and tapping the ground in front of us in sections where the track was narrow or more overgrown. I've never heard cicadas as loud as they were in this section of the rainforest; they were pulsating.
Toolona Creek and Mount Wanungra (Lamington National Park)
4 Nov, 2017
6 hrs
Beautiful walk! Absolutely loved the section along the creek..... many waterfalls, I think my favourite was Chalahn Falls. Great swimming spots dotted along the trail. I plan on doing it again soon as the return section from Wanungara along the Border Track was stunning but we unfortunately had heavy cloud cover so we missed what I imagine would be some amazing views from up high. Clearly defined paths the whole way; just look for the markers on the other side of the creek crossings and it's basically impossible to get lost. Did it in 6.5hrs with loads of stoppages on the outbound and a rather swift return.