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Walks in New South Wales

2 km return
1 hr

Allyn River Rainforest Trail

A rain forest walk through blue gums and strangler figs with epiphytes and ferns in Allyn River Forest Park just south of Mt Allyn in Barrington Tops National Park.

2.2 km return
1 hr

America Bay

A short walk with a great range of scenery, making it a great choice if you have only a short time in this National Park. This track one of two ways to access America Bay - the other is by boat. The track cuts straight through the bush from West Head Rd to pass historic Aboriginal engravings and a large cliff with a small waterfall, which also gives an impressive view of the bay. The well-formed track stops at a lookout over America Bay; there is a rough track down to the water.

72 km return
2 days

Angourie to Illaroo

This was my first solo walk, under the strick instructions of my family i was to make sure i didnt do something too hard if i was going to be doing this myself... I really enjoyed this, as there was not much water supplies i ahd to carry alot of water making my full pack about 17kgs. I did plan to do this walk in 4 days. Angoruie to Brooms head, Brooms head to illaroo and then back, however as i was by myself i powered through and did 36km each day, silly me got huge blisters and had to turn back in the morning otherwise i wouldve kept going.

Great beach walk, nice and easy.

2.5 km return
90 mins

Antarctic Beech Track

A loop track that passes through large stands of Antarctic Beech and fern filled gullies.

500 m return
15 mins

Anvil Rock

A nice walk if you are in the area, and worth doing before Pulpit Rock lookout. This walk is not as busy as many of the other lookout walks in the area. The view across the valley is fantastic. The lookout makes a great place for a picnic lunch, and the lack of crowds makes it that much more attractive

2.6 km return
1 hr

Arakwal NP Circuit

Arakwal blends the convenience of Byron Bay with the appeal of a secluded beach retreat, offering birdwatching, whale watching, swimming, fishing, and picnicking.

11 km return
3.5 hrs

Bairne Track to The Basin Circuit

Nice walk along ridge tops to secluded beaches, an enticing lagoon and detailed indigenous engravings. Can be done as a return walk to a really nice lookout near the end of the Bairne Track, or combined with the The Basin track to form a circuit (using a ferry to connect the two walks)

6 km return
2.5 hrs

Bald Rock National Park-Tenterfield NSW

After climbing the Pyramids at Girraween NP last year we were aiming for climbing Bald Rock as we were back in the Granite Belt area. We followed advise from Trip Advisor contributors and climbed the steep part first; then we did the Summit and after that the bush walk down. It was so enjoyable! And funny enough; it was easier than the Pyramids while I had expected it to be the other way around. We are 64 and 69 years old and if we can do it anyone can do it! I've got fibro-myalgia but keep pushing myself so I can still enjoy life. I'll pay the price afterwards. :-)

Very Easy
1 km return
40 mins

Balls Head Reserve

This is a series of small walks combined. Great views of the harbour. Several picnic areas, dedication plaques, foreshore caves and historic flagpole. The flagpole is situated 300ft above sea level, marking the highest point west of the Harbour Bridge. In early settlement times it was used as means of communication with Government House.

4 km one-way
1 hr

Balmoral to The Spit Bridge

Balmoral to The Spit Bridge