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South Australia covering some of the most arid parts of the country.

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Quite a few of the national parks in South Australia have entry fees.

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Walks in South Australia

2.4 km return
3 hrs

Devil's Peak Trail

This climb is an awesome one, when you get to the top, you get an awesome view especially at sun set!

The Devil’s Peak trail is a moderately difficult bushwalk becoming increasingly strenuous towards the summit, where some scrambling over rocks is required. Allow 1.5 to 3 hours to complete this walk.
From the summit you will be rewarded with extensive panoramic views of Quorn, the Southern Flinders Ranges, the Horseshoe Range, Pichi Richi Pass, Port August, Upper Spencer Gulf and beyond to Wilpena Pound.
Devil’s Peak is 697m high, and along this walk you may observe many good examples of “faulting”, discover fossil impressions of ancient lifeforms, and see a variety of native fauna and flora.

5.3 km return

Lobethal Bushland Park - Purple Trail

The purple trail is the longest walk in Lobethal Bushland Park and parses both the lower and upper dams. The walk is scattered with gums showing signs of regrowth after bushfires in 2020. This walk is a good way to see all the park has to offer. The purple trail has an optional extension which ads approximately 1km to the journey. This extension is included in the measurements and maps provided.

2.9 km return
90 mins

Mount Schank

Your chance to enter the centre of Mount Schank, the youngest volcano in Australia (5,000 years old) and now a 100m high dormant volcano, with a basic ash cone and base that does not extend below the water table, so there is no crater lake.


Mt Woodroffe

The tallest mountain in South Australia. Deep in the remote outback, but on APY lands so permit required. Diversetravel run an annual tour in May. No marked track, spinifex and remoteness make this a challenge.

4.2 km one-way
90 mins

Robe Coastal Trail

An interesting cliff line walk out around Cape Dombey and back to town via the Marina.

2.1 km return
1 hr

The Breakaways

Kanku – Breakaways Conservation Park consists of colourful low hills which have broken away from the Stuart Range, hence their name ‘The Breakaways.’ The two lookouts highlight the open spaces and colourful environment, leaving an impression of the long gone inland sea that our early explorers dreamt of. As the day goes by, the passing of the sun changes the desert colours, creating photogenic scenes that appear surreal.

Note that currently there are no tracks in the park and as it is a registered Aboriginal Heritage Site climbing the hills is a breach of the Aboriginal Heritage Act.

400 m return
30 mins

Discovery Walk

This short walk, just below the summit of Mount Lofty and Flinders Column, provides fantastic views of Adelaide below and an idea of the habitat here claimed by the local Bandicoots.

5 km return
2 hrs

Royston Head Hike

Walk to a coastal lookout

2.2 km return
1 hr

Cape du Couedic Hike

Departing from Cape du Couedic Lighthouse, this hike provides spectacular coastal cliff top views as it meanders between the Lighthouse and Admirals Arch. Discover the varied and impressive techniques that plants use to grow here. Find out about Aboriginal connections with Cape du Couedic and how they survived in this harsh environment. Contemplate the drama of being shipwrecked here 110 years ago. Look for the water pool built by the lighthouse builders and watch for those who still use it today.

1.2 km return
45 mins

Remarkable Rocks

A standout structure teetering on a barren granite monolith at the cliff's edge. Sculptures by wind, rain and sea stray over 500 million of years and would not look out of place in an art gallery.