We all know Australia is the place for bushwalking... New Zealand has some good tracks too... but surprisingly the rest of the world has some places worth visiting too! (imaging that!)

This is the place to share walks from outside of Australia/New Zealand.

Popular Walks

Walks in Overseas

25 km return
5 hrs

along the banks of the l'Hers river from Belesta and over the hills back to Belesta

This is a 25 km circuit walk that takes you along the banks of a lovely river for 7 kms and then up onto a valley between two ridges, giving wonderful views of snow capped mountains(season dependent), before coming back down to Belesta.

6 km return
2 hrs

Arches National Park

Several hikes here but the most popular is to " Delicate Arch " quite easy walk and worth the hike ( and others ) when in Utah.

3.7 km return
3 hrs

Ben A'an

Ben A'an is one of the most popular amongst Scotland's smaller hills.

Known as a mountain in miniature, the views from it in the middle of the Trossachs are wonderful.

5 km return
90 mins

Bracklinn Falls, Callander, Scotland

A loop walk past the idyllic Bracklinn Falls, a popular local picturesque spot and after crossing over the bridge the route climbs through forestry before descending to the quiet upper glen, with a return by minor road past the wishing well.

7 km one-way
2 hrs

Bray to Greystones Coast Walk

This coastal walk is situated in County Wicklow, Ireland. Abundance numbers of birdlife and plant/flowers. Coastal views are spectacular. An easy walk but some climbing, the Dart train is available at the end of the walk for return. No permits or maps required.

5 km return
2 hrs

Bryce Canyon National Park

Several hikes in this park to from Medium to Hard. All provide stunning scenery. The most popular is the Navajo Trail , does go zig zag down and is a loop so goes back up again and some level of fitness is required but worth the hike.

11 km one-way
3 hrs

Cape Armitage Loop, McMurdo Station/Scott Base, Antarctica

From McMurdo Station walk along road to Scott Base and then out onto the sea-ice and return to McMurdo Station. Once again, just sharing this walk that I did whilst working in Antarctica. I know that it is not accessible to everyone.


caranca gorge

This is an excellent walk up caranca gorge In the French Pyrenees, eventually leading unto Spain if you choose. There is a refuge near the highest point which is a good spot to stay whether returning to your start or continuing into Spain. Lots of scary cliff hugging path carved out of the mountain side and a of walk ways hanging above the river. Eventually you emerge onto Alpine pasture and forest.

8 km return
2.5 hrs

Castle Rock Loop, McMurdo Station, Antarctica

I worked for the Australian Antarctic Division in 2009/10 and undertook this walk whilst transiting through the US base, McMurdo Station, on route to Casey Station. We were not given permission to do the full loop and walked half way and returned. I just wanted to share although I know that it is not accessible to everyone.

Very Hard
312 km one-way
14 days

Coast to Coast - United Kingdon

A 17 - 20 day walk, broken at with overnights at quaint English villages, and a couple of bigger towns. Average day is 20ks, and starts in St Bees on the West Coast and finishes in Robin Hoods Bay in the East, cover three national parks. Some days are very long and challenging, some quiet easy. Beautiful scenery. Some navigational skills are helpful, but there are some good guide books available. The trail is not well marked, but quite popular in summer months, recommend a good level of fitness and some back to back long hike training.