We all know Australia is the place for bushwalking... New Zealand has some good tracks too... but surprisingly the rest of the world has some places worth visiting too! (imaging that!)

This is the place to share walks from outside of Australia/New Zealand.

Popular Walks

Walks in Albania

480 km one-way
28 days

Via Egnatia

This a walk that follows, where possible, the ancient roman road, the Via Egnatia, from Durres in Albania to Thessaloniki in Greece. I only walked sections, in Albania and Northern Macedonia. The highlights of the walk are spending several days walking on the remains of the Roman road, which are well preserved in one mountainous section of the walk, walking along the shores of Lake Ohrid and walking over the mountains from Ohrid to Resen.

Walks in Antarctica

11 km one-way
3 hrs

Cape Armitage Loop

From McMurdo Station walk along road to Scott Base and then out onto the sea-ice and return to McMurdo Station. Once again, just sharing this walk that I did whilst working in Antarctica. I know that it is not accessible to everyone.

8 km return
2.5 hrs

Castle Rock Loop

I worked for the Australian Antarctic Division in 2009/10 and undertook this walk whilst transiting through the US base, McMurdo Station, on route to Casey Station. We were not given permission to do the full loop and walked half way and returned. I just wanted to share although I know that it is not accessible to everyone.

Very Hard
12 km return
6 hrs

Cerro Bridges


18.5 km return
7 hrs

Cerro Cinco Hermanos and Cerro Cloche

Iconic mountain. Hiked to the furthest south 'Hermano', looks like you will need climbing gear to get up some of the others

6 km return
3 hrs

Cerro Cortez

Short but steep hike with amazing views over Ushuaia and the backside towards the north.

4 km one-way
90 mins

Cerro de Los Loros

Walk behind Ushuaia that goes through the local forest, following the winter cross-country ski tracks

12 km return
4 hrs

Cerro del Medio

A beautiful walk that is popular with the locals. Lots of different vegetation. Short and possible to walk from the port or town

17 km return
6 hrs

Cerro Dos Banderas

Nice walk with a great view from the top

16 km return
7 hrs

Cerro Esfinge

Incredible walk with amazing views of the coastline, many mountains and alpine lakes.