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Walks in France

10 km return
4 hrs

Calanque of Port-Miou, Port-Pin & En-Vau

A stunning walk in the Calanques National Park from Cassis which takes in three Calanques.


Caranca Gorge

This is an excellent walk up Caranca Gorge In the French Pyrenees, eventually leading unto Spain if you choose. There is a refuge near the highest point which is a good spot to stay whether returning to your start or continuing into Spain. Lots of scary cliff hugging path carved out of the mountain side and a of walk ways hanging above the river. Eventually you emerge onto Alpine pasture and forest.

30 km return
3 days

Col des tents via Breche de Roland and Orlu National Park circuit

This is an excellent, but slightly difficult 3 day circuit walk in the high Pyrenees. It takes in the imposing Breche de Roland, stunning and desolate high mountain scenery and wonderful canyon scenery in the Orlu canyon in Spain.

5 km return
2 hrs

Domain of Chantilly

A wander around the Château de Chantilly estate where there is much to see from the Château de Chantilly itself to the many out buildings and water features as well as a kangaroo enclosure.

16 km return
4 hrs

Forests de Belesta

A circuit walk through the extensive plantation forests above the village of Belesta, Ariege, France. Lots of climbing, strolling through forest, birdsong and half abandoned hamlets.

4.5 km return
75 mins

Gorges de Pereille

This is a walk of two halves in the Gorges de Pereille, just outside Lavelanet, Ariege, France. To begin you follow a well formed track which is the old access road for a mine in the gorge. The return journey is along the other bank of the river which flows through the gorge, and involves following animal tracks and some scrambling up steep sides of the gorge.

4.5 km return
3 hrs

Le Mont Aigu & La Bombarde

A walk in Fontainebleau Forest to Le Mont Aigu (123m) and then across to La Bombarde.

25 km return
5 hrs

L'Hers river from Belesta and over the hills to Belesta

This is a 25 km circuit walk that takes you along the banks of a lovely river for 7 kms and then up onto a valley between two ridges, giving wonderful views of snow capped mountains(season dependent), before coming back down to Belesta.

6.8 km return
4 hrs

Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel a UNESCO world heritage site and starting point or end point of many GR trails and caminos. This abbey rests high on a tidal island surrounded by mud flats in Mont Saint-Michel bay.

2.5 km return
1 hr

Omaha Beach Circuit

A short circuit around the historic Omaha Beach with the option to visit the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial. This walk lies outside the paid memorial and instead focuses on widerstandsnest 62, the monument of the 1st U.S. infantry division and the beach itself with the combat medics memorial.