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3.1 km return
1 hr

Akechi Castle 明智城 (Gifu Prefecture)

Akechi Castle is located in Akechi-cho in Ena Gifu Prefecture. Akechi is the supposed birthplace of the famed Akechi Mitsuhide. The castle at Akechi is ruins and there isn't anything remaining. There are sign posts along the way with information in both English and Japanese that explain the history of the castle and surrounding area of Akechi. From the castle ruins you get a nice view of Akechi primary and Akechi middle school.

1.5 km return
30 mins

Akechi Castle 明智城跡 (Gifu Prefecture) KANI

A short hike up to Akechi Castle in in Kani city. Not to be confused with Akechi Castle in Akechi.

12.6 km return
6 hrs

Arashimadake 荒島岳 (Fukui Prefecture)

Arashimadake is one of the 100 famous mountains of Japan. It is a long hike that takes you through luscious forest and provides sweeping 360 views over the surrounding mountains and Mount Hakusan.

12 km return
4 hrs

Atera Gorge (Nojiri, Nagano Prefecture)

Atera Gorge is known for the clarity and emerald coloring of its waters. The trail along the river offers several scenic lookouts, deep rockpools and old bridges from previous logging times. Further up into the gorge (car park area, toilet) is a signed and graded circuit walk with two suspension bridges across the river. The trailhead is 10 min from JR Nojiri station and 10 min from Atera Fore Spa Onsen (public access to the onsen).

4 km return
1 hr

Azuchi Castle 安土城 (Shiga Prefecture)

Azuchi Castle was one of the most important castles in Japanese history. It has since been destroyed and all that is left are some walls. But the hike around the mountain and the attached museum and shrine are more than worth visiting. As you hike up and around the mountain, you can learn about Oda Nobunaga, one of the greatest warlords in all of Japanese history.

6.8 km return
3 hrs

Byoubuzan 屛風山 (Gifu Prefecture)

Byoubuzan is situated in Mizunami. On the walk you can see great waterfalls and stunning views of rural Japan.

Very Easy
2 km return
30 mins

Cape Irozaki Lighthouse Track 石廊崎 (Shizuoka Prefecture)

Cape Irozaki is part of the Fuji-Izu-Hakone national park and has some of the best views of the Izu coast. It is the most southern point of the Izu Peninsula.

10 km return
3 hrs

Chiiwakyo 乳岩峡 (Aichi Prefecture)

Chiiwakyo is one of the coolest natural places in Aichi Prefecture. The hike takes you past some waterfalls, forest and caves. It's kind of way out in the sticks, but worth it.

3.3 km return
2 hrs

Daisekirinzan Yanbaru National Park 大石林山 やんばる国立公園  (Okinawa Prefecture)

Located in the Yanbaru National Park World Heritage Site, Daisekirinzan has some of the most breathtaking scenery in Okinawa. It has jagged volcanic rocks jutting out of the ground, forming interesting natural shapes. Daisekirinzan is also home to many rare and endangered animals endemic to Okinawa such as the Okinawan Rail and the Okinawan rat. Daisekirinzan is worth the trip, it feels like stepping back in time to the age of the dinosaurs.

The Ryukyu Royal Family also used to come here to pray. It is a very special place, both naturally, historically and religiously.

4.5 km return
1 hr

Dogashima Loop + Tombolo Land Bridge 堂ヶ島 (Shizuoka Prefecture)

Dogashima is one of the most famous area on the Izu Peninsula and part of the Fuji-Izu-Hakone national park. Dogashima has interesting rock formations and if the weather is good you can take a boat into the sea cave. It is also home to a land bridge that appears during low-tide which is pretty cool.