Daisekirinzan Yanbaru National Park 大石林山 やんばる国立公園  (Okinawa Prefecture)


Located in the Yanbaru National Park World Heritage Site, Daisekirinzan has some of the most breathtaking scenery in Okinawa. It has jagged volcanic rocks jutting out of the ground, forming interesting natural shapes. Daisekirinzan is also home to many rare and endangered animals endemic to Okinawa such as the Okinawan Rail and the Okinawan rat. Daisekirinzan is worth the trip, it feels like stepping back in time to the age of the dinosaurs.

The Ryukyu Royal Family also used to come here to pray. It is a very special place, both naturally, historically and religiously.

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Getting there

To get the trail head, driving is your best bet. Simply follow the main road from Naha, all the way to basically the most northern part of Okinawa Island. There is a free carpark with a lot of spaces. Park there and you will be set. 


It is technically possible to go via bus, but it is very difficult and will take you over four hours. Only use if desperate. 



Route/Trail notes

This post covers four trails, they are all connected and completed together. 

Wheelchair accessible course, Churaumi ocean view course, strange rock course and rainforest walk. 

Once you walk into the park grounds, you will have to take a free bus to the top of the hill where the hike begins. From here, it is a choose your own adventure. I recommend doing the hikes in this order: Wheelchair, Churaumi, Strange rock, Rainforest. 

If you finish with rainforest, it will take you back to where the bus picked you up at the gift shop. 

There is not much to say about the routes. They are very easy to follow. Just look at the signs. There is only one path and it is basically impossible to get lost. 


There is a fee for entering the park, it is about 1000 yen for an adult. 


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