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Very Hard
40 km one-way
2 days

Monastery Hike

This is a very challenging two day walk in the mountains of the Eastern Desert in Egypt. It runs between the two monasteries of saints Anthony and Paul and is a very ancient path. This hike is difficult and dangerous and should only be attempted by experienced, confident hikers.

19 km return
9 hrs

Mt Catherine

A long challenging day walk to the highest mountain in all of Egypt.

11 km return
4 hrs

Mt Sinai

A walk to the top of probably the most religiously significant mountain in the world - the mountain where according to the Bible Moses received the 10 commandments.

5 km return
5 hrs

The Giza Necropolis

The Giza pyramid complex is 16,203 hectares and will require at least 5kms of walking to see all it has to offer.