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Daves Creek Circuit

Returned to Binna Burra this weekend to stay in the campground and decided to do this walk again to show off the views from Surprise Rock, started the walk just on lunch time, had lunch at mooloongee cave and was back by beer o'clock to have a shower and sit around the campfire.

Walkinghawk on 13 Oct, 2012

Spicer's peak

Returned to Spices peak today with a new team, it was hot, dusty and dry, the walk seem to take it out of me today, and just below the last section to the summit cliffs i had problems and had to continue almost one legged to the summit, this was a great accomplishment but the though of the return journey not being able to put too much pressure on my left leg was daunting....after having lunch we decided to decend, it was slow going for myself but i made it back to the carpark coverd in dirt, ash, and a limp.......later we found a few ticks attached to us to our horror..... but nothing a shower and a few beers cant fix..

Walkinghawk on 22 Sep, 2012

Albert River Circuit

Well worth the effort!.Rewarded by great views and waterfalls..Completed this walk clockwise, commenced the walk around 11:00am and got to Echo point around 2:00pm set up camp at the second campsite 160 m down from the Echo Point lookout, spent the afternoon taking in the views of NSW and the coastline, that night did a walk out to the lookout to see the lights of Murwillumbah, Potsville and the lights along the coast, the next morning got up early to see the sunrise but the horizon was covered in clouds. After having breakfast and packing up, we walked back out passing the numerous waterfalls to the border track. Met another group out there who were heading to rat a tat hut, they invited us to go with them next time perhaps...

Walkinghawk on 15 Sep, 2012

Daves Creek Circuit

Started this walk about midday the air is chilly up here and there is a slight breeze. This walk has a bit of everything and enjoyed all it has to offer, had lunch at molongolee cave then continued on to Numinbah lookout, then on up to the volcanic dyke known as Surprise Rock...great views of the coast are to be had from here, surfers paradise, stradbroke, and views of nsw's,...spent a fair bit of time up here and explored the track to the end where you can climb down the tree to continue the walk...The rest of this walk was completed in the fading light as we exited the rainforest just on 5:30pm or so....

Walkinghawk on 1 Sep, 2012

Mt Greville

Enjoyed this walk today with Worldwalker and our small team.....I can't remember the gorge taking so long....Today is the beggining of tick season I declare, 1 tick was found on me and i seem to attract these creatures...I think from now we stick to rainforest tracks...I would rather leeches anyday over ticks...as worldwalker said we decended via south east ridge and took in the views, breathed in a bit of dust and slid all the way to the bottom on the scree covered track..

Walkinghawk on 26 Aug, 2012

Mt Maroon

Had a great walk up Cotswold track today, it was a warm day and the track was really dusty due to the dry weather we have had. Had lunch on top and enjoyed the views for about an hour.

Walkinghawk on 19 Aug, 2012

Mt Ngungun

Great short walk/scramble, enjoyed the small cave in the gully, great day on top the weather was just perfect. It was quiet busy on the summit with a big group of abseilers and people out enjoying the sun, explored the heath to the west out to the cliff edge then walked north around through the Heath to the small cliff line of the highest point and ascended the track to the right of this to reach the peak, layed on the sun for about 45 minutes them headed back down.

Walkinghawk on 11 Aug, 2012

Mount Edwards

Jacked up on cold and flu tablets and not wanting to be bored at home decided to this walk today, great view of Mt Greville across the dam, enjoyed the walk across the dam wall, then the walk begins not to bad compared to the other peaks and mountains in the area, but even thought it was cool and breezy I was sweating like crazy this wasn't good particularly when your sick, got to the top of Mt Edwards and quickly took my soaking wet shirt of and rugged up in two fleeces as it was cold and windy on top, spent about an hour and half up the top exploring and chasing the sun to find I spot to sit, had lunch and drank the remainde of my water, hmmm I was quiet slack today and didn't fill the Camelbak and only had 750ml for the entire walk..but really that was all I needed, and enjoyed not having to carry the extra weight, but I can see in summer and warmer months you would need a little bit more then that, anyway I hope today doesn't make me any sicker then I am hopefully the fresh air and the sweating was good for me. One more peak down and a few more to go....

Walkinghawk on 21 Jul, 2012

Spicer's peak

What a great day for a walk....fairly windy today and there's a chill in the air, walked up from governors chair along the cliff ... Then found the main track, continued onward and upward, gets steep in parts and the loose dirt under foot makes it a little harder, there is a few scrambles nothing to difficult, loved walking through the tussocks of grass and the grass trees as I was nearing the summit cliff, at this point I was by myself as the rest of the party didn't continue with me, it's kinda eerie up here by yourself cause it's so quiet and the wind had stilled, I continued on towards the cliffs, and found the track the follows the cliffs to the right and made my way up thought the forest via the loose dirt track that cuts through towards the top, then followed the trail to the summit and the cairn of rocks, there's a good view through the trees looking out to the east..the return journey was quiet fast and met another group heading towards the summit on the way down.... Glad I continued on today and reached the peak...met up with the others half way down....this is one of the better walks I've done in this area, enjoyed every moment of it..

Walkinghawk on 23 Jun, 2012

Morans Falls

As per Worldwalkers comments, except today I fell in the creek up stream from the falls and had to continue the remaining km's with wet cold feet..

Walkinghawk on 16 Jun, 2012
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