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Mt Maroon

Anzac day walk up Maroon, few people out today walking and a couple of people out climbing, nice day on top laying in the sun having lunch and great conversations with others who we were sharing the view with.

Walkinghawk on 25 Apr, 2015

Toolona Creek and Mount Wanungra

Very wet walk today out on the tracks negotiating the creek crossings trying to prevent water flowing into my boots, you've got to love gortex :) got almost eaten alive by leeches, this was the worst I've ever experienced. Made it out just on 6pm after slogging it out along the border track in wet soggy socks after slipping in on the last water crossing.

Walkinghawk on 3 Apr, 2015

Upper Portals

Commenced the walk from Mt May camping area so this meant being tortured by lugging our packs all the way up the 4x track to the Cleared Ridge car park, from here we made our way to Cleared Ridge where we layer on the green grass in the afternoon sun taking in views of Mt May and Mt Maroon then making out way down to Yamahra Creek camp site where we spent the night, explored the upper portals and further down stream by finding the by pass track so we didn't have to get our feet wet, next time we will do the walk through to lower portals... the return trip went back the way that road was hard on the knees and slippery under feet while having a full pack on your back...must of slid at least a dozen times..lol....and slipped over once...but after saying that was a incredibly rewarding experience.. :-)

Walkinghawk on 8 Jun, 2014

Mt Maroon

Spent the night at Barney Lodge Camp ground, and drove around in the morning, today we are getting my brother to the top, did this a little slower today, so it felt really like a walk in the park after doing it last month..hmm i think my fitness is increasing.....had a fantastic day on top and spent our time eating lunch and taking in the views, met a couple form Byron Bay who are quiet avid walkers, enlightened them on a few other peaks and walks they may like to consider doing for their next adventure in the outdoors.

Walkinghawk on 5 May, 2014

Mt Maroon

ascended via Cotswold track today in just under 1hr 30min, it was lunch time so it was a very hot walk, spent 30min on top then descended. as mentioned by others I noticed the new boot sprayer to kill any pathogens or fungi you may carry in...

Walkinghawk on 21 Apr, 2014

Double Island Point Light House

Short walk up from the beach to take in excellent views of the coastline

Walkinghawk on 22 Dec, 2013

Somerset Trail

Great views of Somerset dam to be seen from the top, excellent picnic area at the Gantry Day use area....

Walkinghawk on 3 Aug, 2013

Everest Base Camp

Epic walk, spectacular scenery, and friendly people

Walkinghawk on 11 Apr, 2013

Mount Barney(East Peak)

Walked up via peasents ridge and spent the night in rum jungle after summiting the views from the summit were spectacular today as a storm was brewing and swirls of black cloud was coming up from below us.......walked out the next morning. Quite challenging with a heavy pack and it was hot dam hot! the humdity was up a little too...

Walkinghawk on 8 Dec, 2012

Caves Circuit

Have done this walk a few times over the years and its the driest I have seen it, but that just could be the time of year it is. The main point of interest is the Kweebani Caves, which were created by wind and rain erosion and were used for shelter and cooking. The track passes through these caves

Walkinghawk on 14 Oct, 2012
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