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Table Top Circuit

Started early in the morning, few other walkers, but overall pretty quiet. Took 1hr 15min with a few breathers and to enjoy the views.

TJ on 14 Dec, 2017

Table Top Circuit

Short walk, some serious scrambling/rocky ground, so good shoes are a must. Great views from the top.

TJ on 26 Aug, 2017

Lake Manchester loop

Did the loop clockwise, some hard/steep inclines and declines for the first third. The cabin is easy to spot and a great place to take a rest. Blue Gum campground is also lovely. Started the walk at 10am and took 4hrs. Was very warm for most of the walk with patchy shade.

TJ on 22 Aug, 2017

Mount Edwards

Started at midday, not a good idea. Was very hot with little breeze and patchy shade.
Easy to follow track, fair amount of loose rocks, so good shoes are a must. It's a constant climb, so a moderate level of fitness is needed.
I recommend insect repellent; mosquito's, sandflies and god knows what else gave it a good go, even biting through my shirt once I'd lathered on some deet.
Shared the track with a monitor lizard for a while, which was amazing.
Took 1.5hrs up and 1hr down and if I'm honest, while it was a good walk, given how long it took, I'd rather do Mt Mitchell again.

TJ on 13 Aug, 2017

Mt Mitchell

Fun walk, took 2.5hrs with a few decent breaks.
Didn't notice the pic with the warning about stinging nettles until I got home - they're still there. Not too many, but enough that both walkers had a run in with them.

TJ on 12 Aug, 2017

Pine Hill

Black trail is just a road following the ridge back to the carpark. Easy way to finish the walk, but a little boring; some good views though from the top.

TJ on 10 Aug, 2017

Goolman Lookout via Rocky Knoll

Went up via Goolman, came down via Rocky Knoll. Couldn't see any signage saying which way to go, so followed below comment, which was very easy. If in doubt, at the T follow signs to THT (if memory serves). There's 2 at the intersection, then just some more arrows further along a very easy to follow path.

TJ on 9 Aug, 2017

Gamlen Circuit

Nice short walk, bit of an incline, but not challenging.

TJ on 9 Aug, 2017

Rocky Knoll Lookout

Not much of a lookout from the top, I had a better view from the bottom actually because there were gaps to see through the trees. Nice walk, decent amount of shade even in the afternoon.

TJ on 9 Aug, 2017

Goolman Lookout

Very steep for me (low level of fitness), but quick enough. Good views, bit hazy due to back burning, but still a nice little hike.

TJ on 9 Aug, 2017
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