Warrie Circuit

Springbrook National Park

Beautiful walk through the valley. Pass and go through lots of waterfalls and rainforest.

Picnic Facilities
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there

Exit 79 on the Pacific Motorway. Follow Springbrook Road about 27 kms up the plateau. Turn left at a sign that says "Canyon lookout 0.2". Park at the Canyon lookout.



Route/Trail notes

From the Canyon lookout turn right and follow the path. The path is extremely well signed and marked. There are a few turnoffs for the 4km Twin Falls circuit, but stay right. It's virtually impossible to get lost. The first few kilometres head downhill past a few beautiful waterfalls. After while you lose altitude into the rainforest. A few switch backs downhill and you end up at the half way point, where all the creeks meet. Beautiful place to stop for lunch.

The walk back up hill isn't steep with lots of switch backs. At one stage near the top you get near another waterfall. There's a sign pointing to the Twin Falls circuit, but turn right and walk behind the waterfall. Best part of the trek! Follow the climb back up and walk along the ridge back to the car, checking out views all the way to Surfers Paradise.



Other References

Take a Walk in South-East Queensland, p168, ISBN 9780957793170


Absolutely stunning and much easier than expected

MandaPanda on 17 Jul, 2018

Awesome walk - such a sense of adventure! Climbing over fallen logs, rocky ledges, and going behind some epic waterfalls! Camera is a MUST. Note no toilets at the start of the walk - you'll have to go to one of the cafes nearby.

nboth1 on 14 Jul, 2018

Great walk. Definitely does not feel like 17km - even with an accidental 3/4 of the Twin Falls Circuit done on top of it. Completed counter-clockwise in less than 5.5hrs with a couple of decent breaks. Meeting of the Waters was definitely a highlight! No wildlife today, sadly.

jeabou on 8 Jul, 2018

This is a bit of a South East Queensland classic walk! It really doesn't feel like 17km - there is so much to see along the way, the entertainment value is brilliant and inspiring. Many incredible waterfalls and rivers, so it's a superb walk to do in the wet. Can't rate this highly enough. Note that it's down down down all the way, then up up up all the way, so keep a little energy in the tank for the return half of the voyage!

Bush Talker on 13 May, 2018

A truly awesome walk after rain when all the falls are flowing well, the meeting of the waters is brilliant, a walk I will do again and again.

jgmansell on 26 Apr, 2018

Stunning walk! Not difficult at all. Gets very busy later in the day so go early! Best done after a decent rain to see the waterfalls in action :)

Sally on 25 Apr, 2018

The 17km hike is the gem of the Springbrook National Park. A stunning walk through varying forest types deep into the canyon. Starting on the Twin Fall circuit at the Canyon Lookout you wind your way down into the valley through peaceful ancient forest. At the half way point you are treated to a secluded gem – Meeting Waters. This is where the creeks and water from the various falls merge and is an ideal spot for a picnic. There is an abundance of wildlife and the bird song follows you all the way. The track can be muddy in places and you will have to scramble over some rocks in places. Take care and wear proper hiking boots.
Take enough provisions and energy foods for a 5-6 hour walk some of which can be strenuous. This is an amazing hike for reasonably fit explorers, don’t forget a camera and some binoculars

Allan Thornhill on 16 Apr, 2018

Really awwesome walk. Great scenery. A few leeches. At the end cooled off with a swim at twin falls

Team Urech on 17 Mar, 2018

Exquisite scenery and vegetation with abundant wildlife and some great bird watching for some of the rain forest species. Fairly easy walk with good swimming. Some truly wonderful plants along the upper reaches. Can be done on a very sunny hot day as you are well within the cover of the forest canopy. If you don't want to drive back home afterwards there is a really nice B&B called Rosellas right at the car park.

T&B on Mar, 2018

Easy, picturesque trail perfect for a hot, humid day. Lots of beautiful waterfalls to play in along the way :)

Lia Skye on 31 Jan, 2018

The four of us completed the circuit counterclockwise (as the ascent is steeper but a few kilometres shorter) in 3hrs 15mins. Easy to manage and well maintained trail but needed to stop a couple of times on the way back up the valley for a breather.

Watch out for snakes and lizards (among other wildlife) as we saw them frequently along the trail!

Jess on 27 Jan, 2018

Great walk on a hot day with a swim

drewmac on 13 Jan, 2018

Beautiful scenery and multiple waterfalls! Easy hike, just long. But with food breaks and always looking for those photo opportunities you don’t realise how long the trek is and it’s a well padded path of beautiful greenery and cascading water.

Certainly a photographers dream spot.

moniqueunique on 10 Jan, 2018

Spectacular, 17kms and waterfalls or feature all along the track. Best hike I've done so far in Australia.

Nigel Patterson on 6 Jan, 2018

Spectacular, waterfalls and features all along the track, best hike I've done so far in Australia.

Nigel Patterson on 6 Jan, 2018

Really nice walk. Followed suggestion of others and walked it counter-clockwise, starting from Tallanbana Picnic Area at around 8am. Completed the walk in 4.5 hours with a group of inexperienced hikers, taking plenty of pitstops along the way. Strangely ViewRanger has it recorded as 13.5km (??). Lovely, lovely waterfalls and some very enticing looking swimming holes after passing "The Meeting of the Waters" at around half way so I'll be going back in to check those out another time. Saw several snakes; a large red-belly black and a couple of smaller browns. Definitely keep your eyes open - I resorted to carrying a stick and tapping the ground in front of us in sections where the track was narrow or more overgrown. I've never heard cicadas as loud as they were in this section of the rainforest; they were pulsating.

walkingwithtim on 30 Dec, 2017

Great walk even in the wet.
May have been even better in the wet.
Meeting of the waters is the perfect spot to take a break if you start from the Elabana Picnic Area

Watch the vid if you want to see how our walk went https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzHgTtIuMxU

Jaymie Jones on 11 Nov, 2017

Just fantastic. Great for those who love a good photo opportunity. There were so many beautiful spots throughout this walk. We stopped for lunch at 'Meeting of the waters', perfect place to stop for a quick rest.

Nadso on 11 Nov, 2017

The switchbacks are tough. The meeting of the waters is a nice place to have a lunch break.

Jono40 on 29 Oct, 2017

The Warrie circuit is one of the true gems in the gold coast hinterland.
Equal with Coomera, Tooloona, West Canungra and Albert River circuits in Lamington.

Zerpy on 22 Oct, 2017


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