Main Range National Park


Main Range National Park straddles the Great Dividing Range West of Brisbane. The park includes some of the most popular mountain walks in South-East Queensland including the highest mountain in the region, Mt Superbus.

Popular Walks


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Lookouts and rugged landscapes are the highlight of Main Range. Walks range from well marked tracks like Mt Cordeaux and Mt Mitchell to multi-day off track treks down the range.


The large area which Main Range covers means quite a few maps are required to cover the whole area, but most walks will only use 1 or 2 of these. Sunmap 1:25000 sheets which cover the area include Cunninghams Gap, Mt Superbus, Wilsons Peak, Teviot, Mt Clunie, Mt Alford, Glen Rock, Townson, Thornton, Rosevale and Junction View

A 1:50000 sheet - Cunninghams Gap - is also available for the main area with adjoining maps of some use. Forestry maps may also be available.


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3.2 km return
1 hr

Heritage trail

From the Governors Chair car park an interesting self-guiding walk, showing various road construction methods, follows the historic road.

Very Hard
12.4 km
8 hrs

Lincoln Wreck Circuit

A very tough and steep, almost trackless walk to the summit of South-East Queensland's tallest mountain with a stop by the wreck of a plane from 1955.

120 m return
10 mins

Moss's Well

Moss's Well, in tall open forest, is a haven for many species of birds. The well is believed to take its name from Edward Moss, the first road contractor. This was the only water for travellers and their teams making their way over the range. The well water is now unsuitable for drinking.

10 km return
3 hrs

Mount Superbus

It may not provide any views from the summit, but at 1,375m above sea level Mount Superbus is the highest mountain in southern Queensland. By virtue of that fact, it's a must for any local peakbaggers.

14 km return
7 hrs

Mt Bangalore

An off track adventure up a mountain that barley anyone has heard of and even fewer have attempted. Navigation skills are a must, be prepared to spend copious amounts of time in long grass and spider webs.

Very Hard
12 km return
7 hrs

Mt Castle

Mt Castle is situated North of the more iconic Mt Cordeaux along the Great Dividing Range. Though you technically lose elevation making your way from the carpark to the summit don't let this fool you, it is a very long and challenging hike. There are sections of scrambling along exposed cliffs, bush bashing and steep inclines in either direction. That being said, the walk has some of the best views of the Great Dividing Range.

960 m return
30 mins

Mt Castle Lookout

Short track walk to view great view of Mt Castle, Flinders Peak, and even Brisbane on a clear day.

10.2 km
2.5 hrs

Mt Cordeaux

Mt Cordeaux forms the Northern side of Cunningham's Gap. The track ends at a platform just below the main peak and is ideal for viewing South, down the length of Main Range National Park. There are also good views of the Moogerah Peaks, Mt Barney and North to the Mistake Mountains.

6 km return
3 hrs

Mt Doubletop

A quick but challenging walk up to one of the lesser known peaks of the Great Dividing Range with excellent views out to Moogerah and Spicers Peak. The peak is very distinctive with it's double summit, can be seen clearly when driving towards Cunninghams Gap from the East, it sits to the left of Spicers Peak.

Very Hard
12 km return
6 hrs

Mt Huntley

A steep walk up one of the lesser climbed peaks on the Great Dividing Range. Though Mt Huntley is usually tackled when doing the Main Range traverse, this route allows you to directly hit the summit in a single day trip.