A steep climb up the northwestern ridge of Flinders Peak, passing over several crests giving expansive views north to Brisbane on the way up. As it climbs higher, views expand to include the Fassifern Valley and south west to Lamington plateau.

The final segment descends from Little Flinders across a col and ascends again to Flinders Peak. This is the most rugged section of the track and extra caution is required. Rock scrambling skills and strong boots are essential. Views from the peak can be stunning.

Scrambling or Climbing
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there

Commences at Flinders Plum Picnic area.  Take Mount Flinders Road off the Ipswich-Boonah Road near Peak Crossing.


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Route/Trail notes

This is a challenging track with rough surfaces, steep inclines, cliff edges, limited signage and no water sources.

Starting north from a small lookout just above the picnic ground, a wide clear track leads south up the ridge line. After a few hundred metres, the track crosses a fence line and narrows to an obvious footpad and begins to climb steeply. The track is unformed and the ground is loose in places. After a climb of 10 minutes or so, a group of rocks on the east provide the first good views north and a chance to catch breath. After another short climb, an open wooded grassy ridge affords good views through the trees to Brisbane to the north. Two more ascents, with a break for views over the Fassifern, leads to a steep climb up Little Flinders which is progressively more boulder strewn. The track disappears as the ridge flattens out, but there are occasional triangular trail markers leading through the rocks to the peak and views along the Main Range down to Lamington Plateau. Flinders Peak proper can be seen from here, with a steep descent to a col between the peaks and an even steeper ascent on the far side. Picking the way through the rocks all the way takes care and effort, and while only 500 metres as the crow flies careful scrambling takes almost an hour between the two peaks.

Views from the Peak can be had in any direction - take the time up here as that's what you came for! You share the summit with a helipad and a UHF transmitter.



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Being only 40ish minutes from Brisbane, this walk is well worth checking out. It is a reasonable challenge involving some short sections of scrambling and rock hopping along with a steady incline and great views throughout.

The only downside really is the helicopter pad up the top which spoils the serenity a little. Our group took approximately 2 hours up and 1.5ish back though that is a guess. Aside from one 15 odd metre chimney section near the top that is basically vertical (though with plenty of holds), if you take it slow, I feel this would be pretty achievable to most.

The convenience to Brisbane is probably the biggest brownie point as it is a good excuse for a day trip to get away and the picnic area at the base is a good spot to relax afterwards.

In summary: You don't quite feel out in the boonies at the summit but it is a good workout that most could manage with nice views. One for winter as it is fairly open and you'd get baked on a summer's day.

Matty Vee on Aug, 2018

Really fun hike, packs a lot into 3.5km of ascent. Pretty steep, rough and rocky in places, be careful with foot placement on the descent. Some scrambling needed for about 10 meters up two gullies, about 3/4 of the way up. Amazing views on any reasonably clear day. Fitness will really make a big difference in time. I got up and back in 2hr 10 mins, but I overtook people going much more slowly. 4 hours should cover it.

Bishster75 on 17 Jul, 2018

a cardio workout as you trudge up the hill, but has plenty of views to stop and have a breather. Brush tail rock wallabies are everywhere. we had one share the summit and helipad at the top with us

Simon Hutchen on 10 Jul, 2018

Did this today with my 6year old, she loves the scrambling!!

andre on 7 Jul, 2018

I'll start with saying this was a reeeeeally fun walk - not difficult by any stretch but plenty of steeper terrain to hit at a trot if you're after a bit of a cardio. The scree sections were great for a bit of rock-hopping. The scramble/climb just before the summit is about 10(ish) metres and pretty easy to manouvre. Sadly there was a bit of fog hanging around so the views weren't reaching but still pretty spectacular and definitely made up for by the willingness of the birds and roos to hang about in the open. The descent was pretty cruisey. The trail took me just on 2 and a half hours including a snacks and few sets of push-ups at the summit.

Rabzie on 1 Jul, 2018

Love this mountain. Such a great walk so close to Brisbane. Highly recommend this one. Didn't quite make it for sunrise this time, but was well worth carrying the coffee and snack up on this cold morning. Enjoy your adventures.

Dan on 23 Jun, 2018

Great challenging hike with varied terrain. I would have been moderate fitness level when I did this the first time and found it tough but a good challenge. Right when you get sick/bored/tired of one section it changes to a completely different type of terrain. Eg. Quite a lot of consistent incline then bam it’s rock hopping then bam it’s some downhill then bam beautiful look out then bam some incline then bam rock hopping then bam scramble then bam incline and you’ve made it haha! One of my favorite hikes in the Brisbane/greater Brisbane area.

Did it in about he suggested time frame or slightly less from memory :)

B.B. Goes Bush on Jun, 2018

This is a fairly straight forward hike... One foot in front of the other for what seems like FOREVER! Some scrambling involved but you don’t need a lot of experience but some sort of fitness level is definitely beneficial! Awesome views from the summit and the help pad. Beautiful while the sun is starting to go down, just don’t wait too long, it is steep going down.

Natalie on 27 May, 2018

Good little hike. Some challenging sections, but nothing really that difficult. Just under three hours up and back with some decent breaks on the way and at the top.

danielsmith1 on 11 May, 2018

My second time doing this climb and what a personal improvement! 1hr 30 mins to the top 1hr 10mins to the bottom.
Some of the track at the top was a little more washed away than last time but still safe. It seems a lot of the loose rocks have been compacted or removed which definitely allowed for more traction coming down the bottom half.
A great morning out will definitely do it again!!

Juanita on 6 May, 2018

Awesome walk!! Watch the rubble coming down tho, very dusty and slippery. Best done in winter time, as quite exposed to the sun

Sally on 15 Apr, 2018

The edge of Amberley Airspace, most GA pilots will know this mountain well because if you fly on the wrong side of it without a clearance you'll have a rather annoyed air traffic controller to deal with. Finally climbed it and was a good morning out. Took roughly 90 minutes to climb with the first part being more exhausting than the second half. Some very minor scrambling towards the end of the hike but next to no exposure. Would not consider this a difficult climb. View at the top is awesome but somewhat blocked by the Emergency Services radio facility at the summit. Track was easy to follow, no need for GPS or maps. Funnily enough they had some free maps on the tourist board at the bottom though.

Vonsnrub on 13 Apr, 2018

A favourite. 3 hours with breaks as required

SunJunkie on 6 Apr, 2018

This was a tough walk! Very steep the entire way up, so really tested the legs for both myself and my husband. It says 7km, however this must be as the crow flies because our tracker logged 10km (which we weren't expecting).

If you are wanting to go, I recommend to be prepared with more water than you think you need, plenty of snacks and a first aid kit just in case.

We were surprised with just how difficult it was, however our fitness level isn't the greatest.

An enjoyable, if challenging hike!

Took us around 4 hours including an asthma attack and a bunch of breaks ;D

Hiker Emma on 31 Mar, 2018

Fantastic walk with a great variety of terrain, both bush walking and rock hopping / scrambling. Track is well laid out with orange markers and the bbq facilities at the bottom are perfect for a post hike breakfast.

RyanJ on 25 Mar, 2018

Awesome walk. Provided a great challenge for our group. Took 4 hours 20mins return with quite a few stops along the way and at the top.

Exploringonfoot on 18 Mar, 2018

Great view throughout the hike, few rock scrambling made it more fun. Beautiful 360 view from the peak. 2 hr up and 1.5 hr down. Suitable for BBQ after hike.

Mark Aryal on 15 Mar, 2018

Good solid climb to the top with the first quarter of the ascent being the most taxing on the legs. Great views start from approximately 1/2 way up. Rock climb about 1/3 of the way from the summit with good foot/hand holds so shouldn't have too many difficulties. Fantastic views in all directions once at the top!

Steve on 4 Mar, 2018

A challenge for me as it was my first big climb in many many years. Very enjoyable . Was slippery underfoot so highly recommend good quality footwear. Definitely doing this again!

Juanita on 4 Mar, 2018

Great hike. Well defined track. Was tough in parts and slippery when it rained. Recommend going early to avoid the hot sun.

Leith on 25 Nov, 2017


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