A steep climb up the northwestern ridge of Flinders Peak, passing over several crests giving expansive views north to Brisbane on the way up. As it climbs higher, views expand to include the Fassifern Valley and south west to Lamington plateau.

The final segment descends from Little Flinders across a col and ascends again to Flinders Peak. This is the most rugged section of the track and extra caution is required. Rock scrambling skills and strong boots are essential. Views from the peak can be stunning.

Scrambling or Climbing
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there

Commences at Flinders Plum Picnic area.  Take Mount Flinders Road off the Ipswich-Boonah Road near Peak Crossing.


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Route/Trail notes

This is a challenging track with rough surfaces, steep inclines, cliff edges, limited signage and no water sources.

Starting north from a small lookout just above the picnic ground, a wide clear track leads south up the ridge line. After a few hundred metres, the track crosses a fence line and narrows to an obvious footpad and begins to climb steeply. The track is unformed and the ground is loose in places. After a climb of 10 minutes or so, a group of rocks on the east provide the first good views north and a chance to catch breath. After another short climb, an open wooded grassy ridge affords good views through the trees to Brisbane to the north. Two more ascents, with a break for views over the Fassifern, leads to a steep climb up Little Flinders which is progressively more boulder strewn. The track disappears as the ridge flattens out, but there are occasional triangular trail markers leading through the rocks to the peak and views along the Main Range down to Lamington Plateau. Flinders Peak proper can be seen from here, with a steep descent to a col between the peaks and an even steeper ascent on the far side. Picking the way through the rocks all the way takes care and effort, and while only 500 metres as the crow flies careful scrambling takes almost an hour between the two peaks.

Views from the Peak can be had in any direction - take the time up here as that's what you came for! You share the summit with a helipad and a UHF transmitter.



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Would say Medium-Hard, not very hard. Ascent is steep and leg/lung burner but only a physical challenge. Towards the top it flattens out and turns into a boulder-hopping, scramble to the top. Physically pretty tough, technically pretty simple.

Good short duration climb. Great for inexperienced hikers to build confidence on. Very few dangerous, exposed areas.

mjw on 23 Nov, 2018

Went with a group on a longer circuit approaching the peak from the south. It was fun.

Juiced Pixels on 4 Nov, 2018

Was a nice walk

Aaron on 3 Nov, 2018

Another awesome climb!!!!!! Made it up and back in under 2 hours. Very slippery on the way down.

Michael Richards on 27 Oct, 2018

Beautiful mountain.. The hike is hard and its a climb from the get go. The razor back on top can be a bit challenging and it will take about an hour to get across even though the distance is not too much. Only one section involves scrambling and thats towards the top i believe its called the chimney. Views from top are breathtaking. If doing in summer carry water, hats sunscreen etc as it is all exposed on top and no shade at all. Do not do if raining or has rained as the razorback section will be very slippery

Ashwin on 9 Oct, 2018

A really challenging walk! Much steeper than anticipated and a challenge coming down too, but well worth effort for the views.

Mon86 on 16 Sep, 2018

Great hike - nice variation in terrain and incredible views from the top.

Hannah on 9 Sep, 2018

Now that was a good workout! Definitely easier on the way down 🙂

Cath on 1 Sep, 2018

Too much haze to see much but great walk. Will be back another time.

Richard Mason on 1 Sep, 2018

Great walk, pity about smoke haze today . Need a reasonable level of fitness & some agility to scale through the few rock crevices.
A 60 & 67 year old, in company of adult son achieved it in 4.5 hours taking our time. Busy at the weekends, fewer people week days.

Cheryl on 1 Sep, 2018

Wow, this Mountain is great! Too much haze at the top, would definitely do this mountain again on a clear day! Took us 2 hours to get to the top with rbreaks in between as we went with a big group.

My calves are sore after this hike and it's not very often that I get sore - The inclines of the walk up hill before the halfway mark is a killer.


Celine on 1 Sep, 2018

This is a tougher walk than we realised. We got up in 1 hour and twenty (moving time and not including a 10 Minute break) and down in about 50 Minutes. Kicked off about 10.30 and would have liked to started a wee bit earlier. Steep bits, rock hopping and some scrambling but be prepared mentally for it to be tough! Enjoy!

Joe Murphy on 18 Aug, 2018

took us 4 hours up and back (with lots of photos)... ran out of water - take lots! and there was no water at the base in the rainwater tanks... should have (at least) had extra water in the car. Doh!!

great climb.

Madonna Guy on 4 Aug, 2018

Did this with a group, all different ages and abilities (youngest 8). Few slippery spots on way down due to it being steep, dry and dusty.
Amazing views!

Tia543 on Aug, 2018

Being only 40ish minutes from Brisbane, this walk is well worth checking out. It is a reasonable challenge involving some short sections of scrambling and rock hopping along with a steady incline and great views throughout.

The only downside really is the helicopter pad up the top which spoils the serenity a little. Our group took approximately 2 hours up and 1.5ish back though that is a guess. Aside from one 15 odd metre chimney section near the top that is basically vertical (though with plenty of holds), if you take it slow, I feel this would be pretty achievable to most.

The convenience to Brisbane is probably the biggest brownie point as it is a good excuse for a day trip to get away and the picnic area at the base is a good spot to relax afterwards.

In summary: You don't quite feel out in the boonies at the summit but it is a good workout that most could manage with nice views. One for winter as it is fairly open and you'd get baked on a summer's day.

Matty Vee on Aug, 2018

Really fun hike, packs a lot into 3.5km of ascent. Pretty steep, rough and rocky in places, be careful with foot placement on the descent. Some scrambling needed for about 10 meters up two gullies, about 3/4 of the way up. Amazing views on any reasonably clear day. Fitness will really make a big difference in time. I got up and back in 2hr 10 mins, but I overtook people going much more slowly. 4 hours should cover it.

Bishster75 on 17 Jul, 2018

a cardio workout as you trudge up the hill, but has plenty of views to stop and have a breather. Brush tail rock wallabies are everywhere. we had one share the summit and helipad at the top with us

Simon Hutchen on 10 Jul, 2018

Did this today with my 6year old, she loves the scrambling!!

andre on 7 Jul, 2018

I'll start with saying this was a reeeeeally fun walk - not difficult by any stretch but plenty of steeper terrain to hit at a trot if you're after a bit of a cardio. The scree sections were great for a bit of rock-hopping. The scramble/climb just before the summit is about 10(ish) metres and pretty easy to manouvre. Sadly there was a bit of fog hanging around so the views weren't reaching but still pretty spectacular and definitely made up for by the willingness of the birds and roos to hang about in the open. The descent was pretty cruisey. The trail took me just on 2 and a half hours including a snacks and few sets of push-ups at the summit.

Rabzie on 1 Jul, 2018

Love this mountain. Such a great walk so close to Brisbane. Highly recommend this one. Didn't quite make it for sunrise this time, but was well worth carrying the coffee and snack up on this cold morning. Enjoy your adventures.

Dan on 23 Jun, 2018


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