Mt Miketeebumulgrai

Glass House Mountains
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Mt. Mike as it is known, is twice as tall as its neighbour, Mt Elimbah, with a fast but steep ascent through eucalypt forest nested on scree and leaf litter-covered slopes. The views from the top are not great, but what can be seen is the extensive horticulture on the plains below, particularly of strawberries and pineapples.

Scrambling or Climbing
No Dogs Permitted
No Horses Permitted
No Trail Bikes Permitted
Eucalypt Forest
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there:

Take the Steve Irwin Way from the Bruce Highway to the Beerburrum. Take the Beerburrum Road south to Elimbah, where you turn right into Smiths Road. Turn left onto Old Gympie road and immediately right into Alcock Road, which joins Boden Road and then turn left into King Road. Park on the grass verge opposite the Glass House Mountains NP - Mt Miketeebumulgrai sign (approx. 320 King Road).


None found.

Route/Trail notes:

Behind the NP sign, is a track that leads to a scar from an old quarry. To the right is a 'pink flagged' track that takes you through the scrub and boulder/rock field and directly to the top. It is fairly steep, but not to the extent of a scramble, and would likely be very slippery when wet. At the top is a cairn and a board to write your initials on. Return by the same route.



Other References

The Peak Baggers Guide to the Sunshine Coast.

Kill two birds with one stone and climb Mt Elimbah on the same day, as it is just 6km up the road.

GPS Tracks


Good hike! No specific track to follow but we just bush-bashed once we got past the mountain sign until we got to the quarry, and then went straight up. Took 20 mins to get to the top, and a bit longer to get down. I would recommend this hike to people who are relatively fit and don't have ankle or knee problems... Lots of loose rocks to watch out for.

Emily on 2 Jul, 2017

I did this walk on a nice sunny day, two days after it had been raining. Found it a little hard to find a park, I suggest across the street on left side embankment.

The walk itself is a bit of a choose your own adventure, head straight past the sign till you get to the quarry, take a right and immediately after the quarry start to head up - you should be able to see some ribbon tags leading the way up. I kind of crisscrossed a bit, determined by stability of rocks. Due to the lack of definite path it is tougher than what the length and height of track would suggest, but it was a very pleasant walk which I would do again.

Be careful on the way down, take your time as the rocks are not too stable. I accidentally veered a bit too right on way back to the private property fencing, and had to track back to the path through roo tracks in the paperbark, but that too was quite lovely.

Cool Cairn on top, nice views. Worthwhile walk.

Museum of Jus on 21 May, 2017

Great walk up this afternoon. Fell in love with the abundant Feather Sedges. I got to the top in about 20min and left my name on the writing board on top. First time on Miketeebumulgrai, definitely not the last :-)

Dawn Sunrise on 24 Jan, 2017

We parked opposite the sign and followed the rough track behind it towards the mountain. When we came to the quarry, we went to the right around it rather than taking the scar to the left, and made our way straight up the mountain. It was quite steep. We looked for the pink and orange ribbons around the trees, but didn't find any until we were about half way up. Then we followed those. It really is quite nice up there once you make it. We followed the ribbons all the way back down. They lead to the top of the scar, which we followed back to the initial track in. This was a really fun walk, though you need to watch out for loose stones, and not take it too fast.

Ian and Sue on 15 May, 2016

A great little climb. Rocks are very unstable . Worth the effort for the views and board to sign .

AdamK on 3 Apr, 2016

Entered at small trail where the QPWS sign is. Kept on the more worn trail heading straight ahead, ascending after around 100m to where a small quarry is. On closer (west) side of quarry is narrow water channel that makes for easy ascent during the next section, however beyond that it is path of least resistance. Make certain to note that as you start getting close to the summit your direction will be curved round to the east, so adjust appropriately during your return. Steepish slope but relatively short and easy. Found a little board at the cairn at the top with some pens left for hikers to write their names on as they pass, and added my initials to them. Hope to see someone else's there by the time I go back.

MDWL on 20 Mar, 2016

Follow the already mentioned directions. Nice little walk. Pretty easy to make your own track

Kate on 20 Dec, 2015

Started from the main QPWS sign - Glasshouse Mountains National Park Miketeebumulgrai section and followed the water worn trail up to the western side of the quarry. Then contoured westerly finding the line of least resistance to ascend the mountain. Lot of tree fall at the bottom slowing progress, but once the slope was reached, long grass in open forest with some rock slabs, and hidden stones and boulders. A cairn is on the summit, with good breaks in the trees providing good views to the north.

GlasshouseBW on 31 May, 2015

First on my 7 summits in one day challenge. I parked right opposite the sign on the road at 15 minutes before sunrise. Followed the watercourse for a short while then went straight up. Lots of loose rocks, so wear some good trekking boots for this one.

Zerpy on 12 Apr, 2015

20mins up, 1.5 hrs down/around/back-up and down again... I suggested a friend try and 'navigate' but I'm quite certain we walked through a wormhole which spat us out at the other side of the mountain. I then got the compass out and we then skirted around the base crossing a silly amount of fences before reaching a nice waist deep swamp which shredded and infected our legs (see the photos). Reaching our car was like tossing the ring into Mount Doom.

Alice on 3 Apr, 2015

Early Sunday morning hike , only took me 25 mins to get on the top.
Followed Grumps instructions and no probs ( Thanks ) !

J on 7 Sep, 2014

Parked car at sign on South side and followed a faint goat track to the base of the mountain. A short distance up I came across a large scar in the side of the hill. I chose a path to the right and then swung back to the left after clearing the scar. About this time I came across pink ribbons in the trees which helped me pick the best path to the summit and return. Although well treed there was some views north to the rest of the glasshouses. A rock cairn marks the summit. Up and back in around 40 minutes.

Grumps on 2 Dec, 2013

Nice short climb, no tracks, S face from the road is the best way and 1/3 up you will see pink markers that helped me find the path of least resistance

Chappers on 22 Dec, 2012

Could not find any tracks so made my own way up.
Quite steep and rocky with plenty of growth in places.
Worth the effort.

Phill Driver on 4 May, 2012

Loose underfoot at times. Climbed from car to summit in 23 mins. Some clear views north to the Twins, Tibro and Wuccum.

Alan Barrie on 5 Sep, 2011

A steep climb well worth the effort and risk of a twisted ankle.

Laurence Hallam on 11 Aug, 2010


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