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The Pyramid (Girraween National Park)
15 Jan, 2019
3.8km return
2 hrs
With the weather being hot at 32c I was a bit concerned as I didn't start this hike until 10am.
Went to the granite arch way first for another visit.
The walk to the pyramids isn't that long but was hot in the trees.Once hitting the rock face it was very pleasant.
The walk up was not as hard I thought but was cautious.
Had the summit to ourselves which was nice.Balancing rock is amazing and also is the view of the second pyramid.
Fantastic hike and view
Mount Edwards (Moogerah Peaks National Park)
30 Dec, 2018
Very Hard
6km return
3 hrs
The final Hike of the year on Mt Edwards. Crossing the dam wall at Moogerah I was surprised to see a 3 km distance sign to the summit. Usually I check the distance but didn't on this one. The first km comes up to a nice ridge looking out to Mt Edwards little brother which was nice.
The 2nd km was a lot harder going up as it gets rockier and it was also 34 c on the day. Into the last 600 m it flattens out which was a nice change. Views to the north on the summit and a great refreshing breeze to recover.
Mount Cooroy (Sunshine Coast)
19 Aug, 2018
3km return
2 hrs
Been looking forward to climb Mt Cooroy for months and finally get to do it on its festival day.Have about a 1 kilometer walk to the base of the mountain then it's going up! Steep and dusty trail at the start but not too difficult.
The last 120 meters it flattens out.On reaching the viewing point of South West ridge there is plenty of nice smooth rock to sit and enjoy the view.....Amazing outlook of farmland and Sunshine Coast.From here you can head to the Summit which has a large rock you can easily climb on,no view here due to trees.Heading past the summit you have another great viewing point looking North East towards Noosa and Rainbow Beach...Fantastic!
Mt Cooroy is a nice climb but being only open on one day a year it's very busy.Not as hard as Mt Eerwah but better view.
There's a secret how to climb it twice a year!
Mt Eerwah (Sunshine Coast)
1 Aug, 2018
2.8km return
3 hrs
A perfect day to summit Mt Eerwah.Blue skies and 21c max.The track is nice and dry and perfect for hiking.New ropes at the ridge near top and also at the lantana.The lantana is cut back now for easy access.A little disappointing on the view due to the trees but nice to see the 'welcome'sign at the summit.
I went solo today but would recommend not to as it can be quite slippery on descent.With both ascent and descent there was always a rock,root,tree,vine to help you.Nice and shady hike this one.To sum up Mt Eerwah..."ENCHANTING"🤗
Mt Miketeebumulgrai (Glass House Mountains National Park)
4 Jun, 2018
1.2km return
75 mins
I really like this quiet area of the Glass House Mountains. Driving out to this with nice views of 'Mike' and the 'Twins-West & East'.
I parked not in front of a house on the right of theMountain.
Walking through the track following the pink ribbons all the way to the top. I am not sure why people get lost on this one as its quite easy to follow the tape.Up to the large Cairn and whiteboard on one to be seen anyhere on the Mountain. Different then any GHM I have done before. Bit of a slide on descent so take your time!
Mt Greville (Moogerah Peaks National Park)
28 Apr, 2018
6km return
3 hrs
Driving up to greville was great with the morning sun shinning on the rock face and this mountain looks different from every aspect. We arrived at the car pack mid morning and getting ready to head off when we ran into 'harry the hiker' and his Dad.
Harry a young man of 8 and his dad gave great advise to ascend Palm Gorge and descent SE Ridge ( we were originally looking the other way around).
Palm Gorge was a steady hike up and took about 1 hour to get out and head onto the true peak. Made the peak in another 20 minutes and on the way down enjoyed the great view from SE Ridge.
Next time Waterfall Gorge.
We really enjoyed this hike and looking at returning soon for this and Mt Edward !
Mt Coochin (East and West Peaks) (Glass House Mountains National Park)
20 Mar, 2018
2.8km return
2 hrs
Mt Coochin is nearly an untouched heaven and beauty of 2 great peaks in 1 hike. West and East summits and a nice scramble in-between.
No back tracking on this one and up the West summit track which is steep and loose rocks and down the East scramble to the East peak. A few option here but heading north is great for the circuit. No crowds and a great escape for a an hour or so. Been regularly and will keep going back. A little clip for this one we did below
Mt Tibberoowuccum (Glass House Mountains National Park)
13 Mar, 2018
1.7km return
1 hr
One of my favourite places to go to. I have climbed this Mountain from 3 different ascent tracks and its quite short climb to get to the top of Tibberoo. On top you have a nice ridge and interesting walk to get to the true summit of the rocky knob which is a quick scramble to the top. Been up Tibberoo 4 times and only ran into others once...peaceful and great views of the other Mountains and right behind Tibro. the perfect spot to watch sunrise over Tibro.
Will be back again!
Did a small clip on this one: