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Light line Rd Kholo to Mermaid Mountain (Queensland)
11 Nov, 2018
9.14km return
3 hrs
Followed the directions. There is only parking for one, maybe two cars.
Somewhat easy to navigate. The trail does become quite loose with dirt and gravel, so hiking poles and Stout shoes would be recommended.
The only thing I would add is that when searching for "the big rock", you meet a 3 prong intersection. The rock is a hair pin to the left if you follow the directions on this page. We made it to the top by late morning and were completely swamped by horse flies which shortened our stay. Beautiful view though
Piper Comanche Wreck (Queensland)
24 Jul, 2018
7.5km return
3 hrs
It should be noted that the trail does split at a few forks that aren't mentioned in the trail description. The first fork, the trail is obvious to the right. Stay to the right until you pick up pink, sometimes orange or blue tape. The second, easily missed fork is maybe a kilometer further. Both paths are ribboned with pink, making it easy to confuse which trail is the correct one. I made the mistake of following the fork to the right. If you make it to a pile of rocks about 5ft high on your left, you've gone down the wrong trail.(this trail does continue to a dead end) Turn around and look for the split in the trail again. The Cairns that mark the correct trail to the left/NE are shin high and can be easily missed if you aren't staring at your feet. After finding the correct trail, wander down steeply but keep your eyes on the tape. As it is over grown in many places, it is easy to lose sight of the trail.
Jenyns Circuit (Tamborine National Park)
7 Jul, 2018
4.3km return
90 mins
Ubajee walkers camp/Gheerulla falls loop (Mapleton National Park)
4 Jul, 2018
4 hrs
Superb hike,trail is in excellent condition. Ample parking at M4. And no leaches this time of year!
Beerburrum to Trachyte and Tibrogragan Circuits (Glass House Mountains)
29 Jun, 2018
13.22km return
3.75 hrs
Round Mountain (Glass House Mountains)
17 Jun, 2018
2.4km one-way
59 mins
To be frank, I do not think this "trail" should be listed as a hike. It is less of a bush walk and more of a hidden trail to a teenagers hideout. The beginning of the "hike" has no signage, but after following the directions on this site you find yourself traversing behind people's backyards, which is awkward in itself. Your first navigating point is a water tower, and once you find the trail "to the right" at the top of the ridge, you are mostly poking along a forest that is scattered with random debri. The "summit" is a clearing with corrugated metal that someone put together haphazardly to make a fort. Once you descend the "mountain" you traverse through more open fields that back against people's backyards where you finally meet Wattlebird Drive and walk through suburbia back to your car.
Mt Elimbah (The Saddleback) (Glass House Mountains)
17 Jun, 2018
1.7km return
75 mins
I started off doing the track to the left and went as far as a fence. When I realized I went too far, I turned back to the second gully and bush bashed directly for the summit. Hindsight, I would have taken the fork to the right at the beginning, for the path you take on the left isn't a path at all. However, the top boasted quaint views of the other Glass House Mountains and farmland below. Follow the pink markers and it will be an easy walk in the woods.
Mt Miketeebumulgrai (Glass House Mountains)
17 Jun, 2018
1.2km return
70 mins
I'd like to mention that if you follow the GPS link for parking that was left in the comments, your gps will direct you to someone's driveway and require you to go off road. It is easy to drive by the sign for this hike, so if you pass Sunray Strawberries on your left, you've gone too far. Easiest to park on South side of King Rd just before Sunray Strawberries. The hike itself is easy to follow as there are pink ribbons everywhere. Wouldn't recommend this for younger kids as adults will need their hands for scrambling over loose rocks. The summit has peekaboo views with a large cairn built in the middle.
Mt Tibberoowuccum (Glass House Mountains)
15 Jun, 2018
1.7km return
1 hr
Carpark is under construction, so we parked alongside Marsh's road (about 300 meters beyond the carpark) and used the fire trail to get to the trailhead. A little over grown, but not bad. Easy to create a longer circuit by connecting up to Jack Ferris Lookout.
Trachyte Circuit (Mt Tibrogargan) (Glass House Mountains)
14 Jun, 2018
6km return
2.5 hrs