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Mount Beerburrum (Glass House Mountains)
30 Jun, 2019
3.5km return
90 mins
Piper Comanche Wreck (Queensland)
23 Jun, 2019
7.5km return
5 hrs
Out with daz Ben Louie and eddy. Easy walk with only one climby bit. Loads of ribbons everywhere, a wing carved on a tree, small rock Darin says where to turn left, and a hourd of retirees sat on a log
Mt Elimbah (The Saddleback) (Glass House Mountains)
19 Jan, 2019
1.7km return
75 mins
Little area for parking, and pink markers to show you the way, I quite liked this quick climb. Still got a sweat on but it was done in 20mins at most.
The view was better along the ridge from the actual summit.
Mt Miketeebumulgrai (Glass House Mountains)
19 Jan, 2019
1.2km return
70 mins
Parked at the strawberry packong shed and walked through area recently burnt in bush fire.
Pink ribbons and pink spray on rocks made the way obvious, even after the fire.
It's not a particularly easy climb as a lot of the rocks on the climb are loose, it's a climb and one where when u think you must be making progress, don't look up, just keep going another couple of minutes or you'll just get depressed!!!
Regrowth on trees means already it's not a great look out, but it's one of the ghm so it had to be done!!