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Bunya Crossing Reserve (South East Queensland)
14 Apr, 2021
3.89km return
30 mins
I did this walk with my dog starting from Sargent Reserve in Eatons Hill, over Sth Pine River at Bunya Crossing, past the picnic area to the end at Cressbrook Drive, then back the same way. Very easy walking, a nice alternative to concrete footpaths around the suburbs, but I'm not sure I'd call it a "bushwalk".
Mt Ninderry (Sunshine Coast)
3 Nov, 2020
3.3km return
90 mins
Agree with other comments, allowing that one person's "nice easy climb" is another person's "uphill challenge". It is a short but reasonably steep uphill walk - not a climb or a scramble but enough to get the heart pumping for all but the very fit. Stairs in a few places help and the track zig-zags across the uphill to make things a bit easier (unlike Mt Mike for example, which goes straight up). However it's not that far and the view is well worth it, especially to the east looking over Mt Coolum and the coast. Even the not-so-fit should give this a go, just take breaks when you need to.
My extra comment is for those, like me, who find heights with exposure a bit difficult. This walk is fine. Plenty of tree coverage all the way so you never get that staring into space feeling. For context, Mt Elimbah beat me - I had to turn back when I got above the tree-line.
Postmans Track (South East Queensland)
30 Sep, 2020
4.8km return
50 mins
Nice walk, no view of the lake but plenty of birdlife. We saw a raptor of some sort (too far away to identify). At risk of being pedantic, the description says the blue trail is easy and the red trail more hilly. In fact if you go clockwise the first half is hilly (red trail to midway on blue) while the second half (blue back to red) is a very easy stroll back to the carpark. A few steep-ish hills and loose stony ground had us watching our footing on the downhill bits but nothing to be concerned about.
Somerset Trail (Brisbane Forest park D'Aguilar National Park)
24 Sep, 2020
13km return
3 hrs
Finally got back to this walk after trying late 2019 and finding it closed due to fire risk. Glad I went back, thoroughly enjoyed the walk.
Other comments cover it pretty well. My additional thoughts;
The main reason I can see for this to be graded medium is it's more than 10km. Otherwise it's nothing out of the ordinary. Probably a bit too rough to be graded easy (the usual tree roots, stones etc) and a few uphill sections (you can't go on a bush walk and not expect a few hills) but nothing I would call difficult. For perspective I'm 64 and moderate/average fitness.
A few comments that the trail is not as well marked as it could be. The walking tail crosses the 4WD road and fire management tracks several times and there are numerous side trails. The walking trail is clearly marked with arrows. I'm no expert navigator but unless you go off track to explore side trails I don't see you could feel lost.
Kureelpa Falls (Mapleton National Park)
14 Sep, 2020
2.5km return
1 hr
Did the 8.5km circuit from Mapleton NP Day Use Area today. As others have commented this is a really nice walk. The nearby Piccabeen Circuit is graded medium and having done both I would say the falls circuit is similar. At risk of splitting hairs, I'd put both at the "easy end of medium" - I've done harder "medium" walks. To put that in context, I am 64 years old and consider myself moderate to average fitness at best. If you like a nice walk in the bush this is for you. If you like to extend yourself, confront your fears, maybe try somewhere else.
Piccabeen Circuit (Mapleton National Park)
3 Sep, 2020
6.9km return
2 hrs
Did Piccabeen Cct today. Enjoyed the walk. Interesting that it's graded medium; I've done other medium walks that were a fair bit harder than this. A few steep-ish sections but OK even for average fitness, just stop for a breather when necessary. The track is wide and easy to follow with very clear directions. Creek crossings were no issue today but could be after rain. I saw a snake stretched across the track - coastal carpet python I think - see photo.
Point Glorious (Mapleton National Park)
3 Sep, 2020
6.7km return
105 mins
Agree with the comments about the gravel road making a not very exciting walk but the views from the lookout are worth making a visit. I cheated and drove to the top, having already done a walk. The road is currently in very good condition. A low-slung sports car might struggle but anything else should be fine.
Dularcha NP - Roses Circuit (Sunshine Coast)
Aug, 2020
8.1km return
2.5 hrs
I've walked in Dularcha NP twice, both times from the southern entry. First time I did Myla Track, second time I did Roses Circuit cutting across Gully Track. Myla Track is very steep and loose gravel in places, so much so that on one downhill section I figured I had the choice of sit down or fall down - chose the former and went down on "all fives". Back on Roses Circuit it's not so bad. The western section beyond Gully Track is the highest/steepest part so if you prefer a shorter, not-so-steep walk go Roses Circuit and cut across Gully Track. That still has uphill sections but bypasses the worst of it. If you're after a workout go the full Roses Circuit including Myla Track.
Mt Elimbah (The Saddleback) (Glass House Mountains National Park)
2 Jul, 2020
1.7km return
75 mins
Agree with comments. Relatively easy walk with great views. I stopped and turned back about half way when the vegetation thins out, simply because I don't handle any level of exposure. OK going up with the track in front of you, but turned to face the magnificent view and that old feeling of staring into the void got to me. Don't be put off, it's fine for most people, just I'm a pretty extreme case.
Mt Miketeebumulgrai (Glass House Mountains National Park)
2 Jul, 2020
1.2km return
70 mins
Had a go at Mt Mike on same day as Mt Elimbah, I can see why the recommendation to do both. Track is narrow but easy enough to follow and plenty of pink tape, but very steep and goes straight up, ie no zig-zagging across the hill. That's fine on the way up, stop to catch your breath as necessary. However, coming down with the steepness, loose rocks, leaf litter etc it's very slippery and I saw a busted ankle coming up. It's a little-used track, I was solo walking, figured discretion is the better part and turned back part way. Might try again with someone with me.
Merdian Hill, Mooloolah River National Park (Sunshine Coast)
27 Jun, 2020
1km return
30 mins
Did this walk today and updated the description for some minor changes since whoever did the previous version. I put most of my thoughts in the updated description - it's OK but should be combined with other walks in the area to make it worthwhile. Two specific suggestions:
Drive down Old Caloundra Rd for nice short walks off to the left. There are 6 - 8 starting points, and the further from Steve Irwin Way the less you will have traffic noise in the background. These tracks used to be for trail bikes but now not permitted since moving from state forest to national park (tyre tracks suggest some are not respecting the new rules).
Old Caloundra Rd is a well maintained unsealed road for its full length, any vehicle will handle it easily. However unless you have a 4WD do not be tempted to try the side roads. They quickly deteriorate to logging tracks, popular with 4WDers and trail bikers keen to get dirty but nothing to see (logged out pine forest).
Dularcha NP - Tunnel Track (Sunshine Coast)
27 Jun, 2020
6.6km return
2 hrs
Did the tunnel track with my partner. Easy walk, nice environment.
Trachyte Circuit (Glass House Mountains National Park)
10 Mar, 2020
5.9km return
2 hrs
Good walk, easy going with only a few hills and not too steep. Great views from Jack Ferris lookout, some variety in vegetation keeps it interesting. I saw a pair of red-tailed black cockatoos. I did the walk straight after rain so the stepping stones at the two creek crossings were under water - see photos. First one (I went anticlockwise) could still see the stones but the second could not. I tapped around with a stick to find them - now I have some idea how a blind person feels. Not a big problem, but that is the first time I have ever taken my boots off during a walk!
Mount Beerburrum (Glass House Mountains National Park)
17 Jan, 2020
3.5km return
90 mins
This is certainly a steep walk and there are no level sections to give a break, it is steep or steeper all the way. However it is not a climb, there is no hand-over-hand stuff, just steep walking on concrete paving all the way. My partner and I are in our mid 60's and low to average fitness and we managed by taking it slowly. If you, like me, tend to avoid Glass House Mountains due to a fear of heights I would recommend this one. I have a paralysing fear of high, open spaces - will NEVER attempt Tibrogargan or Beerwah - but this one was no problem.
Tibrogargan Circuit (Glass House Mountains National Park)
11 Jan, 2020
3.3km return
90 mins
As I type this walk has been ticked 148 times so it's popular, and with good reason. I note other comments suggesting joining the Tibrogargan and Trachyte circuits. Probably a good idea, I was tempted, but mid January in Brisbane (temp 34, humidity 65%) I decided discretion is the better part and just did the walk around Tibrogargan. Thoroughly enjoyed the walk, met a small goanna on the path. Out of curiosity I went up the summit track to the point it starts getting seriously steep, took one look at it and my stomach started hollowing out!! If you're up for it I admire you, it's not for me.
Sheep Station Creek Conservation Park (South East Queensland)
30 Dec, 2019
4.4km return
1 hr
Nice easy walk, tracks are clear and well sign posted, mostly flat, some gentle hills. If you want something more energetic I suggest Bunyaville Conservation Park in Everton Hills, similar vegetation but steeper tracks and deeper gullies.
Guided by other comments I entered via Phelps Rd, but don't do what I did and drive along Caboolture River Rd expecting a sign to Sheep Station Creek Park. There is no signage until you arrive. You need to look for Phelps Rd - which is easy enough.
Bullocky Rest to Forgan Cove Loop (South East Queensland)
20 Dec, 2019
8km return
110 mins
Nice easy walk if you feel like blowing a few cobwebs away but only have a couple of hours to spare. From Forgan Park to the main walk it's either along the base of the dam wall (ok now as water level low from drought) or along the road (if it's wet). I usually leave out the last approx 1.5km to Forgan Cove (sign posted) and take the track to the left, then the first left again which returns to Forgan Park. Starting from Bullocky Rest that's about a 5km circuit.
Carole Green Walkway (South East Queensland)
15 Dec, 2019
Very Easy
1.6km return
20 mins
Easy 1.3km walk on sealed (bitumen) track and raised boardwalks. Information plaques at several places are excellent if, like me, you're interested to learn what is growing in each of the zones (dry eucalypt, wet eucalypt, mangrove). Unlike previous comment I didn't find any mossies.
Billai Dhagun Circuit (Brisbane City Council Local Walks)
14 Dec, 2019
2km return
45 mins
I've done both the 2km circuit walk around the wetlands and the 8km bike ride to Nudgee Beach. Both enjoyable, not difficult being mostly flat, the new visitor information centre is well worth a look with good info aimed at both adults and kids.
Boronia Trail (Mooloolah River National Park)
10 Dec, 2019
4.2km return
2 hrs
Did the full circuit, a bit over 8km. About half the distance is low scrub so fully exposed to sun, so take water and a hat in hot weather. Not spectacular scenery but a pleasant walk.