Postmans Track

South East Queensland

Nice bushland walk around 4.8km for the loop. Well signed and easy to follow with plenty of birds, wallabies and the odd snake. The track is split into two marked trails Blue (the easier section) and Red (more hills), with a White trail shortcut joining the two.

Bird Watching
No Dogs Permitted
Horses Permitted
Cycling Permitted
Eucalypt Forest
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there

Drive to the end of Postmans Track road at Samsonvale, when you get to the end of the asphalt road you need to drive down a dirt road to reach the car park which has enough spaces for a few cars and horse floats. Walking track is located at carpark 



Route/Trail notes

Easy, well signed track. Reasonably flat with some hilly sections.



Other References

Walking track is looked after by SEQ Water

GPS Tracks

  • No GPS available for this walk yet.


Moderately challenging for us older folks with some nice hills to navigate

Chris on 1 Jan, 2023

SEQ Water currently have the track closed... nonetheless... After the carpark continue straight 50m for the junction at loop entrance. Continuing straight will set you off counter clockwise. Running out of time before a work conference I backtracked along blue route to white intersection. From that direction, the white track is nearly entirely uphill. The second half of the red back to carpark is hilly!
The track is still very wet and very eroded. It's possible on foot walking, but not ideal for running or for horses. (It's also closed)

ct__ on 7 Jun, 2022

Lovely walk- such a hidden gem! So much birdlife and varying forest types. I heard a barn owl but didn't see it. The trails are flooded after recent rain and there was no way around so my hiking boots were flooded. It was so beautiful from all the rain though so no regrets! I recommend starting the trail clockwise so the flooded path is located towards the end of the walk so it wasn't a big annoyance. Definitely recommend!

AmyKT on 8 Jan, 2022

A pleasant walk at this time of the year, with plenty of bird life. And still the odd red bellied black snake looking for a little sun. There are a few steep climbs, and some sections of pebbles which could cause a slip or fall. There are a few wet patches after all the recent rain. You never get to see the lake from the tracks. Typical wet sclerophyll forest.

dennis round on 8 Jun, 2021

Post Mans Track, Lake Samsonvale. Good short track with a few steep inclines. Lots of birds, bell birds, quails and much more! Beware baiting of poisoning 1080.

Lotus on 5 Jun, 2021

An easier if done counter-clockwise tour, can be done on both Mountain bike or hike but some steep section we had to push the bike up!

matthias levy on 11 Dec, 2020

Nice walk, no view of the lake but plenty of birdlife. We saw a raptor of some sort (too far away to identify). At risk of being pedantic, the description says the blue trail is easy and the red trail more hilly. In fact if you go clockwise the first half is hilly (red trail to midway on blue) while the second half (blue back to red) is a very easy stroll back to the carpark. A few steep-ish hills and loose stony ground had us watching our footing on the downhill bits but nothing to be concerned about.

Jim Craigen on 30 Sep, 2020

Well maintained trail. Steep for short bit.

Nils on 4 Jun, 2020

Very nice track with birds singing all the time - mix of flat areas and hillier spots. Lot of loose gravel so couple spots downhill were bit tricky.
Me and my girlfriend walked three parts of the track as a figure eight aka did white track twice totaling 7km.

Helgi on 3 Jun, 2020

Nice walk but please note this track is NOT dog friendly! We discovered on arrival (with our pooch in tow) that SEQ Water regularly baits in the area for wild dogs. Were also advised by a compliance officer that domestic animals are not allowed as it is within a drinking water catchment area.

Megggggz on 17 May, 2020

A fairly u remarkable walk with a few hills at the beginning to get the heart started. Not a bad way to spend an hour.

Bobbe on 17 May, 2020

Completed both the red and blue sections of the track, some gentle inclines but nothing too strenuous. Towards the latter part of the blue track the trail is not as well maintained, lots of overgrowth and long grass where we came across a snake. There is a small creek crossing which requires a good jump to complete, though this may be larger due to all the recent rain.

boots_n_all on 23 Feb, 2020

Steep parts but if you miss out the left side of the red track it would be a really pleasant walk. My 4 year old managed it but did skip once or twice

Jo on 2 Feb, 2020

Nice walk, some hilly areas with lose gravel so be sure of your footing on the steeper sections. With the recent rain it's nice to see it all green again.

Bearski79 on 27 Jan, 2020

Easy walk. Saw plenty of Walabies, birds and a lovely tree snake. Whilst I was close to North Pine dam, I did not see the water.

Nathan Boyce on 20 Jan, 2020


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