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Amama Walking Trail (Amamoor State Forest)
8 Sep, 2021
2.2km return
40 mins
A good walk. Of interest are wild native macadamia trees and a bunya pine with climbing notches used by Aborigines to claim up and collect bunya nuts.
Brian Burke Reserve / House Mountain (Samford) (Queensland)
15 Aug, 2021
5km return
2.5 hrs
Despite what others may say, I reckon the western section is a leg burner. A good walk in the early morning; plenty of birds; the occasional wallaby.
Imbil Brooloo Rail Trail (Sunshine Coast)
27 Jul, 2021
9.6km return
3 hrs
This is a little gem. Easy; gradient so slight as to be unnoticeable; good surface. Native bush on one side, hoop pine plantation on the other. Birds, birds, birds; pademelons; signs of significant bandicoot activity; a few stray cattle. The bellbird habitat is the highlight; said to number well over 150. They are everywhere; in trees; in bushes; on the ground. Get straight to the bellbirds from the sign about 2km out of Brooloo, on the Imbil/Boorloo Road; take the dirt road and drive a few hundred meters where you will come across the rail trail and the bellbirds.
Booloumba Creek (Conondale National Park)
26 Jul, 2021
1km return
1 hr
There is a 2.2km loop walk - Day area 2 to Camp area 3 or vice versa - which runs along one side of the creek, then across, and along the other side. Use stepping stones to cross if you do not want to get wet feet. The track is easily followed. There are a couple of inclines but easy walking. It can be muddy after rain. Good thick vegetation; plenty of birds and goannas.
Park at day area 2; or at trail head in camping area 3, where the sign is (past the first few camp sites)
Bullocky Rest to Forgan Cove Loop (South East Queensland)
21 Jun, 2021
8km return
110 mins
Note - This is not a loop. You would have to return along the road to make it a loop. And take your life in your own hands. It is an easy walk through eucalyptus forest, with some views of Lake Samsonvale. No steep sections; no slippery sections. Keep a look out and you will find a few side tracks leading right to the water's edge. One way will take a bit under 1 hour. Bullocky Rest is a top picnic/BBQ spot.
Fernvale to Lowood - Part of BVRT (Brisbane Valley Rail Trail)
15 Jun, 2021
8km one-way
2 hrs
If you are short of time, it is worth walking the first kilometre or so from Lowood, to the back of the gold course, just to see the plantings which have been/are being established. They are native plants of many varieties, including some grevilleas which we have never seen before. AS real credit to those responsible. And when you return to Lowood have a pie at the bakery. The bakery has a huge assortment of fine pastries, cakes etc.
Postmans Track (South East Queensland)
8 Jun, 2021
4.8km return
50 mins
A pleasant walk at this time of the year, with plenty of bird life. And still the odd red bellied black snake looking for a little sun. There are a few steep climbs, and some sections of pebbles which could cause a slip or fall. There are a few wet patches after all the recent rain. You never get to see the lake from the tracks. Typical wet sclerophyll forest.
Brian Burke Reserve / House Mountain (Samford) (Queensland)
5 Oct, 2020
5km return
2.5 hrs
Taking the turn to the right, at the first sign, leads to two tracks, each with pretty steep slopes, which will increase the heart rate. They join up and then join the "left" track. The "left" track is longer but easier.
Piper Comanche Wreck (D'Aguilar National Park)
29 Sep, 2020
7.5km return
5 hrs
This may be the best walk in the Mr Glorious area. The main track is an easy walk, through rainforest and palms. There many many trees blocking the track. The walk down to the wreck is steep, and not well defined. Marking the way is a good idea. I have never seen pink tape. There are a few very small rock cairns along the way. I spent 20 minutes or so locating the right track back up the hill. Total time was 3.5 hours.