Mount Beerwah Summit

Glass House Mountains

Interesting climb/hike to summit of Mount Beerwah - Glass house mountains.

PLEASE NOTE- The entire Summit route reopened on 1st January 2016 and climbers can once again use this route.

The highest of the Glasshouse Mountains, the Mt Beerwah summit walk is slightly easier than Mt Tibrogargan but still quite challenging. It has extensive views of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and Glasshouse Mountains.

Scrambling or Climbing
No Dogs Permitted
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there:

Travel via Glass House Mountains township, left into Bruce Paradede, left to Coonowrin Road and left onto Old Gympie Rd then right onto Mt Beerwah Road to the picnic ground.

Route/Trail notes:

Follow the walking track from the car park to the base of the mountain. This section is quite exposed and some rock scrambling experience is essential. Do not attempt if the rock is wet or rain is expected. Scramble up to the base of the cliffline. Turn right and follow the cliffline around and follow an obvious track around and up to the summit. Return via same route.


None required:



Awesome climb. highly recommend. I did the climb in runners but i took my climbing shoes just incase. I didn't use them but it would of made the climb a hell of a lot easier. I would recommend approach shoes. If you have never climbed a mountain before or have any climbing experience you should try an easier hike first. Ngungun maybe. Mainly just take your time and be sure footed and you will be fine. and follow the arrows.

Luminext on 1 Nov, 2017

Amazing! Me and my friend have little climbing experience and completed in 4 hours. Take lots of water, I went through 3L. Pack bug spray cause there's a few at the summit. Make every step count and you'll be right.wear flexible shoes. Pack a camera/phone, the views are amazing and most importantly... have fun!

umaycallmedanni on 25 Aug, 2017

I wasn't entirely sure what I was getting myself into with this one. I knew there'd be scrambling and I have indoor rock climbing experience and am relatively fit and very flexible. I was wearing Merrell trail shoes and wouldn't want to do it in joggers. The start was really intense (it was climbing, not scrambling) but honestly there were quite a few bits all the way up that were tricky. Once you get to the cliffs it really is easier, but you're already fatigued ;). I disagree that it's harder coming down, it was much easier coming down, just don't make the mistake of uncontrolled sliding--use your arms and feet to control your descent. It's also really exposed and it was hot, I drank all of my water which I never do on hikes. It was a humbling experience and I'm still a bit amazed I did it.

sarasvati on 13 Aug, 2017

The view from the top is spectacular! Definitely a must-do in my books if you are relatively fit and game for a steep scramble. It's really just the first 1/3 of the hike that's so challenging, and for this I recommend flexible shoes with good treads that don't slip. Coming down is tough as well as you are pretty much sliding down the rock on your bum. Definitely get an early start to avoid crowds of people and having to wait for them to climb up the base scramble, also to avoid heat!

kmgail on 30 Jul, 2017

Wow! This was an intense climb. Feelings of never ending and "I love here now" surfaced often. Once at the top however it was spectacular. Found it a lot more challenging than Tibro but still glad I can tick this one off my list. Bring plenty of water and snacks!

Natalie on 25 Apr, 2017

Great walk. Reasonably challenging, love the organ pipes. Best feature of a mountain I have come across.

Lawdaddy on Apr, 2017

Quite difficult but so rewarding and an amazing view at the top!

jjoha on 21 Jan, 2017

This is indeed a great scramble, with spectacular views on a nice day and easy enough to attract a big crowd. Since the reopening, in the weekend you can easily line up for 20 minutes at the base, waiting for reluctant hikers to tackle the carved steps. With large crowds come erosion and sometimes vandalism. It is our responsibility to make sure we stay on the track and avoid carving the rock or trees and painting marks to signal routes. It is also our responsibility to educate who does not respect the limited amount of mountains and rock this corner of Australia has to offer.

Anonymous on 3 Jan, 2017

This was a tough one for me...cos I'm unfit.

Christian on 2017

Beautiful views from the top!!

Tui Jade on 23 Dec, 2016

My 10th Climb of Mt Beerwah. This is a really great climb, and though its not the biggest of mountains, its indeed a real climb. Some superb scenery and many great photo opportunities along the way ..

There is a youtube video of me climbing this mountain. Type in "Drummer Jeff Mt Beerwah 2016

DrummerJeff on 18 Dec, 2016

This one is my favorite, I love to climb Mt Beerwah early in the morning when it is cooler and not to many people.

Maverick on 16 Dec, 2016

Climbed twice in October. Love this climb! The hardest part is definitely at the start with 2 wide rock faces which don't have a whole lot of grip points so take it easy.

Further up it becomes easier with lots of ledges and things to hold onto, not that steep either - can almost walk up. Half way up you reach the bottom of the cliffs and from there on it changes into a very mild walk/hike through forest and up rocky bits.

By the way, at the bottom scary bit there is an easier way from the left (just turn off left before the last set of stairs). Some people mark arrows on the rock to show the easier way up/down. It traverses the wide rock face with lips and ledges and tree trunks around to walk on so it's much milder.

PeterN on 15 Oct, 2016

Quick Video of what to expect:

Great and steep hike. There is a 20m vertical section that you should be prepared for when you hit the rock face early on. It would have been nice to know before i started. Well fitted shoes were a must. Overall the hike isn't bad there are just 2 quite vertical parts that you should be prepared for and on the way down i honestly wished i was wearing climbing shoes. (I was wearing a heavy pack though)
Don't be too scared of this route, i passed a 70 year old woman climbing down. She was in incredible shape of course, but just goes to show if you're prepared you can do this hike too. Views from the top very worth it. Water and snacks nice, but not necessary if you want to go packless, as it was a shorter climb.

Michael Adventures on 27 Sep, 2016

It was a great climb, however, we were caught out by the weather. It started raining when we reached the summit, which made the decent very difficult. Ensure you take a look at the weather forecast before climbing.

Buschie on 13 Sep, 2016

Lets keep this real.
Some of the comments here are from experienced, confident, fit and young trekkers.
Mt Beerwah is a very real and dangerous climb, in places it is very slippery and demanding.
To state its easier than Mt. Tibrogargan is ludicrous, both are challenging terrain's that can damage you or take your life.
All I ask when attempting this Summit is to make sure at the first climb you are comfortable and clearly aware that you will come down what you just climbed (up is always easier than down), take the time to look and understand your ability. Try to have someone experienced or seek someone experienced at this climb with you.
This mountain is a great experience and one of the most fabulous views of the Sunshine Coast and beyond, it is the Mother of all the other mountains in this group (except Tibrogargan (the Father)), so respect her and she will carry you safely back.
Don't forget your water, you'll need it.

Mick on Sep, 2016

Great climb,scramble I thought this would be a little easier than it was.
The start was the harder part of it all. The views at the top are worth the hard yards.
I should of done a smaller scramble style climb first. I was lucky enough to meet some people that helped me out along the way.
Oh and if you don't have The right shoes go barefoot!! So much better.

Jason fane on 30 Aug, 2016

Great climb/scramble. You should have climbed at least 2 other hard climbs and be at a reasonable fitness level or you will not enjoy the climb and the descent even less. Strange flying ants at the top year round but they have not sting or bite. Bring food and water

TonyS on 14 Aug, 2016

Just on an hour up, 20 minutes down. Great views all the way up and a great challenging scramble.

There were millions of native bees right up the top, so had to only spend a few minutes taking in the view.

Chris on 10 Aug, 2016

Did this on Ekka holiday for my first time. It's definitely a challenge but i'd say Tibro is harder. Great views at the top.

Philos on 10 Aug, 2016


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