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Mount Beerwah Summit (Glass House Mountains National Park)
15 Sep, 2020
Very Hard
2.9km return
3 hrs
Did this hike today. Very little rock climbing/scrambling experience; I go indoor rockclimbing maybe once or twice a year, and this is my first atttempt going up a mountain that requires climbing skills. I also have a pretty big fear of heights; but I love trying to face this. I had a friend with me on this hike - who has done this climb once, but who also has hardly any rockclimbing experience.

The track is easy to follow.

The first section of the climb was the hardest - as it's a vertical climb on rock slab, so it was a bit daunting; maybe 3 times I had no option but to climb with less than a three point hold - mostly because I couldnt reach the holes above (Im 5ft 2), if I were a foot taller I could have reached and had a much safer grip throughout this section. So the areas I did hold onto ended up being very thin where I pretty much was only able to use my finger tips to grip the rock. It could have been because I have never done this climb and therefore there might have been a better way up than the way I was attempting. The other problem I faced was my shoes gripping the rock, I felt like my feet kept slipping at times which made me panic more, and I was wearing La Sportiva shoes that were made for scrambling. Once past this section, it was fine the rest of the way up, no issues.

The climb down I was anticipating to be terrifying but it was so easy, and actually quite fun sliding down as long as you go slowly for that last part back at the beginning.

Overall I recommend. The views were stunning.