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Mt Maroon (Mt Barney National Park)
21 Sep, 2019
6km return
5 hrs
Really fun and beautiful hike. After doing Beerwah and Tibro a few months back, this felt like a walk in the park in terms of technical difficulty. As some have mentioned, requires some navigational ability, but the track is fairly obvious in most parts.
Took roughly 1hr10mins on ascent, and spend a fair bit of time alone on the summit. Stunning 360degree views. Spent another 2-3hours exploring the top and hiking up the false summit (the rock feature so prominent when doing the first section).
Really stunning scenery and enjoyable hike. Will be back for sunrise or sunset in the near future.
Mount Tibrogargan Summit (Glass House Mountains National Park)
25 Aug, 2019
Very Hard
2.7km return
2 hrs
Did this for the first time as part of a successful one day, double summit attempt, along with Beerwah. Much less physically challenging than Beerwah, and as others have said, far better holds that inspire confidence.

Saw a lot of groups turn around at the beginning of chicken point - just take your time, follow the yellow markers, and take nice small easy steps and you'll find it far easier. Be patient, no need to rush.

The first two pitches of scrambling are the hardest and then it gets considerably easier from there.

Views from the top are amazing and well worth the effort. Even in August, and early morning, it was relatively hot and we easily went through 2L of water between 2 people.

Quite a quick one in the end. Took just over 2 hours with a considerable stop up at the summit for photos and some snacks.

10/10 Will definitely be back.

We went on to do Beerwah straight after, which was a little more challenging but so worth it.
Mount Beerwah Summit (Glass House Mountains National Park)
25 Aug, 2019
Very Hard
2.9km return
3 hrs
Did this for the first time as part of a successful one day, double summit attempt, along with Tibro in the morning. Found Tibro quite a lot easier.

As people have mentioned, the holds aren't as great as Tibro and the rock slab at the beginning quite steep. You really need to trust in your shoes and their grip to build confidence for the scramble up.

Once you get going, just be patient and look out for the lines others are taking. It can be tricky to judge at first since there are a number of paths up, and people descending are normally sliding back down on their butt for large portions of it. Take your time, and visualise the route ahead.

Once you reach the cave section it's all easy going from there. Great opportunity to get out of the sun and rest as well.

The slab was quite hot and after doing Tibro that morning, the heat definitely took it out of us. Went through 1.25L of water going up and about the same down, after getting some more water off others at the summit.

The views from the top are simply amazing. Make sure you spend a bit of time up there and really soak it in. It's beautiful.

It's more of a bum slide down the slab than it is a downclimb. It's a little nerve-racking at first but once you get used to it becomes quite fun. The last 50m or seemed the hairiest for me, and again, just gave in to the initial fear and did the bum slide back to the base.

Great shoes with good grip help. I was wearing the La Sportiva TX2 approach shoes, and they were worth their weight in gold on the ascent.

A lot of fun and will be definitely doing it again. Was nice to tick off the double summit in a day, with Tibro that morning. Highly recommend if you're fit and feeling up to it.
Twin Falls Circuit (Springbrook National Park)
14 Jan, 2019
4.6km return
90 mins
Mt Warning Summit Trail (Wollumbin National Park)
2 Jan, 2019
8.3km return
5 hrs
Made it up for sunrise. Amazing hike with a fairly clear night and an amazing view of the stars. Definitely pause at the helicopter rescue spots to take in the view, well worth it. Fast moving clouds on top made it a very special sunrise, quite a unique experience with the sunrise slipping in and out of view of the clouds. Can see why it’s called the cloud catcher.
Temp dropped rapidly on summit (in peak summer) to about 16-17C, with the clouds providing some light rain. I was glad I packed the gortex jacket as it definitely came in handy, even though I was sweating in shorts and t-shirt up to that point.
As has been mentioned below, it’s quite a gradual ascent, with the most difficult bit being the rock scramble just below the summit. Plenty of foot and hand holds, and the chain, make this fairly straight forward.
There is a half way point to gauge your time V distance left to summit, and a number of rest points with chairs along the way. Just take your time and go at your own pace.
I wore North Face Edurus TR’s that gave me plenty of grip and support. Ankle boots aren’t necessarily needed but will provide greater support, although consider you will need good grip for the rock scramble as well, especially if there is rain. Plenty of trail runners were bounding through on their descent.
I drank about half a L of water, but packed 2L. Will depend on time of day, but the rainforest canopy provides a lot of relief from the sun. Would only pack 1L if returning again.
If you’re new to hiking, go and do something like Purling Brook falls first to get an idea of how your fitness holds up to the hike. I’d suggest doing Purling Brook anti-clockwise so that you have to ascend the stair section back to the carpark. Keep in mind that Mt Warning is more difficult than Purling Brook but the stair section provides a similar grade to what you’ll find when you summit Mt Warning (sans the rock scramble of course).
I stayed at the Mt Warning Rainforest Park so that I could get a good nights rest before waking at 3am to leave for the sunrise summit push. Unpowered camp site was $40 for the night. Park was well kept, situated amongst the rainforest about a 5 min drive to the carpark.
Started at 3:39am AEDT and summited in 1:37.
Descended at 6:15am AEDT and made it to the carpark in 1:34.
Relatively good fitness being a regular runner (around 15kms a week).