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Mount Beerwah Summit (Glass House Mountains)
19 Sep, 2020
Very Hard
2.9km return
3 hrs
Thank you to the traditional inhabitants of this land for safe passage up and down the mountain. After reading the above information, I didn't realise the Jinibara people prefer us not to climb the mountains out of respect.
This was a scary climb for me. I honestly thought I might die. It's not easy at the start, and once you start climbing a little, it's kind of hard to change your mind.
The first section by far is the most difficult.
I had general Nike joggers which were super slippery for this type of climb. Better to have a thin shoe or barefoot to grab hold of footings. Also I am a short guy, which was harder for me to reach all the places a taller person could easily grab.
If you are going to climb the mountain, choose the cool of the morning As it gets quite hot and May contribute towards panic or anxiety if you find yourself struggling.
Once I was up the first part, which is by far the steepest, it was a lot easier to scramble over the rocks like an ant.
As you near the cave and the overhang of the cliffs, you get an overwhelming sense of mortality and humbleness.
This climb requires mental preparation because the mental challenge during the climb is harder than the climb itself.
The pure white sand under the caves is a blessing to see. The rare native flowers found only in this region are in abundance. And of course the views as you get to the top are exhilarating.
I didn't realise this was the tallest mountain in the glass house region, I just picked a mountain on google and went for it.
The climb down was the hardest for me, where everyone else seemed to find it easy. It really put into perspective the slope and I could visualise the distance.
The last 100 metres or so were the hardest. My shoes didn't help. And I had no water or a backpack. Please take one if you go.
Had help from a few climbers who inspired me to get through. I am very grateful for their kindness on this day.
Please do not do this climb alone. (because it's not hike).
Be respectful of the land and take your rubbish with you if you have any.
Main tips:
- take water
- grippy thin shoes
- not alone
- cool of the day
- definitely not in the wet
- take your time
- read the Jinibara welcome message
- take a backpack in case you need to remove your shoes
- tell someone where you are
- fully charge your phone
- wear thick pants (for bum sliding)
- when it gets a bit much, stop and pause, breathe in and out until you have composure, then proceed

Our Country is just beautiful, and we are so fortunate to have these opportunities to get outside and enjoy Gods gifts. Don't ruin it and enjoy the journey.
Safe climbing to you all.