Aboriginal people do not climb these mountains out of spiritual respect to Jinibara and Kabi Kabi peoples. They ask that visitors refrain from climbing them for the same reason.

The highest of the Glasshouse Mountains, the Mt Beerwah summit walk is slightly easier than Mt Tibrogargan but still quite challenging. It has extensive views of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and Glasshouse Mountains.

According to Jinibara people’s lore and custom, Beerwah is the ancestral, pregnant mother. As there is nothing more important than a mother giving birth, Jinibara people are taught to respect and protect Mount Beerwah—a deeply spiritual place. Their lore and custom teach them not to climb this mountain out of respect for its great sacredness. Tibrogargan is seen as the father with Ngungun, his faithful dingo, lying at his feet. The mountains around them are their children.

PLEASE NOTE- February 2020 Due to the heavy rainfall, this track is currently CLOSED due to the risk of rock slippage.

Scrambling or Climbing
No Dogs Permitted

Getting there:

Travel via Glass House Mountains township, left into Bruce Paradede, left to Coonowrin Road and left onto Old Gympie Rd then right onto Mt Beerwah Road to the picnic ground.

Route/Trail notes:

Follow the walking track from the car park to the base of the mountain. This section is quite exposed and some rock scrambling experience is essential. Do not attempt if the rock is wet or rain is expected. Scramble up to the base of the cliffline. Turn right and follow the cliffline around and follow an obvious track around and up to the summit. Return via same route.


None required:



I finally made it to the summit today after attempting Beerwah twice before but failing to get up the first cliff due to the smoothness and lack of defined handholds. It was a struggle going up, pretty scary at times. Usually you can climb up with the aid of some trees and shrubs to the right of the rock face. If you’re anxious it’s probably not for you, I had a panic attack midway up and had to really push myself to keep going. The summit is lovely, no shade though. The trek down is much easier as you’re on your bum for most of it. I ended up with a hole in the bum of my leggings! Once you’re reaching the bottom, go to the right if you want to avoid the steep smooth face!

Natalie Lagerroth on 13 Apr, 2019

After a false start a few weeks earlier (chickened out at the slab) I finally conquered Mt Beerwah! My advice to anyone that is scared of heights, just start scrambling up the 'slab' and don't look back. Go with an experienced climber who can can help you with hand and feet holds and who knows which way is the safest way up and down. What a fantastic achievement it is when you make the summit - although, I really didn't feel like I'd conquered the mountain until I made it all the way down - ripped pants and all!hahahaa

Chris M on 24 Mar, 2019

I'm a beginner, I had done a couple of hikes previously like Coolum and Beerburrum etc. This was my first time scrambling. The first part of the climb would be the hardest as it's the smoothest and is covered with quite a lot of sand. I had standard runners on which made it quite a lot harder. After removing my shoes and going barefoot I found it ALOT easier. Scenery wise this climb is stunning. I preferred it to Tibrogargan. I'd also recommend mozzie spray. I personally loved this mountain.

xxxNickyxxx on 9 Mar, 2019

I did it at last! '√' Several years of looking at this monster and even going to its base a couple of times, have finally been overcome, with a fantastic climb on a beautiful day. This is not for the fainthearted, unfit or ill prepared. It took us 1hr 45m up, but the fun weeeeeee 'crab crawl' down took just 45m.

F.A.B. on 12 Jan, 2019

Great walk, the best glasshouse mount if you want to challenge yourself. I had done Tibro a few times before giving this a go. I was pleasantly surprised . Once you get past the very first cliff scramble it is easier form there and going up is worst than down. The gradient of Beerwah is not as vertical at Tibro, however the first scramble does not always have as defined footholes as tibro.
Took me 1 hr 25 mins up which was a relaxing pace and 1 hr 10 down. Would recommend!

Chantal Renee on 1 Dec, 2018

Challenging scramble all the way to the organ pipes rock formation with a sandy stroll around and then on to the summit hike. Great sense of achievement, physical and mental . I wouldn’t take kids as it is quite steep but with plent6 of grips and cracks to use. The most fun you can have on a cliff face without ropes!

Coopsy on 3 Nov, 2018

Don't pick a 35º day to head up this one, the rock scramble gets hot on the fingers.

Wear grippy boots, the first section can get slippery.

Greg Mac on Nov, 2018

Great climb with a great summit view. If you have a reasonable amount of fitness you don’t necessarily need experience to climb this. Coming down in sections is easiest sliding down on your backside, using your feet and hands to slow down the descent. Coming down the begginging tricky section at the bottom is easiest if you traverse a few meter to your left as there’s a lot more grip, however you still need to take it slow. You can also traverse over to the right and find the easy route.. (you may want to inspect this option out before the climb).

Kirk on 23 Sep, 2018

After many times doing the Tibro summit route I finally did this one with a knowledgeable buddy. Absolutely loved the climb, we went around the fallen down tree for the tricky start bit so it made it even easier and in my opinion didn't seem as hard (although longer) than Tibro. And the view on a clear day.....wow.

Paul on 23 Aug, 2018

I attempted this climb yesterday (note; it feels more like a climb than scramble) however was not successful in reaching the summit. The reviews provided by others (i.e. do not attempt in wet, very steep, smooth rock face) are accurate. In my opinion, it is not suitable for the inexperienced.

J_Jenwren on 11 Jul, 2018

very hard and steep at the beginning. very rewarding once you hit the limestone caves

Simon Hutchen on 8 Jul, 2018

Let me preface this review with a comment that I'd never done a proper rock scramble like this before though my level of fitness is probably above average?

In any case, I went into this with a fair amount of hesitation having read the comments here and seen a few photos. The beginning is very daunting but definitely the most challenging part. Once you are over the first 20-30 metre slab which is slippery and with minimal handholds, the rest as they say is pretty much gravy. As most have mentioned, there is a way to bypass this initial hurdle if you divert to the left of the official start point though I didn't see that trail myself.

Brilliant views all the way up but if you have a fear of heights, probably wouldn't recommend, nor would I recommend during the day in summer as the rock face is basically in full sun for about 2/3 of the climb and would be almost like climbing a frying pan I suspect. There are a number of points to stop and rest, even on the rock face, so it is fairly achievable to most.

The intermission in the limestone caves is a good spot for a breather and to take in the views. Once you reach this point, the remainder is a pretty steep scramble / walk but far friendlier than the first section. Terrific views from the top once you make it and a huge sense of achievement for the first effort. You will probably be sore the next few days unless you do it on a semi-regular basis.

Suggest going with some companions as it always helps to spot out good purchase points and for encouragement etc.

I found the descent easier than the ascent as you are able to control your weight with your arms and keep your eyes peeled for spots to place your feet.

Probably took 2 hours up and 1.5 back though this was several months ago now and memory escapes those finer details 8 - ].

In summary: Tricky to begin with but gets easier, great workout and sense of achievement mingled with spectacular views, highly recommend to anyone without vertigo and with a semi descent level of fitness.

Matty Vee on Jul, 2018

Difficult is an understatement
I actually slid down the last 5m or so

Caleb J. Stanton on 18 Jun, 2018

One of the hike I always wanted to do, steep rock scramble. Me and two other mates were not sure if we could do it by looking Mt Beerwah from the base, but with a positive go... everything went smooth. Just need a calm mind and focus, ask other experienced hikers if you met them on way about some tricky routes, that helps. See which routes others are using if you have someone heading up and follow through. One of the tough rock scramble ever and coming down was different than going up. There was a rock fall caused due to the hikers going up which was freaky so early climb could avoid hazards.

Mark Aryal on 2 Jun, 2018

What a tough climb but worth the effort

Mark Sorensen on 23 May, 2018

Epic climb. Started at 6:00am. We didn't come across many people on the way up. It was a fun and challenging climb. In my opinion, it is a lot harder than Tibro. Tibro is a walk in the park compared to Beerwah. Took us three hours in total and we were first timers. Had a couple of less experienced climbers in our group but coached them through the climb and got them to the summit and back down.

We went up the guts and came down the "easy" way. Will definitely go the "easy" way up next time.

Channiemaree_discovers on 6 May, 2018

I would rate this as the most challenging glass house mountain, but worth it! 🙂

Cath on 28 Apr, 2018

First time climber - very hard and was freaking out at some points on the way up and down - There are people who are always willing to give you a hand on the way so definitely do not give up! Will test your nerves and climbing ability. Wear shoes with good grip and try not to bring a heavy bag. Drink water - put a tablet of electrolytes in there! View is breathtaking and so worth the bit of tears and hard work!

There is an easier way around that first 10-20 meters slippery slope!

CL on 25 Apr, 2018

Wow what a massive achievement. Have never scrambled or climbed before but am a very active person, which helped a lot. So to tackle this was such a great feeling. Don’t be disheartened by the first bit. It is the hardest.
I wore sneakers that made it a bit slippery on the smooth parts. Lots of people were barefoot to get traction.
Lots of things to hold onto but can be mentally challenging.
Will do it again.

Tracy on 8 Apr, 2018

First time up this hill. I have no idea why the description classifies this as very hard (which is is), then goes on to say the climb's slightly easier than Tibbo, which it is not. Make no mistake, this is a near vertical ascent from the get go. Don't get fooled by the relatively short distance, you'll sweat your guts out. I wouldn't say it's exposed but it's sharp and steep. Experienced scramblers will have little to worry about, but the climb is achievable by most fit/able walkers with care and patience. Very little shade and if the suns out you'll fry, lots of water, a hat and sunscreen are a must. Prepare to get quite dirty as well, the caves below the organ pipes are full of soft fine clay like sand. The signs suggest 4 hours return, that's on the money. I took about 2.5 to 3. Spectacular views from the top.

iano on 8 Apr, 2018


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