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Mt Mitchell

we did this mid morning a few days ago (june) and it was delightful, the temperature was perfect as we ascended from the carpark around the west peak, we did see one whip snake that more frightened of us then us of it. we also seen a brushtail possum and its baby. once you head around the well defined track full of typical australian gums to the south side of west peak it gets very 'rainforesty', very moist and cold but beautiful.
you come to a clearing of last ascent with a caution sign about steep drop off, its only 5min from here to reach the summit.
the summit has beautiful views nearly 360 degrees only inhibiting view from the north by the actual summit of mt mitchell
great views of the valley one side, and epic views down into the gap and on to mt barney NP.
its a sheer drop off 90 degrees the entire east face so watch your step.
there is a campsite in the trees at the summit just have to sort yourself through a bit of vine and you can see a little clearing to set up one small tent.
a short but very rewarding climb for the views.

Simon Hutchen on 1 Jun, 2018

Twin Falls Circuit

Simon Hutchen on 29 May, 2018

Rainforest Rail Trail

Did this today with the dog. WATCH FOR SNAKES!
its about a half hour walk from the start of the tracks, you can park the car just off the side of the road next to the entry path. Not too overgrown, a bit rocky underfoot as you would expect from railway tracks but not to bad, shoes are a must.
The tunnel is amazing, a lot longer than expected when your walking in there, a headtorch is needed to get through the tunnel, without a headtorch though you can see heaps of glowworms, didnt see any bats.
Had a stand off with a brown snake in a sunny spot on the track on the way back, other comments on this trail aren't wrong about the snakes, it looks snakey.. so watch your dogs.
Great little adventure though

Simon Hutchen on 25 May, 2018

Cougal Cascades

Simon Hutchen on 23 May, 2018

Mount Barney(East Peak)

Simon Hutchen on 23 May, 2018

Mt Maroon

Simon Hutchen on 23 May, 2018

Minyon Grass to Base of Minyon Falls

Simon Hutchen on 22 May, 2018

Mt Cougal

Did this a week ago. Once you park your car, there are two dirt roads that split. one through a fence, one non-fenced, dont walk up either... there is a sign that says 'Walk' with an arrow, but that means to follow the very hidden track hidden right of the fence, not the new freshly graded road on the left.. You need to pop yourself over (or around) that fence and hug the barbed wire fence.
The Barbed wire fence should be within a few metres to your left the entire walk up, going through a sugar cane mess that is kind of like a tunnel, some standard rainforest tail and a steep uphill with fallen trees, until you hit a rocky face (thats where the cave is, scramble up the rocks, its a bit hidden but its obvious when you see it- definetley worth a look if your not caustrophophic or afraid of spiders) to continue to the summit, follow the pink ribbon tied to trees and then you will come to a slight right but very upwards scramble. Summit is only 3-4min from here. great views of Mt Warning and West Cougal Peak.
Beware the fence coming back down, dont grab onto and protect your gear as its tight and can puncture, scratch your gear.
Fun, lots to see, different terrain and the cave is interesting. A one day mission.
I highly recommend

Simon Hutchen on 15 May, 2018

Mt Maroon

Best views of the whole area, full 360 degree with great views of cunninghams gap, barney and lindesay

Simon Hutchen on 2 May, 2018

Mt Warning Summit trail

Simon Hutchen on 23 Mar, 2018
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