Castle Hill

North Queensland

Castle Hill is both a heritage-listed isolated pink granite monolith standing in the heart of the north Queensland city of Townsville and a suburb of Townsville. It rises to a height of 286 metres and dominates the city skyline and provides magnificent 360° views.

Picnic Facilities
Dogs Permitted
No Camping Permitted
Eucalypt Forest
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there:

Research reveals that there are in fact 15 tracks to the top; one is even called the 'Widow Maker'! But, Castle Hill Road (5.2km return), Cudtheringa (2.5km return) and Goat Tracks (1.6km return) are the most popular. An average of 2,500 transverse the hill at a walk, run or a cycle on a daily basis, plus dogs and pushchairs.

The 'turn around' car park on Castle Hill Road provides the starting point for the tarmac version or the Cudtheringa Track and Hillside Crescent for the start of the Goat Track.


Castle Hill

Route/Trail Notes:

All the tracks are well worn and easily identified. The Goat Track, whilst short, is pretty steep, with 1,300 steps to the top. Cudtheringa rises steeply for 100m and then follows the edge of the cliff before joining the Goat track for the final climb.



Other References/Comments:


As well as offering an iconic centre piece for the city and spectacular scenic views, Castle Hill has a significant history. The Hill's vantage was used by visiting American soldiers during World War II. According to local legend, the visitors famously offered to demolish the hill and use the rock to build a bridge to Magnetic Island!

At the top, there are toilets and a water fountain for people and another for animal.


Start this one early to avoid some really hot temps. I walked from The Strand, straight up Gregory Street, then Stanley Street, Victoria Street, Stanton Terrace then onto Hillside Crescent before starting the goat track. Return trip to The Strand was just over 6km…there are a lot of stairs & they just keep giving! Amazing views & brilliant at sunrise 🌄

S K on 2 Mar, 2022

Beautiful views over the city. Wear mosquito repellant if hiking at dawn or dusk!

ct__ on 2 Jan, 2022

Cudtheringa Track

IanK on 12 May, 2021

Great walk that was very rewarding given that both of us did it in denim shorts. Steep and fairly tough going but we were given great 360 degree views around Townsville when we reached the top. Love it and was one of the highlights of our stay here.

maverick0208 on 1 Jul, 2020

Up Cudtheringa Track and the Goat Track back down
Great views lots of steps
1hr 34 min
Did all the viewing tracks up the top

Kmxfitness on 30 Aug, 2019

I walked up the Goat Track which was a lung busting climb up many stairs. Took me about 25 mins from Stanley Street and the views from the top were outstanding. Great exercise and well worth the effort.

Bobbe on 2 May, 2019

Thurston's training ground!

I took advantage of a drive up and back, followed by a hike up Cudtheringa Track and the Goat Track back down. The views from the top are incredible and spent as much time enjoying them as I did getting there.

F.A.B. on 5 Sep, 2016

Great way to see Townsville.

Mick+Caity on Sep, 2016

Heaps of different tracks to cater to all fitness levels. You can take the road, or try the more intensive Cutheringa or Goat tracks. Lovely views of the city from the top- a lot of romantics seem to gather up there of an evening (although they do drive up).

complikate on 22 Jul, 2015

Good walk up with great views from the top.
Expect allot of company as it seems half the city does this everyday.

NerdTrails on 15 Sep, 2014

I walked the Goat Track and it was sensational...

Christian on 23 May, 2014

What a great walk. Ran from Jupiters and then walked up the stairs to the top. The last 100 or so stairs are a killer on the legs. Came down via the goat track. Looks like there are a few tracks around the mountain.

Phill Driver on 14 Sep, 2012


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