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Bare Rock + Morgan's Walk

Still one of the most beautiful walks in SE QLD. Sighted a few lyrebirds and pademelons along the way. There are some more overgrown sections that have spiky native raspberries and the occasional nettle, high socks/pants recommended.

mjorn_ on Feb, 2017

Mt Cougal

Beautiful walk, unlike any other, but I won't attempt this one again without almost complete body covering. Got shredded to pieces by the foliage (of which there is a LOT). Lots of sugarcane near the start of the track, and a fair few wait-a-while vines in the rainforest sections that are at head height.

Cover up, bring lots of water, and leave this one for a cooler day. You'll love it.

mjorn_ on 1 Jan, 2017

Box Forest

Beautiful track, just very very cold in the morning. The creek that the track follows is just stunning, and the falls are beautiful.

mjorn_ on Jul, 2016

Araucaria Falls

Gorgeous track, like walking through a fairytale. Lots of slippery mud, the odd stinger plant, and a snake or two, so do take care.

mjorn_ on May, 2016

Purling Brook Falls Circuit

Great walk, views out to Surfer's, black cockatoos and a beautiful waterfall.

mjorn_ on May, 2016

Mt Greville

Followed the directions listed above and headed up SE Ridge and down via Palm Gorge. The tracks were fairly easy to follow. The walk up the ridge was incredible, had some of the best views of the range. Probably wouldn't come back down via Palm Gorge again, I'm too much of a klutz and the palm frond/chunky loose rock combo for the duration of the descent didn't work in my favour. The greenery of the gorge was stunning though. Whatever way you head, I'd recommend a pair of solid grippy shoes. Absolutely will return here.

mjorn_ on 23 Apr, 2016

Gap Creek Falls

Did this on a rainy afternoon. The rainforest was beautiful, but there were many, many leeches. Bring fire and salt and avoid stopping too much along the way (which is no small feat, mind you - you're walking straight back uphill). Still would return, the surrounds are stunning.

mjorn_ on 27 Mar, 2016

Sandstone Overhang

Leeches and ticks abound.

mjorn_ on Mar, 2016

Mt Mitchell

This track is beautiful as always, with unparalleled views from the summit. Since my last visit quite a few stinging nettles have sprung up along the track toward the summit, take care. Also saw an echidna.

mjorn_ on Feb, 2016

Warrie Circuit

This walk packs in so many waterfalls and creeks, it's definitely worth doing. The way down to the Meeting of the Waters was so nice and easy - the way uphill, not so much. Even though it's gently sloped for the most part, you do feel it after 8 or 9kms. We went after a relatively dry period, so all the creek crossings required was some easy rock hopping, no water contact needed. The waterfalls were still spectacular, particularly Rainbow Falls, which is awesome to walk beneath. We found quite a few leeches along the way (definitely bring your favourite leech-defeating tool, I prefer matches) and snakes, too. The track is pretty well signed, but it's worth paying attention and following your progress on the map - there are a heap of map signs around the place though, so don't be too worried.

mjorn_ on 1 Nov, 2015
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