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Northbrook Gorges

Some swimming to needed to get to the very top of the gorges... amazing place!

asterope on 9 Apr, 2012

Cathedral Rock

This track was really enjoyable! Will return to do the remaining walks in this National Park.

asterope on 21 Nov, 2011

Middle Kobble bush camp walk

We did the loop track, longest (and steepest) section down then visited the falls and walked back. A medium sized python sunbaked on the track quite unfazed by us. There was water in the pools at the top of the falls which was clear and lovely! Wanted to walk down the side track to the bottom of the falls themselves (looks quite pretty down there) but did not due to the long grass and not wanting to be bitten by snakes!

A really lovely walk, took 3 hours in all - not quite as steep as I thought it would be - would be a nice overnight stay to see the bottom of the falls.

asterope on 30 Oct, 2011

Mount Coolum

Excellent views from the top - really quick and fun llittle walk

asterope on Jun, 2011

Bare Rock + Morgan's Walk

asterope on May, 2011

Warrie Circuit

Gorgeous! even in winter - a bit slippery when its raining though!

asterope on May, 2011

Mapleton Falls & Wompoo Circuit

asterope on Apr, 2011

Mt Warning Summit trail

asterope on Feb, 2011

Jacksonia Trail, Kokoda Trial Circuit

This is one of my regular walks - excellent for getting the blood pumping!

asterope on 2011

Powerful Owl Circuit

Another of my regular walks

asterope on 2011
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