Mt Sorrow Ridge Walk

Daintree National Park

This track is a beautiful but hard walk just out of Cape Tribulation township. The trail climbs from the coastal lowlands of Cape Tribulation, up the rainforest-clad ridge of Mount Sorrow to a viewing platform, offering views of the beautiful Daintree coastline, Cape Tribulation Beach, Snapper Island and beyond.

Scrambling or Climbing
No Dogs Permitted
No Camping Permitted
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there:

250m north of the Kulki day-use area at Cape Tribulation, there is a 'pull-off' area on the right that will accommodate 5/6 vehicles. The signposted start of the trail is directly opposite this.

If you come in from Port Douglas, this is a 86km drive with a ferry crossing (fee applies), that will take about an hour and a half.


Mount Sorrow

Route/Trail Notes:

Cross the road from the car park, you will see the start of the trail, which winds through the scrub before heading up. This track is now well worn and thanks to fellow bushwalkers has been clearly marked with pink flagging tape. The 1st kilometre is fairly steep with log hops and tree roots to watch for, but the 2nd undulates slightly and can be power walked.  From there to the top the trail is very steep and you will be pulling yourself up tree roots and tiny rock handholds; there is even a section where a rope has been provided to aid your climb to the top viewing platform.

Return by the same route.


None. There is no camping on this walk - Campsite is Noahs Beach or stay at one of the accommodations in Cape Tribulation township.

Other References/Comments:

There are no creeks on the walk, so take plenty of water (min 3lt). Stinging Trees, Leeches (in the wet season) and spiky palm leaves and creepers abound! This is also Cassowary country. The forest is thick, so no views till you reach the summit. Leave yourself plenty of time for the return walk as the 'canopy cover' dusk will be about 1hr earlier than in the open.

Don't be tempted with a cooling swim on Cape Tribulation Beach on your return, as you might just get snapped up!


Completed this walk in 5.5hrs with my 15yo daughter, a very enjoyable day together 👌
We had great conditions, mostly dry and also with a breeze to help humidity so we were lucky. Even though it was dry season there were still heaps of leeches (mostly near the top). The track was a little overgrown in parts and I regretted not bringing my machete to help cut back some of the worst overgrown sections. Considering the steep sections, overall it’s a fairly well maintained track, with arrows and pink straps to help with navigation.
Please note the “good view” from the goat track and rock has been blocked off by an enclosed platform and there’s warning signs not to go any further - we were naughty & jumped the barrier to do the extra 300mt to the old lookout, which was much better and quite amazing tbh, but please be careful because this last section has a couple of sketchy sections and is no longer maintained

OldButKeepingFit on 5 May, 2023

Great half day hike, not extremely difficult but reasonable fitness is required. As the host of our B&B said, the most difficult part is finding the trail head.
If you are driving from the south like us, keep driving along Cap Trib Road towards the direction of Kulki Boardwalks then the road will naturally becomes Rykers Road. Approx. 2-3 mins you will see a big sign "No camping on this National Park north of this section" on the right and a tiny car park for a few cars. This is where you park. Cross the road and you shall see a sign "Mt Sorrow Ridge Trail". It's difficult to spot it because it's lower than the road level. I've attached some photos that will help.
Thankfully the entire trail is shady all the way up so you don't need to start real early. The steepest and thus the most challenging section of the trail has ropes/chains to hold on so it's not too bad. Just need some upper body strength to pull yourself up. Good sturdy boots and plenty of water are a must.
The view at the viewing platform at the summit is quite obstructed. Apparently most hikers climb over the platform and keep walking on the ridge for less than 15 mins to a small opening that offers stunning views. Coming back down isn't hard but feel long.

PC on 2 Oct, 2021

Worth climbing to the top! Beautiful view.
When you get to the platform keep going for another 5 minutes to the rock, which is where you can actually see the view.

Anna on 14 Sep, 2021

Very challenging but beautiful walk in the worlds oldest rainforest. Take food and lots of water/electrolytes (you will sweat a LOT). Very steep with some big steps and uneven ground/ fallen trees and low spikey branches. Had one leech at the top (and it was dry!). Be careful going the extra few minutes for the best views after the top lookout. First 2 km took 1 hour then another hour to the top. Hard on the knees/ joints going down. Start to finish this walk took 4 hours 35 minutes - VERY tired afterwards but totally worth it for the experience :) leave early and there will be a few other walkers on the track throughout. Also had phone reception (Optus) for most of the walk.

The Bush Bandits on 4 Aug, 2021

Really nice walk through sensational rainforest up to the viewing platform. The walk up has some pretty steep sections but it's not any harder than Mt Cougal. Would definitely be a lot trickier after rain because the whole track would turn into a mud pit. Like others have said don't stop at the viewing platform, go an extra 300 meters to arrive at a rocky outcrop with the best views. I wanted to say I made it to the summit so I kept going. From the rocky outcrop the track becomes a lot more faint but there are a lot of ribbons marking the way. Unfortunately these ribbons take you towards Mt Pieter Botte, as far as I could see there is no track to the actual geographical summit of Mt Sorrow (780m). I felt a bit underwhelmed so I walked west along the track until I got to the highest high point (830m) before Mt Pieter Botte (980m), which is the boundary of the Daintree National Park. No view or anything of interest there so I turned around and went back the same way. Gave a couple of people sitting at the rocky outcrop a fright when I emerged from the bushes behind them.

Vonsnrub on 21 Jul, 2021

Hard walk in hot conditions. Split into 3 parts: initial climb, up/down mostly flat section, final climb. Final climb is the most intense, make sure you have energy left in the tank. Saw snakes and leeches. Make sure to continue past the platform - about five minute walk to rock ledge with best view.

ct__ on 18 Dec, 2020

Wet and slippery at the top with a lot of hungry leeches. The lower sections are still quite dry.
This is a fantastic walk, though challenging.

If you usually use walking sticks then take them with you...I found mine surprisingly useful both going and even more coming down. I don't generally use them in rainforest but they're good on this trail.

Anne T on 14 Dec, 2020

Difficult due to the uneven terrain but still enjoyable. Once you get to the viewing platform if you jump over the other side you will see a path continuing on..follow this for about 5-10 mins and you will get to a rock face that you can climb for better views. Took us about 4 hours. Watch out for snakes.

Jodie on 18 Aug, 2017

This was a hard but enjoyable climb. I had only intended to reci this walk, as the N.P. advice was to not go in solo. But a little voice in my head, the fact that the track was well marked and a dozen other people were on the climb at the same time made me keep going. I'm glad I did as the rewarding view at the top was fantastic.
The amusing thing was that at 64, I was more than twice the age of any of the other trekkers!

F.A.B. on 9 Sep, 2015

What a perfect way to spend Christmas day! It was hot, humid and leeches everywhere, but we managed without getting bitten. Picnic on the top, then all way down again. Took a bit longer than expected so we missed our Christmas buffét. We went on a canoe down at the beach instead. Fun times!

Thomas M on 25 Dec, 2011


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