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Castle Rock (Girraween National Park)
19 Jan, 2021
4.4km return
90 mins
What a gorgeous sun-drenched day ☀️
Dramatic landscapes all around with a gazillion boulder formations everywhere. The panorama at the summit was insane and IMO better than the Pyramid (because we had it to ourselves). We had lunch in the shade overlooking the national park and it was so so lovely.

🦎 A handful of Cunningham skinks, and a whole bunch of other lizards and skinks
🌼💐 Cool flora spots: We're at the tail end of the flowering season I think but there's still some around. Wattles, a field of flannel flowers, isotomas, yellow buttons, flax-lilies, daisies in an assortment of colours, granite bluebells everywhere.
The Sphinx and Turtle Rock (Girraween National Park)
19 Jan, 2021
7km return
2.5 hrs
Completely baked ourselves during this walk ☀️
Combined with the Castle Rock track. We weren't as impressed with these two. Didn't know you could climb up Turtle Rock as there was no information on the national park website, but we'd probs be too tired anyway. Definitely did not take enough water lmao
Boat Harbour, Point Danger and North Tweed Circuit (Gold Coast)
16 Jan, 2021
4.15km return
1 hr
Snapper Point (New South Wales)
6 Jan, 2021
8.3km return
3 hrs
A moody, cloudy day by the coast 🌧️
Great little track with very dramatic views. Finished the track at Chinamans Beach as the tide was extremely high and the weather started getting stormy.
Joggly Point (New South Wales)
4 Jan, 2021
2km return
1 hr
A moody, cloudy day by the coast 🌧️
Great little track with very dramatic views.
Minyon Grass to Base of Minyon Falls (Nightcap National Park)
3 Jan, 2021
4km return
2 hrs
Wet and gushy 💧 An essential in the Northern Rivers waterfall trail 💦
Relatively easy until the last section where you have to rock scramble up to the waterfall base. Everything is super slippery rn because of the rain so be careful. Water flow was inteeeeeense, like u don't even need to hop in the rockpool for a swim to get wet. Just standing by the water is enough from the mist 💧

🌼💐 Cool flora spots: Heaps of fungi like coral fingers, turkey tails, and jelly mushrooms. Mass colonies of stream lily. A beautiful blotched hyacinth orchid 💜 And another small green orchid that I presume to be a mosquito orchid of some sort.
Protesters Falls walking track (Nightcap National Park)
2 Jan, 2021
1.4km return
90 mins
💦 She's flowing alright 💦
Great little walk! I love how the trail meanders alongside the creek. Beautiful natural details from the lichen and moss covered rocks in the palm forest, to huge strangler figs, and many many quaint little rockpools. The rocks on the base of the waterfalls can be slippery. Saw a few people swimming here which was super disappointing as it is prohibited to protect an endangered froggy friend 🐸
Cronan Creek Falls Track (Mt Barney National Park)
20 Dec, 2020
5 hrs
She's gushy! Last weekend's rain made for some marvellous swimming 🌊 Really easy track though management roads. Every creek crossing is fullll azzz, like 7-8 crossings, so expect to get your shoes wet! Glad they added a little sign on the left of the track for the last 100m to the falls through some scrub. Water be freezing tho 🥶❄️🥶
Cliveden Avenue Reserve (South East Queensland)
19 Dec, 2020
Very Easy
2.2km return
40 mins
Box Forest (Lamington National Park)
12 Dec, 2020
5 hrs
Walked this in the rain today-- suuper lush, really puts the rain in rainforest. Pretty quiet, only saw maybe 4 other people on the entire circuit. Some leeches here and there but nothing too major! Just don't pee in the bushes like me or you'll feel weird and squirmy for the rest of the walk 😬

🌼💐 Currently in bloom: Stream lillies were super cute, heapsssssssss of fungi friends, and an endangered dorrigo waratah!!
Secret Forest Walk (Brisbane City Council Local Walks)
27 Nov, 2020
Very Easy
4.6km return
75 mins
Oxley Creek Common/ Pelican Island Walk (South East Queensland)
27 Nov, 2020
3.5km return
1 hr
Stony Creek (Bellthorpe National Park)
22 Nov, 2020
600m return
30 mins
The lake was a littttle dry this time of year, but this didn't stop families coming in and exploring. Decent amount of cars in the parking lot. A good grassy area to set down a picnic blanket, people sunbathing, playing frisbee, sitting by the water and painting, etc.
Paradise Cave (Sunshine Coast)
15 Nov, 2020
3km return
2 hrs
Got here maybe an hour and a half after lowest tide. Was hoping that it would still be shallow enough to just wade through but at that point, we had to swim a little to get to the sandbar next to the Paradise Cave (which was fine). A good day nonetheless! Some absolutely beautiful rockpools here teeming with fish and crabs 🐠🐟🐠🐟
Box Forest Track (Main Range National Park)
21 Oct, 2020
5km return
1 hr
Added this to the end of our Mt. Mitchell walk as we still felt energetic. Walked in the rain and got thoroughly soaked all the way!
Mt Mitchell (Main Range National Park)
21 Oct, 2020
3.5 hrs
Cheeky mid-week hike today. Done in 4 hours with LOTS of time for pictures testing out a new camera. Super easy with not that much incline at all. Interesting vegetation change from rainforest, to dry eucalyptus, rocky outcrops, rainforest again, and more rocky outcrops. Kinda sucks to see all the weeds that has crept in post-fire (inkweeds EVERYWHERE right now!). A little bit overgrown in some places with heaps of hairy, spiky plants so wear long pants :)

Started with bright blue skies that quickly turned overcast. Unfortunately it started raining at the top which doesn't make for great lookout photos but it at least made the greenery way more alive. The wildflowers were okay. Again, it was mostly weeds along this trail. A little disappointing with the crap weather and under maintained vegetation but at least we got some exercise in.

💐 Wildflower spots: Bulbine lilies, fringed lilies, native violets, native raspberries, golden everlasting daisies, native iris, false sarsaparilla, wonga vine, rock orchids hanging off cliff faces still blooming

Also saw like 5-ish pademelons which was cool :)
Daves Creek Circuit (Lamington National Park)
11 Oct, 2020
12km return
4 hrs
Super easy and quick track, done in a few hours. Easy to squeeze in on a Sunday morning ☺️

The wildflowers are insane this time of year! Do yourself a favour and check em out if you enjoy nature's goodness 💐💐💐
Champagne Pools Boardwalk (Great Sandy National Park)
4 Oct, 2020
1.6km return
1 hr
Mt Barney West Peak (Mt Barney National Park)
27 Sep, 2020
Very Hard
17km return
8 hrs
Slow introductory hike up Barney through the South Ridge summit route. First 3.5 - 4 km run thru very easy trails through management tracks and it gets progressively harder and steeper from there. I would like to think I'm pretty fit and can easily do long, flat 20~ km walks but the ascent well n truly kicked me butt! Took us 11 hours as a group with many many breaks along the way.

Spring wildflower season highlights: Pink rock orchids were in full bloom. Heaps of bulbophyllum colonies but not flowering atm. An unrealllll amount of sundews in little patches of red on the rocky ascent near the peak. Pink and purple masses of misc wildflowers that I can't identify brightening up the scramble 🌼🌼🌼
Xanthorrhoea Track (Brisbane City Council Local Walks)
24 Sep, 2020
27 mins
Cute local reserve. Really great for the BCC to gazette of some bush for our flora and fauna :)