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Buhot Creek Circuit (Daisy Hill Conservation Park)
6 Jan, 2019
3 hrs
Nice day for a walk. Confusing directions about the halfway mark so we walked an extra km. This walk is longer than described at about 12km.
Saw two Lace Monitors and the prettiest little Red Backed Fairy Wren.
Next time will def bring bathers for a swim!
Werribee Gorge Circuit Walk (Werribee Gorge State Park)
23 Dec, 2018
10km return
4.5 hrs
Lovely 26oC day.
We walked clockwise. Recommend counter-clockwise for less fit people as the big hill would then be right at the start.
Not a very shady walk so wear long sleeves. Take a decent amount of water.
Box Forest (Lamington National Park)
30 Sep, 2018
5 hrs
Beautiful walk. We did this in lieu of Canungra Creek Circuit which is currently closed.

We walked clockwise which I think is the slightly easier way to go with the most rewarding bits towards the end.

Gorgeous wildlife including tadpoles, freshwater crayfish red breasted wrens.
Enoggera Reservoir Circuit (Brisbane Forest park D'Aguilar National Park)
23 Sep, 2018
10km return
2.5 hrs
Tried to do the 10km walk but got confused around the Araucaria track and ended up circuiting back home. Still about 6.5km though.
Nice bush walk alongside the reservoir. Not sure why we haven’t come here before!
Chermside Hills and Milne Hill Cct (Queensland)
16 Sep, 2018
7.1km return
2 hrs
Directions for this walk are the WORST!
People posting directions should do so in bullet point format, not block paragraphs of text that are impossible to read on an iPhone in the bright sunshine.
We ended up just walking around all the little tracks for about an hour and finishing off the Giwadha track.
Well maintained bushland with little weed growth. Saw a nice looking Monitor lizard and a few brush turkeys.
Trachyte Circuit (Mt Tibrogargan) (Glass House Mountains)
19 Aug, 2018
6km return
2.5 hrs
Nice, casual stroll through she-oak and banksia.
You can park at the Mt Tibro carpark and take the path behind the main info sign.
Mount Tibrogargan Summit (Glass House Mountains)
21 Jul, 2018
Very Hard
2 hrs
Damn mountain got the better of me.
I like how people are saying this is EASY! 😳😳😳
If you’re scared of heights or of falling or your mind plays tricks on you causing you to freeze in place, just take each bit as it comes and don’t be afraid to turn back. Way too many people get hurt on these mountains.
Anyway,we got up the first climb but then saw the next long length of wall and I just couldn’t face it. So mad at myself about it though 😡
Minyon Falls Loop (Nightcap National Park)
8 Jul, 2018
6.8km return
3 hrs
First thing...this is NOT a loop! You start at the top of the falls and end up at the bottom, then have to walk the same way back out again. Bit disappointing.
Secondly, it’s BUSY. Not my favourite type of bushwalk particularly when inappropriately attired families scramble noisily through the bush ruining the serenity of it all.
Parts of the track are muddy but I wouldn’t call it overly difficult as long as you’re already quite fit.
The view from both the top and bottom is spectacular. I guess that’s why it’s so popular. But to get to the base of the falls there is a bit of scrambling and climbing involved.
Beautiful scenery and we finished it in about 3 hours
Venman Bushland National Park (Queensland)
1 Jul, 2018
2 hrs
Nice walk on a still afternoon after the rain. Would be less nice in the middle of summer.
Mostly She-oak and eucalyptus with gullies of fern lining the creeks.
Great bbq facilities also.
Mt Cotton (Queensland)
1 Jul, 2018
5km return
2 hrs
Didn’t bother with this walk. Drove to the Scout camp on Karinga rd but there’s no maps, no signage, no nothing so went and did Venman Circuit instead. Disappointing