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Mt Nebo - Honey Track (Queensland)
24 Mar, 2019
13km return
3 hrs
I hiked this track with a bushwalking group, they called it "Augie's Loop", I think this is the same track?

This is a moderate track along forestry roads. We aimed to completed the 16km hike in 5hours. We passed through wet and dry eucalypt forest and some rainforest. There were a number of hilly sections, with one moderately steep (with varying grade of 10 - 20%) hill, about 1.5km long.

Great day out on a challenging hike to build fitness.
Upper Portals (Mt Barney National Park)
6 Jan, 2018
3.5 hrs
We drove up the 4WD track to the start of the walk (going through a number of gates on the way) where there is a small information shelter and signage. You really don't want to be walking the 4WD track in summer.
The start of the walk in the NP is predominantly steep downhill, and can be slippery on the loose dirt and rocks. You will reach a sign directing you to continue on 2.7km to the portals. This stretch is easy going, mainly flat with a number of creek crossings. The first few you can rock hop across, but the last 2 crossings require you to get your boots wet. Once you reach the largest creek crossing with boulders, cross to the other side and continue downstream to reach the best part of the portals.
It took us about 1.5hrs each way - returning to the car was the hardest due to the steep incline at the end.
Box Forest (Lamington National Park)
1 Jan, 2018
5 hrs
Great walk through the rainforest, visiting a number of spectacular waterfalls on the way due to the recent rain. We stopped for morning tea at the waterfalls just before we reached picnic point which was busier with people. Leeches galore! Wear long pants and sleeves.
Lower Portals (Mt Barney National Park)
9 Dec, 2017
7.4km return
3 hrs
Started early to beat the heat. The rolling hills were a welcome challenge. When crossing the creek, make sure you turn left to follow the track and scramble through the rocks to get to the rock pools. The rock pools have eels which seem to be used to the human interaction - one large eel was waiting in the water next to us as we had a bite to eat. It seemed like it had learned to beg for scraps!
Mt Maroon (Mt Barney National Park)
25 Nov, 2017
6km return
5 hrs
The track follows the SE ridge up. You will see a peak to your right and a smaller peak straight ahead - perhaps counterintuitively, you must follow the track down in the direction of the gully which separates both peaks. The track then leads you to a scramble reaching a flat section where you can head slightly east to a small rocky outcrop for some views before continuing on to the peak.
Mount Edwards (Moogerah Peaks National Park)
19 Nov, 2017
6.5km return
3 hrs
Good quick hike, the track gets steeper on the second half of the journey. About halfway has nice views from a rocky cliff section, but continue up for the great summit views over the valley :)
Remember to take enough water - I passed a guy on my way down who had run out of water just past the half way mark. I used my remaining water to fill up his 600ml bottle...
The sign says 3km to summit but it's the elevation that gets you sweating!
Mt Barney - East Peak - Up South-East - Down South (Mt Barney Summit)
28 Oct, 2017
Very Hard
13km return
9 hrs
Completed this hike with a group, managed to reach the eastern peak in 4.5 hours via south east ridge, and descended in 3.5 hours via south ridge (through the saddle and rum jungle).
Great hike, challenging and diverse terrain. The trail can be difficult to follow at times. Overall a great day, will be back many times!
Mt Mitchell (Main Range National Park)
22 Oct, 2017
3.5 hrs
Well defined track which courses around the mountain to create a slightly uphill gradient. There are some stairs towards the summit, however these are in groups of only 6-7 stairs at a time. Great views from the top!
Bare Rock + Morgan's Walk (Main Range National Park)
14 Oct, 2017
4.5 hrs
Easy to follow track up to the Mt Cordeaux lookout. Definitely worth the extra trek up over to Bare Rock. Gives fantastic views over Lake Moogerah and the surrounding country side.
Flinders Peak (Ipswich - Flinders Goolman Conservation Estate)
8 Oct, 2017
7km return
4 hrs