Visit the falls near the O'Reilly's original hut on the plateau and grab some great views of the waterfall and across the gorge towards Castle Crag.

Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there

Head to the Green Mountains section of Lamington National Park. The walk to Morans Falls starts about 1km before you reach the (O'Reilys) car park at the end of the road.  If the carpark is full you can park at O'Reilys and backtrack.


The walk is clearly marked. Track maps are available from the information centre.

Map of walk and surrounding area:

Route/Trail notes

Follow the track! Make sure to follow the track past the first lookout (after snapping some photos) down to where the track crosses the creek (great place for a snack) and on to the lookout a few hundred metres further on. This gives a great view over the gorge out towards Main Range.

Other References

Just about any guide book/website/brochure for Lamington or O'Reilly's will have something on the walk.

It's also worth checking out Bernard O'Reilly's book "Green Mountains" which describes the family's move to the plateau, including their first hut near Morans Falls.

GPS Tracks


Beautiful walk, well maintained track.

Jess on Jan, 2017

The sunset was incredible!! One of the best views i've seen from atop a waterfall.

Zerpy on 12 Nov, 2016

Really easy walk with fairly decent views from both sides. Perfect if you are staying in the O'Reilly's area or to tack onto another walk.

Caitlyn Worland on Aug, 2016

This one was so great I had to have a second visit :-)

rob.bushman on 2 Apr, 2016

Nice and east stroll through the forest to some stunning views from the lookout. Make sure you pop down to the top of the falls for some even better viewing spots. Stumbled upon a dwarf crowned snake, so as always, keep an eye out for wildlife!

barefootinthebush on 7 Nov, 2015

Really beautiful track. Fairly easy walk through rainforest down to a lookout over the falls. Follow the track through, over the gorgeously clear freshwater creek, and you come out to a second lookout over the valley. Nice short walk, worth a look.

mjorn_ on 21 Sep, 2015

Incredible viewpoints of such a lovely waterfall with a grand backdrop into the wanderous valley. It was a rather easy walk, even at 33-34 weeks pregnant. We did this walk a little later than we intended (4pm) though but we still did it in time and got back as night fell.

Raerae on 13 Aug, 2015

Combined this walk with Castle Crag. Cold and rainy but we waited for a while until the clouds disappeared and we could see the valley below. Great views!

Alice on 9 Aug, 2015

Amazing view of the waterfall. The 2nd lookout (at the end) of the valley was breathtaking.

rob.bushman on 2 Jan, 2015

Awesome Falls, some of the best i've seen. went and stood at the top, almost surreal

mkemp28 on 7 Mar, 2013

Nice walk. Can get a little hot though.

Callaghan Clan on 24 Jan, 2013

As per Worldwalkers comments, except today I fell in the creek up stream from the falls and had to continue the remaining km's with wet cold feet..

Walkinghawk on 16 Jun, 2012

Made an adventure out of this walk. Started with the Python rock track and back then out to Moran falls lookout and over the creek to the western lookout. then up the hill to balancing rock and beyond to the castle rocks. Retuned along the same route and took the old trail along the ridge and acsended to moonlight crag. From here follw the ridge again via an old trail to orchid grotto and Lyrebird lookout. This is where the walk gets really spectacular and a little tricky. Follow the tags through thick forrest for ? Kms. Expect to get lost and have to retrace to find the trail. Eventually ending up on the border track 700m South of the O'reily's guest house. Comes out around 14 or 15K's. I think. Great day.

WorldWalker on 9 Jun, 2012

Ive done this walk a number of times, but now include it as a extended walk by going in via the border track then out to the old loggers camp out to orchid grotto then along the cliff line to moonlight crag and balancing rock then walk back around the road to the track that leads to the top of moran falls, walk out along the creek to reach the top of the falls, then walk back to the track and continue to see the best views of the falls follow the track to complete then walk back to the road, then a short walk back up to the car park

Walkinghawk on May, 2011

Did Python Rock Lookout followed by Moran's Falls. Nice walk, great views.

Grumps on 27 Aug, 2010

Good walk down, stopping at the look out over the falls then crossing over the falls and checking out the view from the other side. Crossed paths with a family on the way back up at the first look out and learned we had left the lights on in the car :P We ended up jogging/running back up but unfortunately the battery died. LOL Really quick way to make it back to the top.

Stellar on 22 May, 2010

Nice view of the falls and down the gorge.

Viking on Sep, 2009

Nice big waterfall. Did this as part of Walkinghawks "extended" version. Makes for a long challenging day.

WorldWalker on Oct, 2007

Easy first walk exploring the park

Hugues Debeyser on Jan, 2007


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