Piper Comanche Wreck

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A walk to the remnants of an aeroplane wreck

Bird Watching
Scrambling or Climbing
Navigation Required
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there

Start at the Lepidozamia Track, 5.5km north of the Maiala picnic ground. 


D'Aguilar National Park, South D'Aguilar section

Route/Trail notes

Just after the Lepidozamia track gate take the smaller trail to the east.  Follow this old logging trail for approx. 3km until you see a small cairn of stones.  Follow the faint trail northeast down a rocky and steep hillside for approx. 500 meters.  The wreck is on the northern side of a small stream.  



Other References

This walk was listed in the Bushpeople's Guide to Bushwalking in South-East Queensland.


We got there around 7am and the mountain was still covered in clouds which made for a great misty walk through the forest. The decent down to the wreck was very muddy and slippery as a result. Beware the leeches when it's wet.

Chewie on 3 Jan, 2021

I completed the walk after it had rained and the path was very slippery but still manageable. The track to the plane wreck is currently marked well with pink tape. Using a GPS made life a lot easier but isn't necessary. There were LOTS of leeches.

Peter on 30 Dec, 2020

Reached the downhill to the wreck but saw a brown snake just before it and had stepped over a python a few hundred metres earlier so turned back due to snake activity.

Ton on 30 Dec, 2020

This may be the best walk in the Mr Glorious area. The main track is an easy walk, through rainforest and palms. There many many trees blocking the track. The walk down to the wreck is steep, and not well defined. Marking the way is a good idea. I have never seen pink tape. There are a few very small rock cairns along the way. I spent 20 minutes or so locating the right track back up the hill. Total time was 3.5 hours.

dennis round on 29 Sep, 2020

Track was around 7km there and back, completed in 5 hours. Going down to the wreck and back up was very steep and somewhat challenging. Lots of over grown areas and trees down which block the path. We marked the track with pink tape as it is quite easy to lose the track in some areas. Many of the markers left were not highly visible or had fallen down. At the beginning on the descent to the wreck there is a large stone cairn which stands about knee height - the track also forks at this point - go to your left. Someone has also removed the ammo box as it is no longer in the wreck and couldn't see it anywhere nearby.

KLEEWDO on 24 Sep, 2020

Good walk, recommend to anyone, will do again! Downhill slope to wreck isn’t as bad as it sounds. Not too strenuous.

Scardykats on 29 Aug, 2020

Highly recommended you do this one with someone who has done it before. We completed this a week after some heavy wind and there was a lot of downed trees and most of the pink guiding tape had gone. Regardless a great walk for most levels of fitness although the ascent from the wreck can be a challenge

Ben C on 23 Aug, 2020

Found this to be pretty well marked with pink tape and rock cairns. Lots of fallen trees but you can generally see the path. Last section down to the wreck gets the legs working for sure! Completed in under 3hrs with a 15min break at the wreck.

jeabou on 2 Aug, 2020

The track was dry and well marked. Didn't have any issues with leeches.

sgrun on 21 Jul, 2020

Plenty of pink tape and rock cairns to let you know if you are on the right trail. GPS navigation is useful but not essential. We did it in two hours fifteen minutes including all stops. A good challenge and interesting destination.

jgrun14 on 21 Jul, 2020

Nice walk, but it's better to have someone who knows the way :)

ovel on 4 Jul, 2020

Next time someone goes, (if you can), take a bit of extra pink ribbon to help people find the way 😊

Emily on 3 Jul, 2020

A great hike with the family. No leeches or ticks as the region is still fairly dry. The palm forested section is particularly beautiful. The wreck is still largely recognisable with a laminated accident report sheet present. A bit tricky to navigate in parts. Found the GPS useful on our return.

Monstar on 2 May, 2020

Great walk, Plenty of Leeches.

Kevin Bevan on 29 Mar, 2020

This is a great track that requires some navigational skills.
Walk the main track to the rock mound and then turn left and head down into the rainforest. There are arrows gouged into tree trunks to aid navigation. If you get to the large fallen tree that you have to walk along and clamber under, you’re going the right way!

Don’t forget to sign the book that’s safely stored in the wreckage in the old ammo box.
Take plenty of water.
If there hasn’t been any rain you shouldn’t have issues with leeches.

Remy on 21 Nov, 2019

An enjoyable walk, make sure you have navigation...lots of paths to easily have you off track.

LadySim on 22 Sep, 2019

walk is as described. Very dry today, no leeches and not slippery at all.

WanderingSteve on 18 Aug, 2019

The first time we attempted it we thought it was going to be a lot harder than it actually was and followed the wrong ribbons, thinking we were in for something difficult and ended up walking to a waterfall. The next weekend we found it with ease (not taking the turn off down the hill as we did last time) and found the walk to be quite easy in the end.

Anneke on 19 Jul, 2019

Out with daz Ben Louie and eddy. Easy walk with only one climby bit. Loads of ribbons everywhere, a wing carved on a tree, small rock Darin says where to turn left, and a hourd of retirees sat on a log

NautiWill on 23 Jun, 2019

Wow - don't do what we did!!
As EVERYONE described below, carry a compass and use it frequently.

Amateurs like us missed the left turn to NorthEast and bushwacked through "Wait-a-whiles" for 45 minutes.

Keep a compass handy and bring along some pink tape to beef up that early section. The downhill part later is well marked!

Stephen Kress on 2 Jun, 2019


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